If someone asks him, ‘What are these wounds on your body?’ he will answer, ‘The wounds I was given at the house of my friends.’ Zech 13 v 6

Monday, March 29, 2010

Be Aware

I have unfolded our story over many posts. I realize if someone is just discovering this blog it would take hours to completely read it. There are many layers and many players involved in this part of our story. The story is real. The players are real. The injustice is real. The facade is real. The epidemic of childhood sexual abuse is real (even in the christian community.)

Things you should be aware of or know:

--> Patrick David Rojas is a level 2 sex offender. He is off probation and not monitored by anyone. Last I knew he had a sub-contractors license. Patrick lives in Port Orchard, Washington. Patrick lives with his older brother Jairus Rojas. As far as I know Jairus Rojas also has a contractors license along with a photography license. I noticed on Jairus's photography web page a number of pictures of children. Now if you would allow me to speculate somewhat, since Patrick and Jairus live together I bet Patrick has access to these photos. Does Patrick go on photo shoots with Jairus? Do the individuals that hire Jairus to take photos of their children know that Jairus has supported his convicted sex offender brother practically speaking and even to the extent of keeping his past molestations a secret? On his information page he refers to "we" but only lists him self as owner operator. I sense danger here! Someone hiring Jairus would believe they were in safe hands. Jairus professes his desire to glorify God in his photography on his web page. He looks good on paper. The clients would have no idea that danger was lurking in the background waiting for just the right scenario. Just the right child to victimize. Just the right family to groom.

--> I have been notified of the location of Eddie Rojas and he is in Israel. The community that Eddie is living in is starting to become aware of the true nature of the reasons that brought them to Israel. Legally nothing will be done to Eddie until he is state side.

--> Childhood sexual abuse of any kind should never be kept a secret! When a victim speaks out they are most likely saving someone else from being abused in the future. An adolescent child is NEVER-EVER responsible in any way for the abuse.

--> A person should always ask questions before supporting someone being accused of a crime. Call the police department and speak to the detective in charge of the case. Call the prosecutor in charge of the case. When appropriate (if you have a relationship with this person) ask the victim (victim's parents) about the crime. Don't make assumptions. Be very cautious and inquisitive before writing any kind of letter of reference for someone accused of a sexual crime. Individuals accused of these types of crimes are usually very secretive and very good at appearing to be someone other than who they truly are.

-->I know we can't go back in time and change what happened in my family. But I also know that if we kept our story a secret it would only help the offender. I have hope that sharing my story will touch someone else that may have been a victim or a mother of a victim. Our story might actually prevent someone from falling into the lure of Patrick's facade. My persistence might also uncover a greater evil in the Rojas family and help the children that are trapped in that family. Things are not always as they seem, that I know first hand!

-->We have real names and real faces to put to our story. Our story is not fiction. But remember there are thousands-literally thousands of pedophiles and sex offenders out there. Be aware! Be wise! Listen to that still small voice!

No Feedback

No feedback. I have heard nothing out of Israel since I posted the specific location of Eddie Rojas. Not really sure what to make of it. I know the leadership at the church they are attending has the facts. I know that some that attend the church know the true story about what really brought the Rojas's to Israel. I can tell from my site tracker that many people in various parts of Jerusalem are viewing my site daily. The information is reaching the community. What I find curious is the non response (no comments/ no e-mails) from anyone of those individuals.

Israel, what are you thinking? Do you not care what brought the Rojas's to Israel? Do you believe I am exaggerating? Do you believe that Eddie is doing the right/biblical thing? Is this just too much for you to deal with?

Also, the views from Missouri have jumped. (Missouri is where the Rojas family has a lot of extended family.)

Missouri, is the news of Eddie and Kathy in Israel new to you? What do you think of all of this? I know Eddie and Patrick flew to Missouri just prior to Patrick's sentencing to solicit letters of support from family members to supply to the sentencing judge. Do you still believe their version of the story? Do you still believe it was just "inappropriate affection?" A simple misunderstanding. Do you support Eddie and Kathy hiding in Israel? Are you concerned for your granddaughters/nieces? Do you see me as the enemy or the "Rojas hater" as Kathy has referred to me? What are you people thinking?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Think of the girls.

Remember to focus on the girls, the victims. People sometimes focus on the wrong part of the story and forget about what is actually happening to the girls (taken away from their friends and community and into hiding and the abuse they endured that has not been dealt with by anyone outside the family.) By Eddie protecting his son from further prosecution by hiding the girls he is not only communicating, "Nothing really big happened to you to the girls." He is ALSO putting others in harms way by allowing Patrick to live freely in society. Patrick is not properly labeled (he should be a level 3 sex offender) and he is not being monitored.

Think about that for a minute. How selfish is it to allow others to be victims of Patrick because Eddie wouldn't allow his daughters to be questioned by a very qualified, very nurturing person who is trained specifically to minimize the trauma of a child going through this process. The interview is recorded and in no way what so ever can the interviewer "lead" you into an answer. If by some mistake a child is lead into an answer that specific answer would not be accepted by the courts. The state wants kids to be innocent. There is not an agenda to get the Rojas girls into the interview room and turn them against their family. The agenda is/was simply to verify that in fact they are the victims of Patrick and hold Patrick accountable for those actions and properly label and monitor Patrick in-order to keep other innocent children safe. The state would have also made suggestions of ways the parents could get assistance in helping their girls recover from all that they had been through.

Let's not forget...If Patrick would have named his victims in the first place the state was prepared to plea bargain all the additional charges. There would have been NO need to interview the Rojas sisters. It's worth mentioning again, there must be more darkness to this story that we are not aware of. I believe the darkness extends beyond Patrick. It just doesn't make logical sense for Eddie to flee the country with his family. To live in hiding. Unless Eddie his self has something to hide. Too many unanswered questions. Think of the girls.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Until it is clear that there is nothing left to say...

I realize if you don't know me by reading my blog you may think that my life is only focused on the Rojas family. Let me assure you with six children and a husband the Rojas family and my blog only get a fraction of my attention. What Patrick did changed me. What the leadership hid still effects me but it does not define me.

I could have just let this fade away. I didn't have to start a blog. It was scary to start my blog. It was close to a years time of thinking about the blog before I made my first post. I originally thought I may post a few things and then be done with it. There have been two specific times when I thought I was done posting. I layed it down before the Lord. Each time after a time of reflection it was clear what I was to post next. I wish I didn't have so much to say. I wish this wasn't part of my life. But at the end of the day I want to be able to say, "I fought for you." "You" being my daughter, "you" being the Rojas girls, "you" being the unsuspecting family. I want to be able to say I did all I knew how to do within the restraints of my life circumstances to help "you" and to warn "you" and to bring about justice for "you."

This is my driving force. This is what keeps me going. Until it is clear that there is nothing left to say. Until Patrick and Eddie Rojas cooperate with the police in the ongoing investigation of Patrick's additional crimes I will continue to post. Until Patrick is properly labeled and monitored I will continue to warn others. Until then I will continue to share my story and what is on my heart as it pertains to this part of my life.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Eddie Rojas is in Israel. Seemed impossible until now.

Eddie Rojas is in Israel, with a standing warrant out for his arrest in the U.S.

What can be done? Really, other than notifying the community that Eddie and his family are living with, there is not much that can be done legally. Eddie is safe from prosecution while in another country for which I am sure is no surprise to Eddie. Eddie being in Israel has always seemed like the most far out possibility. I wasn't kidding when I said, "Our story seems like a poor made-for-TV movie."

Eddie,Kathy and family have been in Israel since at least May of 2008. They have been able to establish relationships and become part of the community in Jerusalem. Eddie does not have a job in Jerusalem. I know that the community in general has not been aware of the felony warrant out on Eddie here in America.

That alone shows that the cycle of secrecy has continued in the Rojas family.

I know that Kathy and Renee are helping women give birth as doulas (labor coach.) To be a part of someones birth is very intimate. I feel for these women who they have helped. Kathy was a doula for me in two of my births. Maybe you can start to see with the emotional ties plus the spiritual mentoring and family relationships how completely shocked and devastated I was to learn that Kathy had all along known of Patrick's pedophilia behaviors. Yet she still allowed and even encouraged Patrick's ever growing relationship with my family.

Man's justice cannot be gained with the knowledge of where Eddie and Kathy are, but knowledge of who Eddie and Kathy are might save another family who are in harms way.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Eddie's in Israel. What now?

Immediately after I learned of Eddie Rojas' location in Israel, I contacted the Kitsap County sheriff in charge of his case. I assumed nothing could be done to bring Eddie back to the states, but wanted to confirm that fact. After confirming, I took some time to consider the next step.

The least I could do was to make sure that the community in which the Rojas family was living was aware of the circumstances that brought them to Israel. The leaders of the church there were alerted about a week ago and now know, although they have not responded to this notification. Something about the lack of response of any kind from the leadership feels familiar. And concerning, to say the least.

It seems it's time to let the viral world do it's thing. If you know people in Jerusalem, I would strongly urge you to make sure they are aware of the Rojas story and familiar with their picture. Let them know who and what they are dealing with. Let them have a chance to guard their family and a chance to urge Eddie to return to the states, turn himself in, and cooperate with the ongoing investigation into Patrick's additional crimes.

Let other families know. Give them the information they need to empower them to choose how to respond. We never knew. We didn't have a choice.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shout out to the Rojas Boys!

Found your dad.

About the Rojas boys that are still here in Port Orchard, Washington:

I know that Jairus and Patrick have recently tried to attend a church in Port Orchard and they discovered they were not welcomed. Another pastor actually confronted Patrick about his lack of repentance. I hear Patrick considers his minor charges and jail time a "blessing from God." So, Patrick, you lie, you won't cooperate with the police, you hire an attorney to hide behind and in your twisted mind you consider the outcome a "blessing from God?" WOW!

This leads into the next question. Patrick, Jairus, why aren't you attending Peninsula Household of Faith Community Church under Jim Cameron and Dave Barrueto? These families support you. These men lied and mislead others for you. Why are you trying to attend other churches? Are you trying to attend a different church so you have a place where you can freely groom another victim? Or do these families from PHFCC just want to support you as long as it's not around their children?

A note to the rest of you: If you attend church in the Kitsap/Peninsula area, you need to get to know what these guys look like, so you can protect your family.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eddie's location!

Church of All Nations
Narkis Street Congregation's Chapel in Jerusalem.

Eddie and Kathy and their family are attending this church and live in this community.

It is hard to believe that Eddie and Kathy along with at least 10 of their children were able to make it into Israel. But you must remember the felony warrant was not issued immediately. The state had to prove that Eddie was in fact eluding their attempts to bring in the girls to be interviewed. It is also hard to believe that they would be able to pay for that many airplane tickets. Again, you must remember we discovered early on that Eddie had sold his 15 passenger van along with knowing that Jairus had thousands of dollars in savings.

What to do next? Inform their community seems to be what would be the right thing to do.

Information has been sent to the leaders of this congregation in hopes that they will hold Eddie accountable as his spiritual leaders. I know of three different sources that have contacted the leadership and as of writing this post the silence of the leadership is deafening. Here is the link to the church:


Sunday, March 7, 2010

You can't just look at a child and know if they have been sexually abused!

The child still plays, laughs, gets into trouble just like any other child around them. Many children detach themselves from what is happening to them in secret. It might be many years down the road before the child victim starts to realize what has actually been done to them. Most children have no context to attach to the sexual abuse. In their heart it feels wrong. The child usually knows something isn't right about what is happening to them. But there is this person that they love and trust and usually has some form of control over them through their relationship.

Another rarely talked about aspect of childhood sexual abuse is the fact that many times the sexual stimulation feels good to the child. Very confusing to have the "feels bad in the heart" but "feels good physically" conflicting emotions. That is where shame often attacks the child victim. Those conflicting emotions often play a part in the child keeping the sexual abuse a secret. I hate that the completely innocent child victim silently suffers with guilt and shame all too often. The guilt and shame is completely misplaced. No guilt! No shame! should ever be placed upon a child victim.

Often it is not until the adult survivor gets married or has their first child that they may begin to have flashbacks of their abuse, physical problems, sexual issues, or any of the other common consequences associated with childhood sexual abuse when it isn't properly faced and recovered from.

You can't just look at a child and know if they have been sexually abused. You can't just look at a child and know if they have healed fully from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. The wounds are usually deep within their soul.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Eddie's heart is not what he leads others to believe.

I know that I make some bold statements.

"In my opinion, the girls in that family have been brainwashed by their domineering, felon father." from my post, "Please help the Rojas girls."

If you are just meeting the Rojas family you may consider my opinions over the top. If I would not have lived this myself, I would have agreed. Let me just say that my comments are born out of years of having a very close mentoring relationship with Kathy Rojas herself. My statements are made from the actual actions of Eddie himself during the whole investigation and court process. On many occasions Eddie omitted information (lying by omission), directly lied, or mislead (lied.) While all of this was happening simultaneously pastoring a church and living daily life as if "nothing serious" really happened. And appearing to be a very godly man that was trusting the Lord.

During our entire nightmare not once has Eddie responded in a given situation the way I would have expected him to. He preached accountability. He preached trusting in the Lord our God. He preached integrity. Not in my wildest dreams would I have speculated Eddie taking his family into hiding to protect his pedophile son. No way! Eddie's heart is not what he leads others to believe.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Please help the Rojas girls.

I haven't focused much on my concern for the Rojas girls so far. This post will focus on that.

I have focused so much information on Eddie because the felony warrant is for him. I have also wanted as much information out there on Patrick Rojas simply because he is out in the community without any appropriate accountability. Patrick’s accountability with his brother, Jairus, has already proven to amount to be no more than a joke. The elders of our former church have already proved their disregard for our legal system, just as they have proved their acceptance of pedophile behavior.

I am exceedingly nervous about Patrick grooming another family and victimizing another child. It is a pedophilia’s job to gain trust and look for an opportunity to safely victimize. Most pedophiles are exceptionally patience. Part of what empowers someone like Patrick Rojas is the grooming process. He's good at it. He appears trustworthy. This is how he operated with us, even as he schemed to victimize.

One of my three reasons for continuing with this blog and asking others to pass these posts to all of their contacts is because of the Rojas girls. In my opinion, the girls in that family have been brainwashed by their domineering, felon father. For that matter, I believe all the children under Eddie have a very twisted, very unbiblical view of what is right and pure and Godly.

These additional victims of Patrick's need professional help. Have you dared to really look at the details and the extent in which they were victimized by their brother? God can heal their heart. God can help them forgive. God can redeem what was stolen from them. But think, for a moment, how difficult it will be for them to begin healing while they are living on the run from the law with their father, who has chosen time and time again to put his own safety above their own. Their father has chosen to keep them from help in order to protect their pedophilic brother.

It is my understanding that Eddie is of the mindset that the only “help” the girls need should come from their relationship with God and Eddie himself. I believe that God uses others in our healing process. I believe the healing process for childhood sexual abuse goes beyond the supernatural. From my own personal story, along with many other survivors of childhood sexual abuse, one resounding thing I hear is the long-term struggle to put the abuse behind them. In one way or the other, there are consequences of abuse. Eating disorders, cutting, drugs and alcohol abuse along with sexual issues as adults are all linked directly to victims of childhood sexual abuse who never told, never sought out qualified profession help to deal with all the complex emotions that are a result of being a child victim in particular. In the worst cases, they never were believed. Their abuse was minimized or ignored.

If you know where Eddie is hiding, please turn him in, if for no other reason than do it for the girls. With everything you have read on my blog, with the fact that Eddie took the girls on the run to protect Patrick, his pedophilia son, do you believe that Eddie has the best interest of his victimized girls in mind? It seems to me that Eddie does not want to face the gravity of the consequences of the crimes that were committed against his own daughters? Is Eddie in denial? Is Eddie also a perpetrator?

Imagine if your own daughters were at risk. Please help, before it is too late for these innocent young women.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Shake! Shake! Shake!

Shake! Shake! Shake! This is me shaking you! If you know where Eddie and Kathy are hiding and keeping it secret, please stop right now and consider what you are doing. You are protecting a known felon. You may be breaking the law, simply by helping protect a criminal. And you may be continuing to put innocent girls at further risk of sexual abuse. Is this what you want for your legacy? Is this what you want on your conscience?

I wish all I had to do was ask that question and the veil would be removed from your eyes. I'm not quite sure what formulation of thought or specific scripture God will use to open your eyes, so that is one reason I keep communicating basically the same thing from different angles. I like very much that Brian from Brian's Bits (as of 3/11/10 Brian has removed his articles.) He has such a different approach than I do in his writing style and content, but again the message is the same:

Eddie Rojas must step into the light and face the charges before him.

The Rojas girls need to be professionally helped by someone the family trusts.

Patrick Rojas needs to spare his sisters and his other victims by contacting the prosecutor on his case, Kelly Montgomery, and by naming his additional victims. He needs to accept his due consequences.

The adult Rojas children need to stop helping their father in his sin. I particularly hold the two adult sons, Jairus and Benjamin, responsible for this. They are adults. They are old enough to know better. They are no longer under Eddie's thumb.

The Rojas family needs to put their trust in Gods' hands. They need to allow true justice to happen.