If someone asks him, ‘What are these wounds on your body?’ he will answer, ‘The wounds I was given at the house of my friends.’ Zech 13 v 6

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Shield, Not A Sword

"He can use the 5th amendment as a shield but he can't turn around and use it as a sword as well." This was one of the best statements my attorney, Talis Abolins, has used.

In describing how it's Patrick's right to plead the 5th amendment but he can't then turn around and expect me to fairly defend my statements on this blog without delving into his sexual deviant history and all those that have known about it. It's brilliant. If you look at the public court documents that have been submitted you will see one example of something Patrick considers a false defaming statement in my blog, that I refer to him as a pedophile. No, really! "He was (only) charged with communication with a minor for immoral purposes." Hence, he is not a pedophile....forget about the 6 victims that range from 1.5yrs old to 11yrs old or that the abuses that occurred on several of the victims were numerous and sexual in nature, that classic grooming techniques were used to confuse and quiet his adolescent victims and their families. Or that Patrick, at the time we exposed him, had been at this for seven years!

Another one, Patrick contends that he wasn't contesting the "No Contact Order"...something about just wanting his attorney to review the order. REALLY? It took THREE trips to the court house BUT Patrick wasn't REALLY contesting the no contact order. Don't get me started on this one...No contact orders are so straight forward!!!!

I believe it's always been about control. Pedophilia is about control. This lawsuit is about control. I hope, I pray the control will be stripped from Patrick this coming Friday!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Private Thoughts

"Would you want your private thoughts made public," is something I hear the individuals that have supported Patrick and believe he is rehabiltated ask. REALLY? No, I wouldn't want my every thought made public because they are just that-thoughts. If I am a criminal would I want my crimes made public? Again, I would have to assume no, because making my crimes public would greatly hinder me from committing future crimes.

Patrick had to pass the evaluation as "truthful" in order for his plea agreement to hold in our case. The evaluation was done over a certain time period with multiple steps. One of the steps was a lie detector test. These are not fantasies or thoughts. These were acts that Patrick ACTUALLY committed. The detailed crimes in the evaluation are words straight from Patrick, himself, of ACTIONS HE DID! I am confident Patrick and his attorney banked on the psycho sexual evaluation not being considered public information. Now that it has been ruled "public" Patrick can not hide behind the 5th ammendment. Why would Patrick even need to hide behind the 5th ammendment, you ask?

Because my blog is true! The crimes I suggest or state are true. The risk Patrick poses to children is true! The usage of religion to gain sympathy and manipulate is true! The suggestion that there are other predators in the immediate family should be investigated! My concern for other innocent families being in community with the Rojas family is valid! And the evaluation backs all those statements up! Patrick can not honestly answer the discovery questions for the lawsuit without incriminating himself or others in his family!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Was In, All The Way, Almost

Why didn't I reconize how bad this was while I was in it? I remember raising my eyebrow and discussing it with a few others and questioning how strange it was... to chastise your adult child. To basically require your older girls to discipline and raise your younger children...one reason I stopped at six kids was because I didn't think I could personally handle raising more and didn't want to burn-out my older children before they ever had a chance to live their own lives. But when it is all being sold under "selflessness" and "God only gives you what you can handle" "God is soverign" "Just trust God to provide" ....

I wanted to glorify God...I wanted to raise my children in a Christ-centered home (I was insecure because I came from virtually the opposite type of upbringing.)

I saw this group that appeared to be very Christ-like...selfless, serving, devoted. They seemed to practice what they preached (although, I had been around Christians for years it seemed there were so many that didn't actually live out basic biblical precepts, as I interpret them) and here was this group that seemed to live them out and their children were respectful, kind, loving, and seemed very happy. Who wouldn't be attracted to that? I desired a "happy" family that glorified God. I was in, all the way, almost.

Then this happened.

I couldn't do what I knew the elders and Eddie and Kathy wanted me to do even if it meant I was "ungodly." Because in their eyes my actions were not biblical. The pressure was overwhelming, coupled with the devastation of what we believed to have happened to our child.

As time went on the revelations grew worse. We became aware of other adult family members that could have warned us of Patrick's propensity to sexually abuse adolesent children, we learned of additional victims, betrayl upon betrayl.

Then, I started this blog.

How could my blog possibly be biblical? (I say that very sarcastically.)
It's gossip, you know. It's written by a women, "Who is easially deceived." I can hear "them" saying..."Patrick is only biblically required to confess his sins (crimes) to his "elders" and as long as he repents and follows their guidence there would be no biblical reason to keep him from the fellowship of believers." "And TRUE forgiveness means full reconciliation."

You wouldn't dare talk about the possibility of re-offending...and if he were to re-offend, Patrick would need to again, confess and repent, and so the cycle goes. IT IS SO SICK and SO WRONG!

Why do some parents tolerate this?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rehabilitated ?

What concerns me about the individuals that surround and support Patrick is the fact that they claim he is rehabilitated. He is healed of pedophilia.

That is EXACTLY what Patrick wants them to believe.

Can anyone prove that Patrick hasn't sexually abused a child since we reported the crimes committed in our family, January 2007? NO! Just like I can't prove he has. The only way to know for certain that Patrick isn't abusing another child is to limit his access to minor children. Anyone that would "take a chance" and allow Patrick access to their minor children are neglegant parents! Anyone that keeps the families secrets are neglegant individuals.

Dormant maybe, rehabilitated, NO!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Connect The Dots

It seems there are many individuals that know about sexual deviant acts committed by one or more Rojas family memebers over the years but no one has put it all together. For some reason I was the first to report a crime committed by Patrick, even though he had seven years of previous sexual deviant behavior and lying. I was the first to shine a spotlight publically on this family. It's hard for me to imagine so many others have kept quiet.

Why? Why are you keeping quiet?

It's NOT un-godly to expose sin of this magnitude publically! Especially since the Rojas family have a history of moving around so much. And let's not forget that Eddie Rojas is a wanted felon in the state of Washington!

It's time to connect the dots!