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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Protecting Who (part 3 of 3)

The offender in our case, Patrick D. Rojas, is considered a level 2* sex offender (which indicates some expectation of re-offending.) I believe it's just a matter of time before Patrick re-offends, given the way he has chosen to live and the way people support his denial. I firmly believe, because of misguided thinking, that the minute Patrick is off probation his crimes will never be discussed by his supporters. I believe that he and his family will try to integrate themselves into a community that is unaware of the danger Patrick poses to minor children.

The legal community aware of our case is certain he will re-offend, given the opportunity. Know who he is! Warn anyone you know that lives in the Kitsap area of Patrick D. Rojas. He works in the construction business with Jim Cameron and his brother Jairus Rojas. Know who you are hiring and letting in your home.
The Adam Walsh Act also requires states to have a uniform system for categorizing sex offenders, which has in turn required Washington to reclassify offenders living in the state. The classification system is as follows:

Level 1: reserved for those least likely to become repeat offenders. Level 1s are generally first time offenders who knew their victims. They have completed, or are in the process of completing, a treatment program. Level 1s are required to register for 15 years and update their information once per year.
*• Level 2: reserved for those who are moderately likely to reoffend. Level 2s generally have more than 1 victim who they subjected to long-term abuse. They did not complete, or refused to participate in, a treatment program. Level 2s are required to register for 25 years and update their information every 6 months. (As part of the plea agreement Patrick will be off the registry after 10yrs, 2017.)
Level 3: reserved for those most likely to become repeat offenders. Level 3s generally have more than 1 victim, whom they may or may not have known, and are likely to have committed other crimes of violence. Level 3s are required to register for life and update their information once every 3 months.
Sex offenders are required to register in person with the sheriff's office for the county they intend to live in. The level assigned to a sex offender is determined at the time of registration by the particular law enforcement agency.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Not exactly common knowledge. I think that because the whole subject is so offensive that most people don't really know the facts. Thanks for continuing to write this blog. It is important.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see you are familiar with John Walsh (and Adam Walsh). I do hope you try to have Eddie put on the show and if you get denied or don't hear back from them, write again, maybe send to another person, be diligent...it may just need to land on the right person's desk or in the right person's hands, as they say sometimes they squeaky wheel gets the grease and I think that would totally apply in this case.