If someone asks him, ‘What are these wounds on your body?’ he will answer, ‘The wounds I was given at the house of my friends.’ Zech 13 v 6

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Patrick's Profile":

About ten years ago, the Rojas' were appointed pastors of our church. It was a strange fit, so we left, but my good friend stayed along with her family. They became close, and when Jairus [Rojas] was 19, he kissed my friends' daughter, not quite 12. Eddie told the parents that [Jairus] was just curious and was then disciplined, and also stated that their daughter was flirtatious. Didn't think too much of the whole thing, until reading your story. That family... I knew something was not quite "right". I am sorry for all that has happened to you and hope you can heal.

The time period would match up with ~1998-2000,Senior Pastor @ Vineyard church in Lompoc/Santa Maria, California from Eddie's resume.

Dear Anonymous:
I understand the desire for anonymity, but I really wish I knew who you were. I would love more details/information. I assume you have given your "friend" the link to this blog. If your friend or yourself would be willing to contact me via private email, I would greatly appreciate it.

Assuming that what you have stated about Jairus is true, it makes so many things clear to me. The Rojas family has lived in over 25 locations in Patrick's lifetime. How many others have been victims of a sexual nature from one of the Rojas family members. If you are reading this and have information, I appeal to you to contact me via e-mail or as the above anonymous person has.

Knowing this information and putting it all together in one place quite possibly might break down the facade that the Rojas family has, which might lead to someone turning Eddie in. Revealing a pattern and past history of victims and cover-up might also, once and for all, open the eyes of the people that are supporting Patrick in his denial. The timing couldn't be more crucial. With August fast approaching, knowing Patrick will be free of all legal accountability, it is vital that those around him are aware of the danger he poses to children. Now add to the mix that his brother Jairus is possibly a pedophile as well.

It has in no way been scientifically proven, but there is much speculation amongst the authorities that deal with sexual deviants/pedophiles that they often see this type of behavior run in families. Is the behavior learned? Were these men abused as children and then continued the behavior?

That aside, Eddie Rojas needs to be located.

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Anonymous said...

I was noticing while reading your blog and updating us on Eddie that they had lived in SO many places (typical of sexual abusers). I am not saying that Eddie is but with the cover-up of him leaving and running from the warrant it makes you wonder if once things heated up (Patrick or his brother 'getting in trouble') and they were getting caught, did they decide the to move the family? Very strange because from my experience Pastors like to grow roots and stay with a church as long as possible not church-hop. It's kinda like job-hopping and you start to wonder what is going one with that person? With news of other possible victims, the # of places they have lived and the fact that there is a Federal Warrant and information that Eddie and his family are fleeing overseas, have you or have you considered going to John Walsh of America's Most Wanted? They are VERY good at what they do and I cannot imagine a family that large staying under the radar of that show. John is very compassionate, especially when it comes to kids (check wikipedia.com if you don't know about his son) I have worked with him before and I cannot imagine his producers not at least considering putting Eddie on the show. If/when you write to them PLEASE have someone unbiased read it over so it sounds like a Mother wanting justice for her child and the others (and the daughters with him admitting to the 'adult' daughter) and not a bitter Mother out for revenge that wants to just 'pull' as many people down in a family as she can. I say this in love because I have read other ridiculous posts implying that and perhaps on the surface someone may think that but you have to know the whole story and read many entries on your blog to see the light, that it is not about revenge but justice and possibly even helping other victims including Patrick's siblings. THOSE things are what needs to be your focus in your letter to John Walsh. Because it is public information, I would certainly include the evaluation to show the seriousness nature of Patrick's crimes and that the parents knew (I am guessing that that is in the report?). I wish you all the best and pray you locate Eddie and the family.