If someone asks him, ‘What are these wounds on your body?’ he will answer, ‘The wounds I was given at the house of my friends.’ Zech 13 v 6

Friday, April 3, 2009

Past Details about Eddie

It is always said that we should learn from our past. It is in the spirit of that statement that I had the idea of outlining all the places Eddie has lived.

The Rojas family specifically has family in Rolla, Missouri and Columbia, Missouri where a brother-in-law pastors a Vineyard church. The family name is Perona.

I obtained the following information from a resume that Eddie handed out when he first came to Washington state;

1984-1985 Eddie lived in San Diego, California.

1988-1993, Received his Master of Arts at the Institute of Holy Land Studies and was Director of short term programs at the same institute, Jerusalem, Israel. Eddie returned to Israel for a short visit in 2007.

1996-1997 pastoral intern@ a Vineyard church in Rolla, Missouri.

1994-1997, Eddie lived in Deerfield, Illinois.

1998-2000,Senior Pastor @ Vineyard church in Lompoc/Santa Maria, California.

2000-2002 Associate pastor @ Vineyard church in Salinas, California.

In the past Eddie has also earned money doing landscape maintenance. He was an owner/operator of "Armorlight Window Washing" from 1994-96 and owner of "Armorlight Maintenance, Santa Maria,CA in 1981-83.

Remember, you never know who your contacts know. I encourage anyone reading this to forward the link to all their contacts! A man in hiding with a wife and 10 children who dress like "Little House on the Prairie" can't be missed too easily.

Locating and reporting Eddie to the authorities will hopefully start the healing process for his daughters.I will say that Patrick's evaluation indicated that although the 5 additional victims are nameless the majority of them were described as "relatives."

What other secrets are being hidden?

Why would Eddie Rojas teach his daughters to protect a sexual predator by running?

When will this end for the Rojas girls?


Anonymous said...

Seems to me like you're dwelling on the past. This isn't healthy for ANYONE and I think you're just doing this now for attention... Are you actually 'spreading the word' because you're trying to help someone or because you want revenge? Revenge is a sin in every way, shape and form. Let God work things. Someday everyone will have to face God at the throne of judgment and you for sure are not God and this isn't the time... Just for a second try to walk in the other person's shoes because you'll see the other side too, not just your view.

Ms Sparky said...

Anonymous you must be a Rojas! I blog about heinous criminals all the time. Invariably someone, normally their attorney or a family member jumps to their defense and pleads their case. Funny thing is, after they are convicted or plead guilty I don't hear from them anymore.

You never know how many children have been protected because of this publicity. Now that's God's work!

So which are you? His attorney or a family member?

Lilah said...

Not that I'm justifying Patrick's actions or anything, but I wonder if he was molested at some point during his childhood. After all, it's not uncommon for pedophiles to be victims themselves. Maybe we should take an even closer look at dear, old Dad!

Anonymous said...

Yes you can spot an 'anonymous' comment by a Rojas family member a mile off. Arrest Eddie Now!

Jason said...

Ok, i've been sittin here reading these posts for the past 2 days, call it boredom, or curiousity, but here are a few of my opinions, #1, i was molested when i was 5 years old, by my 13yr old brother. As soon as it happened, i told my dad, who called my mom at work, who rushed home and called the police. He was molested as a young child, as were both my sisters, by their bio father. Now that being said, i have never had any thought of crap like that, i delt wth it and moved on. Me and my brother speak still today, fully forgivin. Now im not a relgious person by no means, but i was raised to help others, and to forgive. Now what happened to your family is hidious by any standereds and i believe he should have been punished more(my brother got 2yrs in juvey, and 3 years in a group home). The bad taste in my mouth is being left by how you are bringing in his entire family. Not just mother and father, but *entire* family, giving whereabouts of each one and their actions. Now as being a parent of 2 beautiful litte girls and 1 gleaming eyed son, i feel your pain and agony as i would murder who hurt my child, but to bring in his entire family when they personally did nothing wrong, is just a shame..just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

For starters it is not "SHAME". As a parent of a child who was raped, I feel this mother's pain. If my son did this I would never protect him, he needs serious help. The jerk that hurt my daughter has been protected by his entire family (which by the way also has their on hidden records). It is not an attack on "A family", it is "exposure". I look back and say on numerous occasions.......IF someone would have warned us, if someone would have spoke out, if, if if..........of course I can't rewind time and fix an "if", but you can help future victims. I have been arrested for harassment for screaming and breaking down and crying at the piece of trash who hurt my child when I ran into him at a store (while he did not get convicted, b/c "that don't happen around here", after he raped, threatened, drove past my house screaming crap, spinning off in my yard, calling my house numerous times). Justice is no longer justice. The system is screwed up.

Anonymous said...

Throw Eddie and Kathy both in prison! I knew them once. I think they way they overprotect their children is absurd! Its no surprise to me that their adult children have had sexual relations with one another, its called incest, Eddie! Specifically and directly against God! The fact that they weren't given a normal life, just makes me so sad! I think Patrick belongs in a mental hospital, certainly not prison! The rest of the children, now half of them early to mid-twenties, should have counseling! This isn't the work of a Godly man..its a control freak, no two of them..and now look what they've done. At least one of them has gotten married, lets hope he doesn't do the same with his children. And last but not least, throw Eddie and Kathy in prison for good! I hope they find them..and if I knew where they were, I would turn them in, no questions asked!