If someone asks him, ‘What are these wounds on your body?’ he will answer, ‘The wounds I was given at the house of my friends.’ Zech 13 v 6

Thursday, December 31, 2009

I actually considered attending the wedding.

I am mad! I am stunned! I am about to vent.

I just saw some photos on facebook from the wedding my family was invited to. The invitation to this wedding caused me to post about how I wished those involved in the crimes against my child would stop trying to make us a part of their lives. The photos revealed who else was in attendance. I am astonished that after all this time, that after all the posts I have written someone would find it appropriate to invite my family to the same intimate event as Jim Cameron and Dave Barrueto. These men were key players in covering up the gravity of the crimes against my child. They both purposefully withheld information from the authorities, mislead the church congregation as to the gravity of Patrick's crimes, and have continued in fellowship and support of Patrick Rojas. I also believe that these men knew of Eddie Rojas's plan to evade the authorities and helped him leave the state with his family. There are other offenses that have been outlined in detail in previous posts. I bring the above up in this post just to show the insanity of inviting all of our families to the same event. Why would someone even want men like these at one of their most special times in life? Unless maybe they also belittle what these men did and the role they played in the crimes against my family.

This is another example of how the families in this circle of people make themselves feel good by sending us an invitation. It's rude. It's flat out mean.

When I received the invitation, foolishly, I assumed that some of the main players of deceit wouldn't be in attendance if we were invited. It was still a hard decision as to whether we should attend or not because I knew for sure there would be some families in attendance that would be hard to see because of the role they played. Self preservation won out. We were not going to attend the wedding.

When the invitee was addressing the wedding invitation to the Cameron family and the Barrueto family and the Schneider family, did they even consider that my child, the innocent victim, would have to be around these individuals if we attended? Did anyone consider the REAL victim in all of this? Actions taken, once again, would indicate NO.

REALLY the invitation that was sent to our family was in vain. They can say with their words that their intentions were innocent and out of love and wanting us to celebrate with them on their special day. I would reply, "That sounds nice, but REALLY? Would you please just face reality?" Is it loving to just toss out invites to all when you know what was done to our family by specific individuals?

I think I am maddest at myself. I actually considered attending the wedding.