If someone asks him, ‘What are these wounds on your body?’ he will answer, ‘The wounds I was given at the house of my friends.’ Zech 13 v 6

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Re-Posting: Please Explain

Knowing that Eddie Rojas needs to be supported by outside parties I often wonder who would give finances to aid and abed a wanted felon. I am not talking about someone who is homeschooling in a state that is against homeschoolers and trying to take his children. Nor am I talking about someone who is being persecuted for spreading the gospel or passing out bibles. But I am talking about a man who abused his authority as a spiritual leader.

Eddie Rojas knew his son, Patrick Rojas, was a sexual predator. Eddie had "caught" him twice at age 15-17 years old sexually abusing (from the evaluation, I assume his own sisters.)Yet Eddie lead others to believe his son, Patrick, was trust worthy and in particular around adolescents. Eddie allowed mentoring relationships between Patrick and children. Mind you, at this time Patrick was an adult but still completely under his fathers roof and control. Patrick was not able to do or go anywhere without Eddie's permission. Eddie knew that Patrick was very much involved with our family and interacting with our children. Eddie, my spiritual authority at the time not only encouraged our family but our church congregation to trust Patrick.

Then when the light invaded the darkness of what was happening within the walls of the Rojas family home, Eddie ran. I know that Eddie and Kathy claim to be martyrs. It is just not true. I have explained in previous posts that the state was not interested in breaking up the Rojas family. But they were very much interested in exposing just how dangerous Patrick was and holding him legally accountable and the state would have suggested some kind of support be given to the girls in the family that were his victims.

I know that when you meet Eddie he appears to be so humble and such a God fearing man. It could be easy to fall prey to his manipulation of the truth. His involvement in the crimes and betrayal committed against our child and family should not be supported by anyone, least of all, brothers and sisters in Christ. Withdrawal your support and force Eddie to return to the states to face his actions.

Otherwise, can you please explain to me why you would continue in financially supporting such a man. If you are currently supporting Eddie financially, I am REALLY asking. Help me understand your thought process.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Listen Up, UK Speaks

"If you are unable to work legally in a country, what other option is there but to be dependent on the goodwill and generosity of others. Now if you were one entity on your own, but we are talking here about a wife and 11 children in addition. A tremendous burden upon those supporting.

If you are a missionary one can justifiably live by faith. But in this instance we're talking about a man on the run from US authorities in relation to serious charges of sexual misconduct. I'm certain that some of us in the UK, that have already helped the Rojas family, would not have done so if presented with the facts of this blog beforehand.

Question: Is your/our faith in the people of God or in the God of the people? There is a difference.

It's not easy to put such a large family out on the street. No Christian wants to see that. So what do you do? Try and find another believer or church that can support them for a season. On the cycle goes. Moving from place to place.

A US citizen that cannot support himself in the UK needs to return to the US where he/they can legally work and provide for his own. These are not easy sentiments to express but they are I believe pretty close to the bone."

By Anonymous person from the UK

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Attention UK

When harm such as what happened in our family is done, one of the first things you want is to know the person won't be able to do anymore harm to you or anyone else again. A prayer that was prayed many times from the beginning of this nightmare in our family was that "No stone be left unturned, that nothing related to this stay in the darkness." It seems there is more to be revealed. They keep running but they can not hide.

Instead of just releasing the comment that follows under the post it was made, I decided to highlight it here. This is from someone in the UK wanting to warn others in the area....

"I am deeply deeply concerned that another well meaning Christian family is going to have their fingers badly burnt by a member of the Rojas family. Patrick re-offended and hence we have this blog. If their is another serious indiscretion such as the recent one in the UK, who knows what damage will be done. Eddie Rojas is in hiding in more than one sense. He keeps a tight reign on his family lest the truth be revealed. The Rojas family should return to the US as soon as possible. If there is nothing to hide, The Lord will preserve them. We owe it to others in the church to warn fellow believers before any further damage is done. Keep up the blog Danielle."
~ By Anonymous on Updated Location: Swaffham, England at 3:48 PM

Monday, February 21, 2011

Updated Location: Swaffham, England

It has been confirmed by a fourth person that the Rojas family abroad has been causing "major problems in the UK." And I was asked to continue posting information on the blog to help others in the UK.

They have been staying in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland at varying times. (As of 2/11) They are living in a town called Swaffham near Norwich in East Anglia, England.

I am sorry for the unsuspecting families and hope this specific information can help someone.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Link to search for registered sex offenders

Here is the link to search all 50 states for registered sex offenders:

In addition to the 50 states this one includes the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and numerous Indian tribes for the identity and location of known sex offenders

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Second Hand Information

Since I am paying, literally, to have this blog, I might as well make good use of it.

Whenever I seem to be struggling with what is currently happening on the legal front, I am given a little encouragement. I don't even realize how much the information in this blog is helping others to protect themselves. I am grateful for the few individuals that reach out to me with information despite the risk they are taking in their own communities.

I have been encouraged that my blog is in fact valuable and helping people abroad. I don't know many details but I do know that the Rojas family that are abroad continue to hurt individuals in their wake. The details don't matter. Bringing awareness does. It's amazing what you learn if you listen to your gut and google a name.

Eddie and Kathy are in England with some - if not all of the 10 kids. Some of the adult children have stayed in a few other homes in other areas around England. I have been told Kathy is about to give birth to her 14th child. Renee' had traveled here, to the states, to get additional midwifery training.

I learned that the main reason for leaving Israel was because the four adult Rojas children, Sarah, Renee', David and Ruthie were denied visas to return to Israel on visitor visas. I guess they had been traveling in and out of Israel every few months and then re-applying for visitor visas and the last time it was denied. Hence the move to the UK. What an awful life to live, from my view.

I am told that they typically attend whatever church the family they are staying with attends. If you are in England or countries around that area they could be in your congregation.

It makes sense that the Rojas family wants to shut my blog down. They would like to pretend none of what I speak of ever happened. I would like to pretend it never happened as well but it did. I hope it stops happening...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Latest on Eddie and Kathy

Last I heard Eddie and Kathy were in England. Not sure of the specific location. Kathy is also due to have her fourteenth baby.

I have had over a dozen views on the blog from Italy in just over a few days time. It seems that the views are new because they are reading multiple posts and are on the blog for awhile. Individuals that follow the blog aren't usually on it for long periods of time and usually don't view multiple older posts. It makes me wonder if the family is on the move again?