If someone asks him, ‘What are these wounds on your body?’ he will answer, ‘The wounds I was given at the house of my friends.’ Zech 13 v 6

Thursday, December 15, 2011

No, Really!

It appears that Patrick is requesting that an appellate counsel be appointed to him. No, really! Not sure if I should laugh or cry... All I know is that I am in a "wait and see" stance. Will the court accept Patrick's request for an appeal? Will the courts appoint counsel? YOUR tax dollars might be used to pay for Patrick's public appointed counsel.

Fretting over what MAY be...won't do me any good. For now, I am pushing this to the back burner and plan to enjoy this holiday with my family.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Appealing The Courts Decision

This past Friday we were served a motion to appeal the courts decision to dismiss the lawsuit Patrick and Jairus had against us. Today, we were served an amended motion to the appeal.

The kicker, it seems Patrick is representing himself. He just can't let it go.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Time To Pop The Cork

We wouldn’t be having this celebration without Talis Abolins, my attorney, along with the help and support of Darrell Cockran, who came along side Talis to fight against this lawsuit. From the onset Talis has taken our case very seriously and has balanced the legal practicalities of the case with the emotional sensitivity of this issue. It is because of the hard work of Talis along with Darrell that we have this legal victory to celebrate tonight. I am extremely humbled and grateful that they believed enough in what I was trying to do with the blog to sacrifice their own time and help me. It was through a high school friendship with Debbie L. that made my connection with Talis possible.

My blog will stay AS-IS and I don’t have to pay one dime to the sexual predator of my child for his bogus claims.

Many prayed, many have supported me and my family practically and emotionally but I would like to take a few minutes to highlight a few individuals:

First, would be my husband, Eric, who supported my idea for the blog right away. He gets my heart in all of this and has backed me every step of the way. Thank you for seeing the importance in what I wanted to do even though it has cost our family in many ways. Thank you for allowing me to walk out my healing process in my own way and not try to fix me. Thank you for picking up the slack when I needed to “escape and refill myself” from everything. Thank you for being willing to see this to the end!

It is because of my Mom and Tom that I was able to hire an attorney to evaluate our case in the first place. They have been steadfast in their support of me personally and of every member of my family. Their generosity and thoughtfulness has been overwhelming at times. In a lot of ways we wouldn’t be here today without all the support they poured out on us.

Tom L.spent countless hours editing numerous posts for the blog in the beginning. Tom is an amazing writer and friend! Through his help I gradually became more confident in my writing abilities and he stopped editing (you probably can tell when.) His wife, Deb, my sister wife (haha) has walked much of this with me… I couldn’t have made it without her! Thank you for being such an amazingly gracious and supportive friend! I am not certifiably crazy because of you! Your family has loved on us in so many ways…thank you!

Gary and Erin D.were in this nightmare with us. They knew these people, which alone make their support and friendship unique. I talk about the Dew family on my blog. Next to our family, they lost the most for their support of our family and wanting to shine a light on the darkness. They were unwavering in their appeals to the elders of the church in asking them to seek and expose the truth about Patrick. They drew lines in the sand which cost them many dear friendships. Thank you for fighting the good fight with us.

Shana C.is my sista from another mista… my friendship grew deep and fast with Shana. In a time when I trusted no one, not even myself, I allowed her in. Not sure why… just did. She has been a precious friend. Shana was a friend in a time when I couldn’t be a friend in return. In a lot of ways Shana has played a big part in helping me learn to extend trust again. Thank you for that!

Cheryll C.has known me the longest out of my group of close friends. Cheryll has been very supportive and always knew when to send an encouragment my way.Her family has supported us both emotionally and practically in many ways. I couldn’t have held it together without her in my life. Thank you!

Kathy L. reached out to a stranger and impacted me forever. My times at her house were precious and very healing. Thank you for your spiritual sensitivity.

Aunt Valari has always been a safe place for me to fall apart. Thank you for being there everytime I have needed you.

I want to thank Anthony and Beth W. for hosting this celebration. Anthony, thank you for the amazing spirits you have made to raise my spirits. I want to thank Beth for taking an interest in Our Story and encouraging me to fight the good fight.

Kari W. was a key player in getting me to contact the media, which, ultimately lead to bringing more awareness to this subject matter and to securing co-counsel.

Sherie M.has been a cheerleader of my blog from the beginning. It was through her that the door was opened up for me to communicate with Darrell Cochran.

Debrah H. was someone from early on that lent her legal expertise and guided me through the legal process and encouraged me to stay strong in this fight against a predator. She didn’t even know me and she didn’t live in this area but because her brother, Dave, contacted her and shared our struggle, she stepped in to help. Thank you for all that you did!

Dave and Kathy H. and their girls have been very generous in practical ways. They know personally the individuals that I talk about in my blog, yet they have supported what I was trying to do 100%. Because I have always greatly respected both Dave and Kathy, their support in what I was trying to do with the blog gave me much strength. Thank you for all you’ve done and for always checking in on us.

Dee H. has been a very supportive friend. She went as far as consulting an attorney and offered to re-post my blog if it came to a time that I was forced to take it down. This was something that touched me deeply, thank you, Dee!

Bekah D.– Took on the Special Assault facility in Kitsap county and did a TOTAL remodel with the majority of the funds coming through a non-profit that her sister-in-law works with. The assault center was transformed from a rundown, depressing place, which compounded the traumatic experience a family had to cycle through, into an emotionally safe place to enter and start the healing process from sexual abuse. Bekah knew that was high on my list of changes I wanted to accomplish. I know Bekah has always supported my blog and what I have been trying to accomplish by writing it. Thank you!

Donna M. is Bekah D.’s sister-in-law that I referred to, who not only made a huge impact in the Kitsap community but tried to financially support our legal battle….unfortunately, we were not successful in finding a way to secure the funds. (This is an area I want to try and fill the gap in-in the future) None-the-less, the heart behind the offer touched me deeply and helped me to continue looking for an avenue to fund the legal battle. Thank you for your support and generosity.

There were many individuals that contributed to the legal fund or to our family personally, many who extended words of encouragement, and then there were the people that shared their own personal story of how abuse had touched their lives. All of these individuals helped focus me and gave me strength to persevere. All of you walked this out with me! Thank you!

You might be wondering what’s next… I plan to rest (emotionally speaking for awhile) and continue my healing process. In the future I plan to do some volunteering at the local assault center with the ultimate goal of getting some laws changed in regards to how victims are handled, their rights, not to mention changing how sexual predators are viewed and sentenced. I hope to see a time when victims unite and become one very loud voice to fight together against childhood sexual abuse. This is an epidemic that can be squashed with something as simple as awareness.

Awareness can stop the cycle of abuse.

* My speech from November 12, 2011 - Pop The Cork Victory Celebration.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sweet Victory

Please join in my celebration by clicking on this song: We Are The Champions By Queen

Today, I had a sweet victory! The blog stays as is! The lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice! I am still soaking it all in. When the judge so calmly ruled, tears of relief started to fall down my face. This victory is for all the other "victims" out there that have wanted to speak up but have been unable to. We must be able to tell our stories, in particular when there is documented evidence to support the claims. I believe with all my heart, Awareness is the best prevention!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Shield, Not A Sword

"He can use the 5th amendment as a shield but he can't turn around and use it as a sword as well." This was one of the best statements my attorney, Talis Abolins, has used.

In describing how it's Patrick's right to plead the 5th amendment but he can't then turn around and expect me to fairly defend my statements on this blog without delving into his sexual deviant history and all those that have known about it. It's brilliant. If you look at the public court documents that have been submitted you will see one example of something Patrick considers a false defaming statement in my blog, that I refer to him as a pedophile. No, really! "He was (only) charged with communication with a minor for immoral purposes." Hence, he is not a pedophile....forget about the 6 victims that range from 1.5yrs old to 11yrs old or that the abuses that occurred on several of the victims were numerous and sexual in nature, that classic grooming techniques were used to confuse and quiet his adolescent victims and their families. Or that Patrick, at the time we exposed him, had been at this for seven years!

Another one, Patrick contends that he wasn't contesting the "No Contact Order"...something about just wanting his attorney to review the order. REALLY? It took THREE trips to the court house BUT Patrick wasn't REALLY contesting the no contact order. Don't get me started on this one...No contact orders are so straight forward!!!!

I believe it's always been about control. Pedophilia is about control. This lawsuit is about control. I hope, I pray the control will be stripped from Patrick this coming Friday!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Private Thoughts

"Would you want your private thoughts made public," is something I hear the individuals that have supported Patrick and believe he is rehabiltated ask. REALLY? No, I wouldn't want my every thought made public because they are just that-thoughts. If I am a criminal would I want my crimes made public? Again, I would have to assume no, because making my crimes public would greatly hinder me from committing future crimes.

Patrick had to pass the evaluation as "truthful" in order for his plea agreement to hold in our case. The evaluation was done over a certain time period with multiple steps. One of the steps was a lie detector test. These are not fantasies or thoughts. These were acts that Patrick ACTUALLY committed. The detailed crimes in the evaluation are words straight from Patrick, himself, of ACTIONS HE DID! I am confident Patrick and his attorney banked on the psycho sexual evaluation not being considered public information. Now that it has been ruled "public" Patrick can not hide behind the 5th ammendment. Why would Patrick even need to hide behind the 5th ammendment, you ask?

Because my blog is true! The crimes I suggest or state are true. The risk Patrick poses to children is true! The usage of religion to gain sympathy and manipulate is true! The suggestion that there are other predators in the immediate family should be investigated! My concern for other innocent families being in community with the Rojas family is valid! And the evaluation backs all those statements up! Patrick can not honestly answer the discovery questions for the lawsuit without incriminating himself or others in his family!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Was In, All The Way, Almost

Why didn't I reconize how bad this was while I was in it? I remember raising my eyebrow and discussing it with a few others and questioning how strange it was... to chastise your adult child. To basically require your older girls to discipline and raise your younger children...one reason I stopped at six kids was because I didn't think I could personally handle raising more and didn't want to burn-out my older children before they ever had a chance to live their own lives. But when it is all being sold under "selflessness" and "God only gives you what you can handle" "God is soverign" "Just trust God to provide" ....

I wanted to glorify God...I wanted to raise my children in a Christ-centered home (I was insecure because I came from virtually the opposite type of upbringing.)

I saw this group that appeared to be very Christ-like...selfless, serving, devoted. They seemed to practice what they preached (although, I had been around Christians for years it seemed there were so many that didn't actually live out basic biblical precepts, as I interpret them) and here was this group that seemed to live them out and their children were respectful, kind, loving, and seemed very happy. Who wouldn't be attracted to that? I desired a "happy" family that glorified God. I was in, all the way, almost.

Then this happened.

I couldn't do what I knew the elders and Eddie and Kathy wanted me to do even if it meant I was "ungodly." Because in their eyes my actions were not biblical. The pressure was overwhelming, coupled with the devastation of what we believed to have happened to our child.

As time went on the revelations grew worse. We became aware of other adult family members that could have warned us of Patrick's propensity to sexually abuse adolesent children, we learned of additional victims, betrayl upon betrayl.

Then, I started this blog.

How could my blog possibly be biblical? (I say that very sarcastically.)
It's gossip, you know. It's written by a women, "Who is easially deceived." I can hear "them" saying..."Patrick is only biblically required to confess his sins (crimes) to his "elders" and as long as he repents and follows their guidence there would be no biblical reason to keep him from the fellowship of believers." "And TRUE forgiveness means full reconciliation."

You wouldn't dare talk about the possibility of re-offending...and if he were to re-offend, Patrick would need to again, confess and repent, and so the cycle goes. IT IS SO SICK and SO WRONG!

Why do some parents tolerate this?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rehabilitated ?

What concerns me about the individuals that surround and support Patrick is the fact that they claim he is rehabilitated. He is healed of pedophilia.

That is EXACTLY what Patrick wants them to believe.

Can anyone prove that Patrick hasn't sexually abused a child since we reported the crimes committed in our family, January 2007? NO! Just like I can't prove he has. The only way to know for certain that Patrick isn't abusing another child is to limit his access to minor children. Anyone that would "take a chance" and allow Patrick access to their minor children are neglegant parents! Anyone that keeps the families secrets are neglegant individuals.

Dormant maybe, rehabilitated, NO!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Connect The Dots

It seems there are many individuals that know about sexual deviant acts committed by one or more Rojas family memebers over the years but no one has put it all together. For some reason I was the first to report a crime committed by Patrick, even though he had seven years of previous sexual deviant behavior and lying. I was the first to shine a spotlight publically on this family. It's hard for me to imagine so many others have kept quiet.

Why? Why are you keeping quiet?

It's NOT un-godly to expose sin of this magnitude publically! Especially since the Rojas family have a history of moving around so much. And let's not forget that Eddie Rojas is a wanted felon in the state of Washington!

It's time to connect the dots!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Breath Away

The sexual psycho evaluation is NOT A SEALED DOCUMENT! Which I have stated all along! But now it's officially on record.

What an emotional rollercoaster today was in the courtroom.

At one point the judge stated the lawsuit was dismissed and left the room and the lawyers were to draw up the motion for the judge to sign. Next thing I know, the judge was called back in "on the record" and some more dialog went on between lawyers....as it stands, by Wednesday October 5th, 2011, Michael Davis has to indicate if his client, Patrick Rojas,(who wasn't at the hearing today) will waive his 5th ammendment right and complete the interagatories or not. If he still asserts his 5th ammendment, on Friday October 7th the motion to dismiss the lawsuit will be granted! Will he or won't he? That is the question of the hour.

We were a breath away...

....and it still may not be over with that.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Natural Consequence

I think my blog is a natural consequence of the crimes committed against my family. When I say "crimes" committed against my family, I am referring to the numerous acts of abuse that occured. This was not a one act, one time thing. I also consider the grooming process, the trespassing and the appearance of being a God fearing brother-in-Christ, all the while hiding a history of past sexual abuse victims and lies, to be crimes, although there are no formal charges for these additional actions. But be assured I can prove all that I have stated through eye witnesses and documentation.

Knowledge of a sex offender is the only way to stop the sex offender. I hope more innocent victims of sexual abuse gain the courage and stregth to tell their stories and shine a spotlight on their abusers!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Set The Record Straight

It is still unreal to me that individuals feel that they can support both Patrick and me. At the courthouse I figured I would see Patrick (although neither of us were required to attend) but I didn't anticipate seeing anyone else inparticular. I ended up having to interface with someone I know to be an avid supporter of Patrick and his family. She actually asked if she could give me a hug. Uh, NO! REALLY? Interpret that however you want...bitter, angry, un-Godly...I would say, I was just keeping it real!

I did take away one interesting thing, which was, that I have put out there that I do not want to interact or talk with individuals that support Patrick. Although that is mostly true it is not exactly true. To set the record straight on this...if you are a supporter of Patrick but would like to clarify information or ask me specific questions, I would welcome that. I don't want to become your friend or be ministered to by you. I am not interested in your dogma but I am willing to answer any questions regarding the ongoing lawsuit or answer any specific question regarding statements I have made on this blog. I want people to have information and be informed. I have nothing to hide!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Imagine my surprise to find out that Jairus is pulling out of the law suit against me. Why now? If you play chicken and your opponent doesn't blink you need to be prepared to own up. I guess Jairus doesn't want the court to know what he's been up to. There are individuals within the Rojas circle of supporters that can answer the question to that but their lips are sealed. Don't get me wrong,I am glad that Jairus backed down. But I believe his decision to do so was purely out of a need to protect his self. I am sure it will be spun by Jairus and family. Their reason is sure to be a very spiritual one.

Patrick on the other hand is still in this. Within the next two weeks we will see if he is prepared to own up. The judge postponed her ruling on the motion to dismiss the case until she can be presented proof as to the status of the psycho sexual evaluation. Is it a sealed document or not sealed? Patrick claims it is a sealed document but didn't have documented proof one way or the other. I believe the document was NOT court ordered to be sealed.

The judge stated if the document in questions is NOT sealed Patrick will need to choose to waive his 5th amendment right and provide meaningful responses to the discovery questions he has had for over five months. If Patrick continues to stand behind the 5th amendment the judge will dismiss the case.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Christian Heritage Community

Why would Patrick and his brother need to attend a Christian Heritage picnic? Neither of them have children of their own. Neither Patrick or his brother home-school young children (thank God!) Why are these two men attending these family picnics and gatherings? I know that the leader of this group is well aware of the conviction and charges made against Patrick and has welcomed him with open arms.

What I am really concerned about is if the average family in this community has been made aware of who and what Patrick is? Are the innocent children in this community being protected and how? If you are a member of this community and recently attended the picnic did you know Patrick was in your midst fellowshipping with all ages?

Monday, September 5, 2011


I haven't verified that Renee' Rojas stayed in the states after Benjamin's wedding but I find it interesting that my blog has recently been getting linked to Google searches of "Renee' Rojas, midwife." Thought this was post worthy. Very curious. I am so glad that individuals are doing searches before letting just anyone into their lives.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Important Legal Update

Today, my attorney filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed against me. There is a hearing scheduled for September 16, 2011. To understand the motion and reasons for it you can click on the link below and order copies of the documents of interest. There is a chance the court will order the lawsuit be dropped with prejudice which means that Jairus and Patrick would not be allowed to file another lawsuit against us for the existing blog content.


09/01/2011 DECLARATION OF TALIS M. ABOLINS - Public 11

09/02/2011 MOTION TO DISMISS - Public 31

David Rojas Decided To Surface

David Rojas has joined his brothers Patrick and Jairus in Port Orchard, Washington. David is one of the children that was in hiding with Eddie and Kathy Rojas. I have heard conflicting reasons as to why David has decided to surface at this time, I won't speak for him. David has been seen in attendance at a local church with Patrick Rojas.

If you are local, I would suggest you print out the Up-To-Date Recap and a picture of Patrick Rojas, level 2 sex offender, and make your church leaders aware of who this man is. Or simply request that your church leaders Google Patrick Rojas.

I have been told that Eddie and Kathy along with most of their other children are in Italy.

AWARENESS is the best prevention!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Self Employed

If you are hiring someone to come into your home to do work for you, I would strongly urge you to ask for the individuals full name and do a quick search on the sex offender registry.

You may be surprised who you might be letting into your home. Being self employed is a way for sex offenders to fly under the radar and puts the responsibility on you to know who you are hiring. Before letting someone into your home for a remodel job, google them. Don't assume anything. After you do this a few times it won't be so awkward.

I would recommend that businesses do this as well. As a for-instance, if you are hiring someone to help your office with some IT work, run the specific name of the individual scheduled to help you on the job. Be proactive!

You could also check to see if the person has pending cases in your area.

For pending cases in Piece County, Washington click this link.

Monday, August 29, 2011

I Just Can't Make This Stuff Up

I answered every question on the interrogatories which are basically discovery questions that are asked in lawsuits. I gave detailed information including handing over numerous private e-mails along with other documentation. I never once used the 5th Amendment to cop out of answering a difficult question. I want all to be known...even if it means, by some chance, I have done something wrong (which I do not believe I have) other than use some strong profanity at times. I thought long and hard about conversations and included what I could recall. I didn't even consider pleading the 5th amendment.

I just can't make this stuff up!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Handle It Within The Family

In particular it seems people want to excuse away deviant sexual behavior if it's committed by a teenager. Reflecting on my personal story because it's what I lived, Patrick, disclosed that he started his sexual deviant behavior at age 15. Six children are known to have suffered sexual abuse at his hands.

A common thread I hear a lot that is alarming to me: "The offender was very repentant and is a really good person, they just made a mistake," "The parents of the offender were devastated and will appropriately handle the offense," "I don't want the offender to get in serious trouble."

The latter statement is what concerns me the most. The statement in and of itself belittles the deviant sexual act that the victim endured! This is a mindset that I am fighting against. If you get anything at all from my blog, please get that WE NEED SEXUAL PREDATORS ON OUR RADAR! It is in darkness (handling it privately) that these individuals thrive. A true sexual predator is good at what they do. They learn to manipulate people around them.

How many people will this person sexually offend before someone finally notifies the proper authorities? YOUR decision to handle these types of crimes "privately" puts others at risk! It puts MY children at risk! Are you sure you heard God tell you NOT to report the crime? And I will go as far to say that the parents of sed offender should not be considered a proper person in authority. A teacher, maybe. What about the police department?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The God Card

It's tricky when someone pulls the God card. Meaning, they feel that their decision not to report deviant sexual behavior was cleared or even directed by God. Not quite sure how to respond to that one. How do you question someones ability to hear God correctly?

But really...do you hear yourself, is what I want to say.

It's very hard for me to stay composed while hearing something like that being said. I want to immediately say...but, but, BUT!

In my story...

The "good christian parents" of Patrick, prayerfully dealt with him. Patrick, by all accounts showed the appropriate physical emotions of regret. I am told Patrick even cried and appeared extremely remorseful in a church meeting. Kathy apologized to me personally with such sadness for the fact that "it was her son" that abused my child. All the while keeping secret about other victims and details of criminal behavior.

Our system is flawed, for sure. But at least if you report "inappropriate" sexual behavior, it can be evaluated by an unbiased professional and the person can properly be charged if necessary. In order to stop the cycle of abuse we need these individuals on societies radar!

The main reason it took Eric and I about 24 hours to report the crimes committed in our case was our personal relationship with the offender. It was so confusing to reconcile the severity of the crimes committed with the person we thought Patrick to be. Once I involved someone on the outside and they heard the facts, as we knew them to be at the time, we were immediately, without hesitation encouraged to report the information to the sheriff department.

When face to face with sexual deviant behavior instead of deciding yourself, through prayer alone, if the behavior is report worthy, why not pick up the phone and call your local sexual assault center anonymously and explain the circumstances and heed their advice to report the crime or not.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Baptized Into It

I am just a mom. Sometimes I am great at it and sometimes, not so much. I am just like most of you who have happened upon my blog. When I originally started this blog I had hoped that somehow, someway this blog would reach the right individuals and possibly compel them to turn in a wanted felon, Eddie Rojas. That from there the domino effect would hopefully be that some other victims of childhood sexual abuse would receive the help they need. I also hoped that others that played key roles in our story would face some legal consequences for their criminal actions.

As my story has unfolded globally due to the lawsuit and the media attention many individuals have felt comfortable sharing with me their personal stories of sexual abuse. My heart breaks a little each time that I hear of another person or family that has lived with the consequences of sexual abuse while simultaneously I am strengthened to continue to be the one that is vulnerable in the public arena.

I think this case will set a precedent. Should I be able to tell "Our Story" even if it exposes someone else's criminal actions? When the system isn't set up to protect the innocent, should "we the people" be able to warn the community when there is documented proof of potential danger? Should someone who is a known serial pedophile be able to fly under the radar? When there is a community of people that are harboring a wanted criminal shouldn't I be able to expose them as well? This case hopefully has you thinking.

A dear friend said to me recently, "You didn't choose this, you were baptized into it." She's right, our family didn't sign up to be the ones that would test Patrick's "deliverance from pedophilia." (Which he failed miserably.) Just like I don't want to choose for you. I want you to have the facts, know his mode of operation, the mindset of his supporters, then you have a choice. An educated choice.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Burden Lifted

A huge financial burden has been lifted. This past week another attorney, Darrell Cochran, has decided to team up with our current lawyer, Talis Abolins, they are offering their services pro-bono. Our family has an existing balance that we need to pay off and will be responsible for expenses related to the case but the main burden has been lifted. Due to this latest development, I deleted my donate button. I am just trusting if someone would like to help in a practical financial way they still will.

You may be able to imagine what a relief this is for our family. As I have stated in other posts, I have always believed this is bigger than just what happened to our family. When the initial crime was discovered there were a few individuals that would specifically pray that "Everything be brought to the light." or "That nothing be left hidden in the darkness." that "No stone be left unturned." Little did I know, at the time, what living out the reality of those prayers would look like for our family. But I am still willing...and I am so grateful that we have lawyers that are willing to fight for us and for the protection of children!

*As of June 2012 we still have an outstanding legal balance with our attorney that we are slowly paying off. Our attorney is working on the appeal process pro-bono. His fees are waved but we still have costs that have to do with our case such as filing fees, copies, couriers, etc. It really adds up.

Sunday, May 29, 2011



a : a strong persuasion or belief
b : the state of being convinced


: a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling; broadly : compelling motivation

Because this is costing my family so much, maybe, you just might consider, for one moment, that what I suggest is true. In open court I look forward to presenting proof for my statements on the blog. The story is outrageous, I know, I have been living it. The Rojas family needed to be exposed in order to stop yet another victimization! Just because there is only one conviction doesn't mean there shouldn't be more. Maybe, there will be now.

Please filter through all of the details and consider what it is that I am saying...

*Be aware of a level two sex offender, Patrick David Rojas.

*Be aware of the mindset of the individuals that protected him by keeping his sexual deviant crimes secret, even after multiple offenses, and ask yourself why. Look a little closer.

*Report the location of Eddie Rojas.

*Who is advocating for the other 5 known victims?

*Be aware of the twisted biblical mindset of this particular group of people.

*How damaging childhood sexual abuse is to a child, a family, a community...the ripple effects are endless.

*Always report suspected childhood sexual abuse!


I believe is has taken my personal story with all the sorted details to finally open the eyes of some individuals. The families that are fellowshipping with the Rojases are in harms way. These families wouldn't even consider what I am suggesting without giving them details that may ring true to what they themselves are experiencing. The communities that this family is comfortable operating in are very conservative Christians ones, which also makes them very vulnerable when someone such as Eddie is a master at manipulating the word of God to control people.

Knowledge of our story I believe will also start stirring individuals all across America and abroad and hopefully each one that is touched by our story will send an e-mail to their Representatives demanding tougher laws for sexual crimes and better protection for the victims of sexual abuse, especially minor children.

And I hope that I have encouraged other survivors of a sexual crime to speak-up and tell their story. It's time to break our silence even if it costs us. The criminals have power if we stay silent!

"The wise man in the storm prays God, not for safety from danger, but for deliverance from fear."~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, May 23, 2011


I got a laugh from the person who is accusing me of being a vigilante. I am being compared to a cyber bully or terrorist. The only thing I can agree with in this post is that laws need to be changed! That is one of the reasons I started my blog. I wanted to raise awareness. Has a convicted level two sex offender been exposed in the process? Yes. Has a wanted felon been located because of my blog? Yes! Are communities being sufficiently warned because of my vulnerability on sed blog? Yes!

The author of the post is assuming I am guilty of something. There is a conviction on record of Patrick David Rojas. A felony warrant has been issued for Francis Edward Rojas AKA Eddie. There are documents and individual testimonies that are waiting to be revealed in open court. It just takes time and money to get there. I believe Patrick and Jairus are hoping that we will do whatever it will take to make this lawsuit go away because they are aware of our lack of financial ability to personally fight a lawsuit such as the one we are facing. What they probably didn't anticipate was my willingness to go all the way as long as I could find a way. There is too much at stake. I have never been one to take the easy road if it wasn't the 'right road for me to take.

I think the author of that blog has confused my passion to bring awareness to childhood sexual abuse via blogging about my families experience with vigilantism. Someone has to stand up and say enough is enough, even if it costs them personally!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Scroll Down

To really grasp the entire story, all the layers, and individuals that are involved you really need to start at the beginning. Scroll down or check out the recap post, the link is on the right hand side of the page. Our story is not simple nor is it straight forward.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


This post will address some of the things you may be wondering about.

*Benjamin's wedding took place as planed in Virginia. I stumbled across some wedding photos on a photography site. I was able to verify that Kathy Rojas attended the wedding. I also saw David and Patrick Rojas in the wedding photos.

*The legal process has been at a stand still. Silence from the lawyer representing Patrick and Jairus. Not sure what that's about but time is on our side. Our family is still in need of co-counsel that would be willing to assist our lawyer pro-bono. Or a substantial amount of financial donations for legal fees would ease some of the practical burden we are carrying. I am trying to take this all one day at a time and trust that what I need will be provided.

*I am still very convinced that this legal battle is one that should be fought for many reasons. Reason that directly affect my family, also because the information in this blog is helping others to protect themselves, along with the fact that fighting this is fighting for the right of other victims being able to speak out and tell their own story.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

End Game For Italy

Two individuals have told me that one goal for being in Italy is to establish Italian citizenship. If Kathy can prove that a grandparent was from Italy, than Kathy can be granted citizenship. I am told that her citizenship would extend to her family members. This would give Eddie the ability to find a job in that country. They would no longer need to rely on others. This would also relieve them from the need to continually move around because they would have permanent residency. No need to return to the US. I believe this is the end game for Italy.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Still Hurting, Struggling and Battling

I don't have much if any contact with the other families that fellowshipped at PHOF during the time when everything happened to our family. I have talked in previous posts about the different times I drew a line and cut off contact with families that stayed on the other side of the line. Since that time some families have "seen the light" so to speak and regret some of their choices. I have also posted about my understanding of their heart change but that for me it is a little too little a little too late, in the context of restoring of the relationship. But Forgiveness, I can do.

Recently, I have come to know about some of the struggles that other families are continuing to deal with because of the crimes that Patrick committed and the choices that Eddie and Kathy and the church leadership made in relation to our case. I have known that we weren't the only "victims" although we were the center of the crimes and betrayals.

In a strange way it helps me to know that myself and individuals in my family are not the only ones still daily if not weekly dealing with the emotional fall out of all the harm that was done. Sometimes when I look at what I am dealing with in relation to the time that has passed, I do wonder if in someway I am hindering my own healing process. Especially when I get some of the Rojas supporter comments. I don't know why I allow their comments to affect me. Or others who wish I could just "move on."

I am not glad that others are still hurting, struggling and battling within but it does help put into perspective my own lingering struggles that are directly related. I wonder if Patrick, Jairus, Eddie and Kathy along with Jim and Dave really grasp all the lives they damaged. This could have played out so differently. There were numerous opportunities to do the right thing starting when Patrick was 15 years old. My heart is heavy with all the pain they caused others along their paths. All the more reason my blog needs to stay in tact. Names and all!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Up-To-Date Recap

*January 2007 we discovered that one of our children had been sexually violated by our pastors adult son, Patrick D. Rojas. (Patrick was 22yrs old at the time of the crime and the child was 11.)

*We reported the crime.

*August 2007, Patrick D. Rojas had his day in court. A plea agreement enabled this predator to have minimal consequences. He received 10 days in county jail, 2years probation, he will be on the sex offender registry for 10years. He is classified as a level 2 sex offender. Justice was not served!

*Eddie Rojas and his wife, Kathy and an adult son, Jairus had previous knowledge of Patrick's pedophile behavior but kept it a secret from our family and our church family. We know the parents knew from the information in the psycho sexual evaluation. Jairus himself told me in a phone conversation in 2008 that he had previous knowledge that his brother had been a sexual predator. At the time of the crimes committed Eddie Rojas was the pastor of our church.

*The elders of our former church, Jim Cameron and Dave Barrueto, knew in detail the crimes committed against our child and did not report any of the information to the sheriffs detective. Jim actually implied in his statement to the sheriff that Patrick's actions were innocent and "just the wrong age and wrong place." It was not until a plea agreement was in place and the sentencing had occurred that these two men shared that they had known all through the legal process the details of Patrick's crimes. They acknowledged their awareness of the full details of Patrick's crimes in our case at a Heads of Household meeting.

*As of August 2007, Eddie and Kathy Rojas along with 10 of their children went into hiding to avoid the state interviewing their minor daughters about the alleged sexual crimes committed against them that are talked about, in great detail, in the psycho sexual evaluation. Since they left the state they have lived in Israel and as of March 2011 are in England, with an additional child.

*Patrick D. Rojas is a convicted level 2 sex offender living in Port Orchard, Washington with his brother Jairus. Patrick has a total of 6 minor victims that we know of (age ranging from 18mo. -11yrs old), in his sexual psycho evaluation that was court ordered, Patrick, admitted to other deviant sexual behavior as well.

*In 2008, a felony warrant, was finally issued for Francis Edward Rojas, AKA Eddie Rojas.
The warrant is for witness tampering and is a nation wide warrant. I am asking for everyone that reads this to forward the information to all their contacts.

*March 2009, I decided to start a blog to tell Our Story.

*August 2009, We applied for an extended no-contact order for our minor child. PATRICK CONTESTED IT. It took us attaining a lawyer and three trips to the court house before Patrick backed down.

*June 2010, The sheriff knocked on our door and handed us our notice of the lawsuit against us by Patrick and Jairus Rojas.

*November 2010, We offered to totally remove the blog if they would walk away from the lawsuit (due to lack of finances to continue the legal battle.) We were totally shut down. To quote a part of the letter we received from their attorney, Michael Davis from Tacoma, WA, "The offer of settlement does not compensate my clients for their losses." NO JOKE!

*March 2011, Out of not knowing where else to turn, I contacted some media outlets to see if they could help us by telling our story. KING 5 News in Seattle, WA aired our story.

*Attempting mediation that was requested by Michael Davis, on behalf of Patrick and Jairus, March 23, 2011.

*May 7,2011 - Benjamin Rojas's Wedding in Virginia. It's reported that many of his siblings are in the US to attend the wedding. Conflicting reports as to whether Eddie or Kathy are in the US. Benjamin is on Patrick and Jairus's witness list.

*Our trial date is currently set for June 20,2011.

*Trial pushed to 12/12/2011.

*August 2011 confirmation that David Rojas has joined his brother's in Port Orchard, Washington
(Which means Eddie and Kathy have 9 or 10 children with them in Italy)

*November 4, 2011 The court dropped the case against us. The blog stays in tact!

*Patrick is appealing the ruling with the appellate court.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Emperor Has No Clothes

I had no idea that by starting this blog that the information would go viral. That I would end up needing to defend my right to tell others about what happened to my family and by whom in a court of law.

There is a conviction. I have documentation and witnesses that can verify what I posted. Truth be told, I even held back some. Should I have to stay silent so a convicted pedophile can groom another family? Secrecy empowers criminals....I wish someone would have warned my family.

There is also a wanted felon that is all twisted up in our story (Eddie Rojas) shouldn't I do everything within reason to locate him? Especially because he has children with him that are most likely the victims of childhood sexual abuse.

Something is wrong. Something is REALLY wrong and I felt that I should point out that the emperor has no clothes ...(as my dear friend put it.)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

To The Body of Christ in Italy

It seems Eddie is packing up the family to make a move to Italy. Eddie preys on the kindness and generosity of "the church." I know that people feel for all the children. I get that. I hate that the Rojas children are being drug around and encouraged by their own parents to live the lies that they are living.

I imagine that it would be quite a conundrum to be the person asked to financially support Eddie and his family. To say no to him and his wife, Kathy, means you are simultaneously saying no to their 11 children. One of those circumstances where doing the RIGHT thing will hurt.

Please only offer to purchase Eddie and his family one way tickets to America.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lawsuit Documents

Here is a link to the public court documents relating to our case.

Pierce County Superior Court Civil Case 10-2-10386-0

It has only been mentioned in a few articles, out of the many that I have seen posted about our story, that we have filed a counter claim. Eric and I only had three years from the time that we discovered a crime had been committed (which was Jan.2007) to file a civil lawsuit. This is an important fact to know. This means we have no legal recourse to recover any damages for the crimes committed against our family.However, we have filed a lawsuit on behalf of our minor child. The actual victim has a longer time frame to file a lawsuit when they are a minor child. If we are awarded any monetary funds it will be put in a secured trust (monitored by someone other than us) that our child will be able to access when they become an adult.

What that means is that we will not be able to include in our counterclaim lawsuit any counseling expenses, childcare fees, loss of work, loss of community, emotional distress that we (the parents or any other child in our family other than the actual victim of the sexual abuse) endured due to Patrick's and some of his family members crimes. We name Eddie, Kathy, Jairus and Patrick Rojas in our current lawsuit. Click on the link above to order the court documents if you're interested in all the legal-ease.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Poetic Justice

I will accept justice of any kind at this point. The views on my blog prior to the need to reach out for financial help were modest at best. Since last Thursday when our story first aired on KING 5 news my blog has received 2,520 views. The viewers are actually really reading the blog. There has been 8,537 page views from the people visiting the site. Can you see the irony?

One reason I wanted to start a blog was to bring awareness to such a taboo subject. Darkness, silence, secrecy are all friends of a sexual predator. When the bright lights are shone on them-their power is taken away. Our society needs to be aware of who the sexual predators are. We need to take a good hard look at our laws and how we deal with these types of crimes. We need to get real.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Darkness to Light

I refer to DARKNESS to LIGHT in different posts on my blog. This is a great organization that is fighting to bring awareness about the epidemic of childhood sexual abuse and educate adults in an effort to prevent abuse.

Go to this site to be educated. Under Prevention Programs go to:Media Campaigns and watch some of the commercials. Why don't we see more of this in the main stream media?

AWARENESS is the ONLY PREVENTION of childhood sexual abuse!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Making The News

I had an interview this afternoon on KING5 news. Early on this week I sent out a letter to some media outlets asking for help. I didn't know where else to turn to. We have exhausted our own personal finances and that of our extended families. Out of financial desperation we even offered to close down the blog just prior to Thanksgiving 2010, if Patrick would drop his lawsuit against us. The offer was completely rejected.

We need help. We need financial support. I hoped against hope that someone would see the importance of what I am doing and agree to bring awareness to our legal battle.

“You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

For PayPal donations you only need my e-mail: totallycracker@comcast.net

For BECU donations: (Boeing Employees Credit Union), P.O. Box 97050, Seattle, WA 98124-9750, include the account number 3586068873. To electronically transfer funds to this account, the routing number is 325081403.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Re-Posting: Please Explain

Knowing that Eddie Rojas needs to be supported by outside parties I often wonder who would give finances to aid and abed a wanted felon. I am not talking about someone who is homeschooling in a state that is against homeschoolers and trying to take his children. Nor am I talking about someone who is being persecuted for spreading the gospel or passing out bibles. But I am talking about a man who abused his authority as a spiritual leader.

Eddie Rojas knew his son, Patrick Rojas, was a sexual predator. Eddie had "caught" him twice at age 15-17 years old sexually abusing (from the evaluation, I assume his own sisters.)Yet Eddie lead others to believe his son, Patrick, was trust worthy and in particular around adolescents. Eddie allowed mentoring relationships between Patrick and children. Mind you, at this time Patrick was an adult but still completely under his fathers roof and control. Patrick was not able to do or go anywhere without Eddie's permission. Eddie knew that Patrick was very much involved with our family and interacting with our children. Eddie, my spiritual authority at the time not only encouraged our family but our church congregation to trust Patrick.

Then when the light invaded the darkness of what was happening within the walls of the Rojas family home, Eddie ran. I know that Eddie and Kathy claim to be martyrs. It is just not true. I have explained in previous posts that the state was not interested in breaking up the Rojas family. But they were very much interested in exposing just how dangerous Patrick was and holding him legally accountable and the state would have suggested some kind of support be given to the girls in the family that were his victims.

I know that when you meet Eddie he appears to be so humble and such a God fearing man. It could be easy to fall prey to his manipulation of the truth. His involvement in the crimes and betrayal committed against our child and family should not be supported by anyone, least of all, brothers and sisters in Christ. Withdrawal your support and force Eddie to return to the states to face his actions.

Otherwise, can you please explain to me why you would continue in financially supporting such a man. If you are currently supporting Eddie financially, I am REALLY asking. Help me understand your thought process.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Listen Up, UK Speaks

"If you are unable to work legally in a country, what other option is there but to be dependent on the goodwill and generosity of others. Now if you were one entity on your own, but we are talking here about a wife and 11 children in addition. A tremendous burden upon those supporting.

If you are a missionary one can justifiably live by faith. But in this instance we're talking about a man on the run from US authorities in relation to serious charges of sexual misconduct. I'm certain that some of us in the UK, that have already helped the Rojas family, would not have done so if presented with the facts of this blog beforehand.

Question: Is your/our faith in the people of God or in the God of the people? There is a difference.

It's not easy to put such a large family out on the street. No Christian wants to see that. So what do you do? Try and find another believer or church that can support them for a season. On the cycle goes. Moving from place to place.

A US citizen that cannot support himself in the UK needs to return to the US where he/they can legally work and provide for his own. These are not easy sentiments to express but they are I believe pretty close to the bone."

By Anonymous person from the UK

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Attention UK

When harm such as what happened in our family is done, one of the first things you want is to know the person won't be able to do anymore harm to you or anyone else again. A prayer that was prayed many times from the beginning of this nightmare in our family was that "No stone be left unturned, that nothing related to this stay in the darkness." It seems there is more to be revealed. They keep running but they can not hide.

Instead of just releasing the comment that follows under the post it was made, I decided to highlight it here. This is from someone in the UK wanting to warn others in the area....

"I am deeply deeply concerned that another well meaning Christian family is going to have their fingers badly burnt by a member of the Rojas family. Patrick re-offended and hence we have this blog. If their is another serious indiscretion such as the recent one in the UK, who knows what damage will be done. Eddie Rojas is in hiding in more than one sense. He keeps a tight reign on his family lest the truth be revealed. The Rojas family should return to the US as soon as possible. If there is nothing to hide, The Lord will preserve them. We owe it to others in the church to warn fellow believers before any further damage is done. Keep up the blog Danielle."
~ By Anonymous on Updated Location: Swaffham, England at 3:48 PM

Monday, February 21, 2011

Updated Location: Swaffham, England

It has been confirmed by a fourth person that the Rojas family abroad has been causing "major problems in the UK." And I was asked to continue posting information on the blog to help others in the UK.

They have been staying in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland at varying times. (As of 2/11) They are living in a town called Swaffham near Norwich in East Anglia, England.

I am sorry for the unsuspecting families and hope this specific information can help someone.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Link to search for registered sex offenders

Here is the link to search all 50 states for registered sex offenders:

In addition to the 50 states this one includes the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and numerous Indian tribes for the identity and location of known sex offenders

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Second Hand Information

Since I am paying, literally, to have this blog, I might as well make good use of it.

Whenever I seem to be struggling with what is currently happening on the legal front, I am given a little encouragement. I don't even realize how much the information in this blog is helping others to protect themselves. I am grateful for the few individuals that reach out to me with information despite the risk they are taking in their own communities.

I have been encouraged that my blog is in fact valuable and helping people abroad. I don't know many details but I do know that the Rojas family that are abroad continue to hurt individuals in their wake. The details don't matter. Bringing awareness does. It's amazing what you learn if you listen to your gut and google a name.

Eddie and Kathy are in England with some - if not all of the 10 kids. Some of the adult children have stayed in a few other homes in other areas around England. I have been told Kathy is about to give birth to her 14th child. Renee' had traveled here, to the states, to get additional midwifery training.

I learned that the main reason for leaving Israel was because the four adult Rojas children, Sarah, Renee', David and Ruthie were denied visas to return to Israel on visitor visas. I guess they had been traveling in and out of Israel every few months and then re-applying for visitor visas and the last time it was denied. Hence the move to the UK. What an awful life to live, from my view.

I am told that they typically attend whatever church the family they are staying with attends. If you are in England or countries around that area they could be in your congregation.

It makes sense that the Rojas family wants to shut my blog down. They would like to pretend none of what I speak of ever happened. I would like to pretend it never happened as well but it did. I hope it stops happening...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Latest on Eddie and Kathy

Last I heard Eddie and Kathy were in England. Not sure of the specific location. Kathy is also due to have her fourteenth baby.

I have had over a dozen views on the blog from Italy in just over a few days time. It seems that the views are new because they are reading multiple posts and are on the blog for awhile. Individuals that follow the blog aren't usually on it for long periods of time and usually don't view multiple older posts. It makes me wonder if the family is on the move again?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Legal Matters

I just dropped off over 900 pages of information related to this blog and the Rojas family to my lawyer's office. The information was requested by their lawyer for discovery purposes. About half or more of the documents were from personal e-mails and facebook correspondences with YOU, the blog reader. It was actually an encouragement to see the support all together in tangible paper form.

All of this sucks but I am glad to know that the reasons I originally created this blog have been realized. The communities around the Rojas family members know the truth of who they are and or danger they pose, I have been able to tell our story, and awareness has been raised. There is much still that needs to be done to make an actual difference in our laws but I see that in my future.

As I have stated once before, I will continue until it is clear that I am to stop. Until then...

P.S. If you haven't already, check out the comments on my previous post.