If someone asks him, ‘What are these wounds on your body?’ he will answer, ‘The wounds I was given at the house of my friends.’ Zech 13 v 6

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Up-To-Date Recap

*January 2007 we discovered that one of our children had been sexually violated by our pastors adult son, Patrick D. Rojas. (Patrick was 22yrs old at the time of the crime and the child was 11.)

*We reported the crime.

*August 2007, Patrick D. Rojas had his day in court. A plea agreement enabled this predator to have minimal consequences. He received 10 days in county jail, 2years probation, he will be on the sex offender registry for 10years. He is classified as a level 2 sex offender. Justice was not served!

*Eddie Rojas and his wife, Kathy and an adult son, Jairus had previous knowledge of Patrick's pedophile behavior but kept it a secret from our family and our church family. We know the parents knew from the information in the psycho sexual evaluation. Jairus himself told me in a phone conversation in 2008 that he had previous knowledge that his brother had been a sexual predator. At the time of the crimes committed Eddie Rojas was the pastor of our church.

*The elders of our former church, Jim Cameron and Dave Barrueto, knew in detail the crimes committed against our child and did not report any of the information to the sheriffs detective. Jim actually implied in his statement to the sheriff that Patrick's actions were innocent and "just the wrong age and wrong place." It was not until a plea agreement was in place and the sentencing had occurred that these two men shared that they had known all through the legal process the details of Patrick's crimes. They acknowledged their awareness of the full details of Patrick's crimes in our case at a Heads of Household meeting.

*As of August 2007, Eddie and Kathy Rojas along with 10 of their children went into hiding to avoid the state interviewing their minor daughters about the alleged sexual crimes committed against them that are talked about, in great detail, in the psycho sexual evaluation. Since they left the state they have lived in Israel and as of March 2011 are in England, with an additional child.

*Patrick D. Rojas is a convicted level 2 sex offender living in Port Orchard, Washington with his brother Jairus. Patrick has a total of 6 minor victims that we know of (age ranging from 18mo. -11yrs old), in his sexual psycho evaluation that was court ordered, Patrick, admitted to other deviant sexual behavior as well.

*In 2008, a felony warrant, was finally issued for Francis Edward Rojas, AKA Eddie Rojas.
The warrant is for witness tampering and is a nation wide warrant. I am asking for everyone that reads this to forward the information to all their contacts.

*March 2009, I decided to start a blog to tell Our Story.

*August 2009, We applied for an extended no-contact order for our minor child. PATRICK CONTESTED IT. It took us attaining a lawyer and three trips to the court house before Patrick backed down.

*June 2010, The sheriff knocked on our door and handed us our notice of the lawsuit against us by Patrick and Jairus Rojas.

*November 2010, We offered to totally remove the blog if they would walk away from the lawsuit (due to lack of finances to continue the legal battle.) We were totally shut down. To quote a part of the letter we received from their attorney, Michael Davis from Tacoma, WA, "The offer of settlement does not compensate my clients for their losses." NO JOKE!

*March 2011, Out of not knowing where else to turn, I contacted some media outlets to see if they could help us by telling our story. KING 5 News in Seattle, WA aired our story.

*Attempting mediation that was requested by Michael Davis, on behalf of Patrick and Jairus, March 23, 2011.

*May 7,2011 - Benjamin Rojas's Wedding in Virginia. It's reported that many of his siblings are in the US to attend the wedding. Conflicting reports as to whether Eddie or Kathy are in the US. Benjamin is on Patrick and Jairus's witness list.

*Our trial date is currently set for June 20,2011.

*Trial pushed to 12/12/2011.

*August 2011 confirmation that David Rojas has joined his brother's in Port Orchard, Washington
(Which means Eddie and Kathy have 9 or 10 children with them in Italy)

*November 4, 2011 The court dropped the case against us. The blog stays in tact!

*Patrick is appealing the ruling with the appellate court.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder. We continue to pray for you.

Danielle said...

Thank you...Especially now, I covet, prayer over my family and for all that are involved in what is happening right now. I know that there is a huge battle going on in the spirit realm.

Anonymous said...

It's awhile since a new entry. I didn't know if this was because nothing was happening, because you were busy, or maybe because you were discouraged. I check regualarly and continue to pray. I wanted to remind you that you still have supporters out there.

Anonymous said...

I hope you lose. Two wrongs don't make a right. You need to be in jail yourself.

Danielle said...

Spewing venom? Can you explain to me why you feel this way, Anon April 2? What is my "wrong?"

Anonymous said...

The only person or people going to jail are members of the Rojas family such as yourself. When the full extent of your crimes come out into the open. There's alot more to this than those things CURRENTLY mentioned on this blog. 'Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do.' Hebrews 4:13

Colleen said...

Publishing a true story on a public blog is not a criminal offense, O Cowardly Anonymous One. Your understanding of the law is as dubious as your understanding of the basic concept of right and wrong.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe a member of the Rojas family (Anon Arpil 2) is admitting there was a "wrong"! Deb

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the case is now postponed till November. By that time (Lord willing) Eddie Rojas will be where he should be, behind bars.

Anonymous said...

I am sickend that a judge would let this go so far. You and your daughter are in our prayers

Anonymous said...

Thank you for telling your story and standing up for your child. Regardless of the outcome of the case against you, it is clear to anyone reading this blog - and most importantly, to your child - that you are her biggest defender. May your family find peace and closure.

Anonymous said...

Colleen, you need to check your facts as well and you will find this "blog" has much more than the facts and truths. It has rumors and here say, and badmouthing the unconvicted family as well.. shame on this lady for sinking as low as the original criminal ot lower. He will win and she will lose. Its a fair claim against her. Settle and move on, gee maybe that would actually get the lawsuit dropped and she can start her life again. Otherwise she is just making it worse and dragging a bad situation out even longer. I bet even her kid wishes she would just stop, and give it a rest.

Anonymous said...


Danielle said...

To my most recent negative commenters,

I have attempted to settle the lawsuit but as of yet we can't agree on what is a reasonable compromise.

Be assured I have more than rumors to back my blog. Just because Patrick or Rojas members say it's not true doesn't make it so and I hope to be able to show all my documentation and have witnesses called to the stand that can cooperate the statements I make in my blog.

Finally, do you not see that my goal has not been to "ruin" the families lives BUT to empower others outside of the Rojas family.

Because others from the families past have kept quiet about known criminal behavior, thinking they were being "good little Christians" our family was left unaware and vulnerable.


KELL said...

Reading your story brought tears to my eyes. I am sorry this had to happen to your little girl. I hope justice is soon served and he should be put to death... there is no rehabilitation for sickos such as himself(just my personal opinion). He took something away from your daughter and she will have to live with that horrible experience for the rest of her life.
I think he is out of his mind in attempt to sue you. If he ends up winning(which i prey he don't) it just gives other sick minded freaks out there justifications for their sick and wrong actions.

If he has yet to realize he is a REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER...which means with or without this blog his sick crimes are STILL going to be made public..

After this lawsuit is done is done is he going to attempt to sue http://www.familywatchdog.us/ViewInfo.asp for having his information on their website or how about this site http://www.icrimewatch.net/offenderdetails.php?OfndrID=753059&AgencyID=54528 for also having his information up there.
You telling YOUR story means nothing...being registered and appearing on a SEX OFFENDER website is bad enough...


Danielle said...

Kell, Thank you for your words of support, it means a lot. This whole mess is crazy, I agree. LAWS MOST DEFIANTLY NEED TO BE CHANGED but it takes public awareness for that to happen...and someone willing to share their story.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about putting a link up to show his criminal records It is public recod and poeple can reequest cases under the FOIA.

That will give them their own proof if this or anything he was charged with.I seen about 10 cases give or take.

I think you should push this blog to every town of every state to the whole us get their pics out so it wont hap[en to an other children.

Red Eagle said...

John Guillory From Westlake, La

It sadens me to hear of a church that would actually try to cover up the a crime like this. Nobody is perfect. Had the pastor been honest, no one would have blaimed him for his son's actions. The fact that he not only tried to hide what happened to your child, but to his children reveals he needs to loose his preaching license and his children need to be taken into protective custody!

Donald Stevens said...

I want to first thank you for your extreme demonstration of courage in laying out your story and the abuse your child endured.
As a child, I suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a nieghbor, then a stranger, then a friend of my mother's from her church over a period of years and finally by another stranger. During this time I also sufferred severe, extreme physical abuse from my mother, her room mate (met in church) and the same male friend from her church who also sexually abused me. All of this happenned between the ages of 7 and 12. At the age of 12 my mother abandoned me with her abusive room mate and left the state. When contacted by children's services due to the worst beating yet after my placement in a shelter, she refused to take me back.
I was then taken in by a family member in another state. Unfortunately I was a very seriously disturbed, highly sexualized, violent 12 y/o by then. Within a couple weeks I sexually assaulted an older female nieghbor and threatened the same to my 2 younger female cousins. I was placed into foster care at that time, thankfully. My first placement was a regular foster home. Within a year I severely beat another child there after his provocation. I was then moved to a children's home, once again thankfully. Within the first couple years I assaulted a schoolmate, almost killing him, and sexually assaulted 2 female residents. By the time of those last two incidents, my recovery had started, but it's a very difficult process. I was 15 then. At 18, I was discharged from being a ward of the state. Between 18 and 20 I had definite issues with alchohol and drugs. I stopped on my own just before my 21st birthday.
A month after turning 21, I joined the Army. I went on to serve for a little over 9 years, eventually leading soldiers as an NCO in war (Operation Iraqi Freedom) before being medically discharged.
Back home in civilian life, I now had a wife and 2 children, then 2 more children. My wife has her degree in psychology. She and I both worked in a residential facility for behavior disordered children. Without exception they were also victims of severe sexual, physical and emotional abuse. I was only able to work there for 4 years. Working with those children was very rewarding, but it also brought back my own pain. As someone who had endured much of what these children endured, the pain I felt for them was amplified and I eventually had to go into retail management as residential work was too much of a mental and emotional strain.
During that 4 years, I also had to deal with the molestation of one of my children by a family member. The son of a bitch went to jail!! The pain of that was greater than anything else I'd dealt with before.
That was 7 years ago. It still affects our family today, it never goes away. Even with my wife being a mental health professional (she's now an investigator for children's services - she GETS them!) and my experience working with abused children, and being an abused child, helping my own child is still tough.
I say all this because I do not believe you can be sufficiently thanked for what you're doing here. While it's important for people to know and recognize that the problem of child sexual abuse exists, that knowledge is only one part of the equation.
People need to have some idea of how it feels. The guilt, the feelings of being helpless, ostracised, vulnerable, betrayed, in danger, inadequate. The rage and anger you feel towards the victimizer and their enablers.
A news story can never convey those things. A news story goes away in time. A news story can allow a crime like this to be just another statistic. This blog will not (should not) go away, it conveys the feelings of you and your family in a way that makes many people feel in a way they never could unless the same thing happenned(god forbid), it keeps a hienous crime from just being another statistic.
Once again, thank you. From a victim, a victimizer, an advocate of victims and the Father of a victim.

Devynn Fagre said...

Hi, Im a mother of a daughter who was molested by my biological father. I feel your pain. I really feel your pain. Not one day goes by that I dont think of it. Not one! I found your blog because I googld whether it to be illegal to write about this. I have a very big story to tell and I too want the world to know. As of now, the predator has appealed his second degree to try to knock it down to first degree. Its been in appeal for over two years. Meanwhile, no one believes he did this to my daughter. Well, his family and some of my mothers side, along with old friends and neighbors. The world needs to be aware. Please let me know how this works out. I really hope you get some sort of justice. They dont do enough justice for our children. These people seem to have more rights then we do. It is ridiculous!!!!!!! I cry so often about what happened to my baby. How I failed to protect her. How I didnt see what a pervert he was. I found out soon afterwards he had done the same to my two step sisters. I am trying to give them the strength to come forward, to nail him for everything he did. I dont think they are strong enough yet though. I pray it doesnt happen to another child. All on the fact that they can appeal and I have no say, and this appeal can apparently last a life time. My father did these disgusting things and traumatized my daughter and myself. I pray for you and your little girl. I know what you are going through and I too want to tell my child's story. Please contact me. My email is listed in my blog.