If someone asks him, ‘What are these wounds on your body?’ he will answer, ‘The wounds I was given at the house of my friends.’ Zech 13 v 6

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another Outrageous Comment

Another outrageous comment made, July 29, 2010 1:48 AM on
Open Letter from the Grandmother

Anonymous said...

You speak with an obvious, enormous amount of hate. Why? I understand how devastated you must be, if it were my granddaughter I would be saddened beyond words. But God has called you to be like Him, in Christ, there is no room for hate among the brethren. You swear at them, you say "bull, bull, bull" but who is the bull? The one who humbly repents? Or the one who refuses to forgive, and harbors evil contempt and hatred in their heart? We humans are not called to judge each other, you say that "Eddie" is "PURE EVIL", but read your bible, do you think that Jesus would approve of his servant(you) calling a man who He has redeemed and called as His own son "PURE EVIL"? Is it right for us to call a man chosen by God, loved by God, cherished by God "PURE EVIL"? You have called a holy man EVIL, you have taken God's child, and labeled him as EVIL, you have called Christ's holiness, which shines in Eddie, "PURE EVIL". Why, oh why? My heart holds no hate towards you, for Jesus loves you, and how could I hate you, whom Jesus loves? I know that your hurt is to deep for words, but please, do not hate the Rojases, think of it this way Jesus loves them, and how can you hate they that Jesus loves? Patrick has repented, he is forgiven, Jesus has forgiven him. His sins are washed away, he is whiter than snow. Patrick is a new creation in Christ, the old is no more, the Patrick that hurt your child no longer exists. Pray that that Patrick will never return, pray for Patrick to stay pure, and holy. You cry out to the government for Justice, but who is the greatest Judge of all? Jesus is, so stop trying to revenge the Rojas family, God will judge them. Ecc. the last verse " For God will bring every deed into judgement, including every hidden thing". Remember that verse, do not worry, God will bring justice, do not look for it in the government, we all see how often they fail.

May you be strengthened in Christ, for the furthering of his Glorious kingdom. May you understand that God is in control.

Jesus loves you- and them.

The following is a response from "The Grandmother."


By anonymously commenting on my post, you show yourself to be a coward.

By your ignorant statements you show yourself to be a fool.

Bully for me!
Judy McBee

You're a nasty hypocrite.The phrase,"Stupid is as stupid does" fits you perfectly in this situation. You anonymously snipe at me with judgmental platitudes and claptrap,while pontificating on the character of first a known pedophile and then a "wanted man." You got the response you earned.

Friday, July 30, 2010

This is not about forgiveness!

My blog is not about forgiveness. It's not about me or you forgiving Patrick. And I must say, even if God has forgiven Patrick-Patrick is still a threat!

This blog is to educate people in the community of the danger Patrick poses to their children. Patrick isn't going to tell you to keep your children away from him. Jairus isn't going to warn you. Because of individuals who kept secrets and remained silent, the state can't adequately warn the public of the danger Patrick poses. This blog was a way for me to warn the community that Patrick lives in, the churches he will try to attend, and the families he will befriend. If you know who he is,what he is capable of, and you still chose to fellowship with him, well, it won't be on my conscious if Patrick victimizes someone in your family.

This would be a whole different conversation if Patrick would have been forthright and honest about everything. Even then, Patrick would still be a potential danger to other little girls but I wouldn't feel compelled to warn the community. But hiding information and people, lying, going places and being around children(when legally you were not suppose to),contesting a no-contact-order(that the victim wanted to feel safe), suing one of your victims families are all actions that are contrary to the actions of someone who is repentant! Dressing up in a suit and going to church, crying, uttering the words, "forgive me" do not equal repentance!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Toronto, Ontario

The following comment was left on this post:Discovery
July 29, 2010 12:57 AM

Anonymous said...

Wait a second, he kissed your child(which I do agree is very horrible) and you call it sexual abuse? A man kisses a child and you called him a pedophile? Is that all he did? From how you have raged in other posts I thought it would had been something way more horrible than kisses.
First of all,if you REALLY believed in what your are posting,you would sign your name to your comment. It shows on my site tracker that this comment was made from Toronto,Ontario. You know who I am. I am not hiding. Why are you?

Secondly,this is exactly why I have this blog...to expose this kind of thinking.

Patrick is without a doubt a pedophile! He should forever avoid contact with minor children!

Finally, I would like to make clear that yes, an adult man of 22yrs old who creeps into an adolescents bedroom at night(when the child is sleeping) multiple times, to do ANYTHING at all, "just a kiss" or more is a PEDOPHILE! And in our case Patrick did more! This is where my rage comes in. My child was asleep, in their own bed, in the safety of their own home and was violated.

Since the reader obviously missed some key parts of the blog I will refresh your memory. In Patrick's evaluation, which is primarily in his own words, he talks in great detail about the sexual abuse he committed against six little girls. Their ages ranging from 11yrs old down to a 1.5yr old. He also talks about sexual acts with a dog, voyeurism, and incest with a consenting adult sister.Patrick is most certainly a sexual predator!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A humble servant of Him who loves you.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just wanted to say that I feel really sorry for you. I have been a friend of the Rojas family ever since I was born, when I read this I could not believe that patrick had done this. I still love the Rojas family from the bottom of my heart. I will be praying for your comfort, and that Jesus will open your eyes to forgive Patrick. Remember- pray for Patrick, in God's word it says to pray for your enemys, if you consider him your enemy, pray for him. If you consider him a fellow sinner, pray for him. He needs your prayers, he really does. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, you are a sinner and so is he. The hurt is deep, I know, I know. But who did God come for, the "good" people? No, Jesus came for the broken, the beggars, the prostitutes, the tax colectors. Do not judge patrick for his sins, we are not the judge CHRIST is the holy judge. He will bring justice. Patrick is already forgiven, he repented, and Jesus has washed him whiter than snow, he is a new creation. The old is gone and the new is here. Remember that, remember that Jesus forgave Patrick, so like Jesus, you must also forgive him. It is very far that patrick has fallen, very evil the things he has done, but he is forgiven, God is saving him.

May God continue to bless you, to pour out his blessings upon you. May he open your hearts to the true righteosness of the rojas family. They are whiter than snow by God's washing them.

-A humble servant of Him who loves you.
July 28, 2010 2:37 PM said...


As you can see I just received the above comment. Anonymous made this comment on my "What Eddie Knew" post. So many things run through my mind...it sounds so familiar...truth with a twist. I want to reply, Yes, but....

I can't get worked up and try to justify myself to these individuals. So,I remind myself that God is my judge, I believe He will say, "Well done."

It is interesting to me how the supporters of Patrick and the Rojas family focus so much of their concern on my need to forgive them. I do believe that Patrick is a wolf in sheep clothing, an impostor, a dangerous sexual predator! I believe that the actions of Eddie and Kathy raise many red flags. I believe I have a moral and spiritual obligation to tell our story so individuals around Patrick are aware of his danger to children and I also wanted Eddie to be located in hopes of the girls getting the professional help that they need along with Eddie being held legally accountable for his actions. Telling our story and bringing awareness to this subject matter is bigger than Patrick, bigger than the other Rojas family members, bigger than my need to forgive Patrick!

Only God knows what is in a man's heart...so, all I have to go by is their actions. I see a lot of secrets, darkness, and evil in the Rojas's actions. I see pain and destruction as their legacy. I do not see repentance.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Stop the silence!

What can tear away at family values, purity,innocence,community more than a pedophile or the people that keep their secrets? Will you speak out on this subject? Will you take a stand even if it costs you financially or socially? It is going to take way more than my blog to make a difference in the area of childhood sexual abuse. I know drug addiction and alcoholism are also very devastating to families and community but I strongly suspect that sexual abuse is what drives many, many individuals to seek relief from their internal struggle from their abuse by turning to drugs or alcohol.

I know that there will always be pedophiles on this earth but I do believe we can drastically reduce their access to children. The easiest way is to stop being silent! Inform others of known predators in your area. Write your elected leaders asking them to make stricter guidelines for released predators, longer jail sentences for sexual predators, mandatory sexual psycho evaluation for someone accused of a sexual crime (plea agreements only allowed after the lie-detector part of the evaluation implies the offender has been truthful.)Ask your leaders to explain why someone that abuses an animal routinely receives harsher punishments than a sexual predator.There are so many changes that need to be made in our laws that pertain to this subject!The laws won't change unless we the people demand a change.

Remember,you ALWAYS need to report suspected sexual abuse!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why do you still attend?

I don't get why individuals still attend PHFCC in Port Orchard, WA under Dave Barrueto and Jim Cameron if they know our story. One of the elements that attract individuals to that particular congregation is the "emphasis on family." The belief is that the we, as Christians, reach the world is through a strong family unit that glorifies God.

With that in mind don't you find it ironic that the men in that congregation would continue to submit to leaders who, by their own actions, took part in damaging a family and for that matter future families. The same leaders kept quiet about information that our family needed to help our child, information the police needed, information that the church body should have had in order to protect their own families from a predator.

I have no idea exactly what the leaders currently tell new members of the church about their past history, especially if one of the new families comes across my blog. But at the time, one excuse that was routinely given was, "that they (the elders) were only men and had made mistakes." Once, I heard this with my own ears from Jim Cameron and he seemed rather irritated and arrogant at the time. I want to address this in particular. Mistakes, I get. But let me be clear these elders continued to support the Rojas family way beyond anything that could be considered a "mistake."

#1. Jim and Dave (the elders) withheld details to the crimes Patrick committed against our child from the detective. (They will say that they thought we knew, that they had no legal obligation to report, that this was a matter for the "church" not the state.) I would reply: Jim knew exactly what we knew! Maybe they had no legal obligation but what about moral? The abuse of a child is absolutely the matter of the state and a matter that the "church" should take far more seriously than it does!

#2. Jim omitted information when he gave his statement to the police. You can request a copy of Jim Cameron's statement to the detective and see for yourself. There is no mention in Jim's statement about Patrick's detailed description of the crimes committed against my child. Jim actually implies the opposite! He lied to protect a sexual predator! Dave was not interviewed, nor did he call to report the information about the crimes that Patrick committed.

#3. Jim and Dave impressed upon the church the importance of not talking about the matter between the Rojas family and Schneider family. They tried very hard to control the information that was talked about. Dave even called my mom (the victim's grandmother) and told her she was in sin, for gossip, because she had talked to Dave's mother-in-law about some of the details with what was happening. The elders also put out a letter to the congregation stating it would be a sin to talk about the matter even amongst their own family members.

#4. Jim and Dave coined the phrases, "It was only a kiss." WTF: between a 22yr old grown man and an adolescent child, "just a kiss" and just "inappropriate behavior." They both knew that much more than "just a kiss" had taken place!!

#5. Jim and Dave tried to convince Eric (my husband) that we needed to be back in fellowship with Patrick. That we needed to forgive. That true forgiveness meant our family would be in fellowship with Patrick and the Rojas family.

#6. Jim and Dave refused to request a copy of Patrick's sexual psycho evaluation before his sentencing. Stating that the matter was in the states hands. REMEMBER, they already knew the details of what Patrick had done to our child.

#7. The elders helped Eddie Rojas hide his family.

#8. After knowing all the information about Patrick's crimes in our case, additional victims, other sexual deviant behavior, that were made public in an all church Heads-of- Household meeting, the elders continued to stand along side Patrick and support his silence about his additional victims.

#9. Even after finally reading the evaluation done on Patrick, that is primarily in his own words,the elders encouraged families with children to interact with Patrick.

Definition of a mistake:
1 : to blunder in the choice of
2 a : to misunderstand the meaning or intention of : misinterpret b : to make a wrong judgment of the character or ability of
3 : to identify wrongly : confuse with another

If one is actively living a mistake, is it still a mistake? They did not care about what was best for our family! They did not consider the other children that will be abused by Patrick by belittling the crimes he committed in our case. They did not protect the Rojas girls.

And if these men have seen the error of their ways, what has changed? Have they talked about the abuse in their own family against their own children that was never reported? Have they gotten their own children help? Stop the silence! Live in the light! Our God is a big God, do you really think He is only found in PHFCC under these men? Why do you still attend? I am really asking!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


When I posted the fact that there was a lawsuit pending against Eric and I and that I was going to hire an attorney I had someone comment that they wanted to donate money towards the lawyer. A week or so later I received a check in the mail. It was very touching and humbling that someone wanted to support our family in such a practical way.

Well today, I received another card with money enclosed from someone different, expressing their anger that we were being sued and of their desire "to want to do something to help." Again, humbled! This brought tears to my eyes. I not only felt touched from this individuals gesture of support but I also felt a spiritual support. Somehow these gestures help me feel that Eric and I aren't in this battle alone. We do have support. Practical and spiritual.

If this is a subject matter that has touched you personally or that matters to you and you want to help fight the battle against childhood sexual abuse, here are a couple of places that you can donate money to:



Proverbs 11:24-25 "There is one who scatters, yet increases more: and there is one who withholds more than is right, but it leads to poverty. The generous soul will be made rich, and he who waters will also be watered himself."

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bad Feeling

This changed our way of life...I knew evil was out there. I guess I thought if I knew the individual REALLY well, I would know if they were safe or not. That is where I was fooling myself. I was also fooling myself by rationalizing away the "checks in my spirit" that I had in regards to Patrick. Statistically speaking, nearly all cases of child molestation are committed by a family member or close family friend.

I will never ever again try and talk away a "bad feeling" that I or one of my children might have about an individual. I ran into this just last night. One of my children has a "creepy" feeling about an individual that they interact with and wants to discontinue the interactions. I had to stop myself from down playing that child's intuition but instead support my child and allow them to act on their "gut feeling." This won't always be convenient. I do know that our emotions can sometimes stir us wrong but I would rather error on the conservative side. The safe side.

Go with your gut!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This is only the beginning and I do not want money to be what stands in our way!

Eric and I really like the lawyer we hired. We believe he is very knowledgeable. Our bill so far for services rendered is $778.50. We were given a "courtesy discount" of $200.00 which left us with a total of $579.50.

I am sharing this because it is astounding to me how much a lawyer will cost our family to defend this blog. To defend truth, to help inform the public of a dangerous individual, to bring awareness, to the fact, that long term damage can take place when issues are not properly dealt with and crimes are not reported, to show how the offender isn't the only individual responsible for the crimes committed, (there are commonly one or more "good people" enabling the offender), finally, to bring the darkness into the light.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Who Would?

I have had a few people ask me, "Who would represent Patrick and Jairus in the lawsuit against us." Well, apparently Michael J. Davis from the Law Offices of Michael J. Davis in Tacoma has decided to represent the Rojas's. This is public information and can be found online. Pierce County Superior Court Case No. 10-2-10386-0.
I hope at the very least he drains their wallets.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stay Silent

(cont. thoughts on the MLK, Jr. Quote)

Not only did these "good people" stay silent but they intimidated others--with the word of God--to stay silent. The church congregation was told that the matter at hand was between the Schneider and the Rojas families. That any individual discussing the matter was in sin for gossip. The only appropriate avenue of conversation was with your husband/dad or the elders. Not even mother to child or child to child should utter a word about what was happening. Madness! What is even crazier, is that so many intelligent individuals attending our church followed this manipulation.

The fact that Jim and Dave knew damning information that could have helped the authorities in their investigation into the crimes committed against our child but chose to keep silent is devastating to say the least! But what is more overwhelming to process and comprehend is the fact that our former pastor Eddie Rojas, his wife, Kathy, and eldest son Jairus Rojas knew that Patrick was a pedophile and had the potential to harm our child and forever alter our child's life but chose to stay silent. They had a choice. They chose silence. Unfathomable!

Now--Patrick and Jairus want ME to be SILENT...NOT A CHANCE, as long as I have a choice!!

The Good People

“We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the vitriolic words and actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence of the good people.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

The "good people" that stayed silent in our story; Eddie and Kathy Rojas, Jairus Rojas, Jim Cameron, and Dave Barrueto.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Jairus's Actions

The more I think about Jairus's actions specifically the more dumbfounded I am. What scripture could Jairus possibly quote to justify keeping the family's dirty little secrets and putting innocent adolescent children in danger?

I haven't written much about the anonymous comment that I received regarding Jairus in the post "Anonymous". Because it was anonymous I wasn't able to verify the information in it about Jairus. But the more I think about how Jairus has supported Patrick over the years, the more I wonder if Jairus supports Patrick because Jairus can relate to Patrick and his unnatural sexual desire for children. It causes me to wonder if maybe by supporting Patrick, Jairus is also protecting his very own dirty little secret.

Child or not, sibling or not, I couldn't and wouldn't be willing to keep silent about such things. I wouldn't be willing to keep such a secret as the one Jairus was silent about especially if I saw with my own eyes the predator in action. Patrick was clearly making a move on his prey,our child. Jairus not only watched his predatory brother systematically groom our family but Jairus aided in the process.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Jairus's Culpability

Now that I am being sued by not only Patrick but his brother Jairus I figured I should share in more detail about Jairus's culpability in the abuse of my child.

To refresh your memory Jairus is the second oldest of the Rojas children. During the entire time we knew the Rojas family Jairus was an adult. Jairus himself admitted to me in a phone conversation that he knew of Patrick's previous pedophilia behavior.Jairus obviously never reported his brothers crimes to the police.

Jairus did nothing to warn my husband or myself of Patrick's potential danger to our children. Not a hint. Nothing! Jairus was very aware of how much time Patrick was spending with our family. Sometimes Jairus would even be with Patrick at our home. As a for instance Jairus and Patrick came over to my home on Jairus's 25th Birthday to do a project to "bless and serve me." Patrick purposed the idea and Jairus agreed to do the work. Other times the two of them might come over for one reason or the other and might end up eating lunch or dinner with us. Jairus was part of building the trust between ourselves and Patrick.

I squirm to this day knowing that all that time Jairus knew what Patrick was capable of but supported the facade that Patrick was to be trusted by our family. How could Jairus do that? Jairus never once pulled Eric aside to warn him. Never once suggested in front of us that Patrick shouldn't be so involved with our family. Not one word of warning!

Then when we reported Patrick, Jairus stood by his brothers side and continued to be silent. Jairus never helped the authorities in their investigation into the crimes committed against our child. Jairus still supports his brother to this day as evident in the joint lawsuit against Eric and I. The two live together. They have worked side by side. Jairus gave Patrick a portion of the 10,000 dollars needed to retain the lawyer Patrick used to defend himself against the charges in the case involving our child. For a time Jairus was an official chaperon for Patrick. I never understood that one. I highly doubt Jairus would have turned Patrick in for a parole violation based on his attitude and past behaviors. As I understand it now Jairus supports the facade that Patrick is a changed man and should be trusted.

This Matters

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that
matter." ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

This quote was posted by a reader of this blog on one of my previous posts. Sometimes a good quote puts into words what I am feeling or encourages me to press on. This quote does both.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Court Date

The court date for the lawsuit is set for June 2011. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds in the meantime. Eric and I are open to mediation to consider exactly what information Patrick and Jairus want removed from my blog but we are also prepared to fight this lawsuit. One stipulation to our mediation agreement is that under no circumstance do I want any face to face interaction with either Patrick or Jairus!

I am so glad I have kept detailed records of conversations and who said what and when they said it. We are in this for the long hall because we believe having this information public can assist in keeping the public from harm's way. It's that important. If only someone, like Jairus or Eddie, would have warned us of Patrick's pedophilia behaviors we most certainly wouldn't be where we are today! That I am sure of!