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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Response to the Unbelievable Post

I contacted Kathy once (a long time ago) , That is all. I am staying out of this because I don't know what to say, Juvenile defenses are private and not put on the internet. Only adults are out there. Will you please take his name off of your blog, out of grace for me? I do not know where Kathy is, the email I received did not mention where they were. As a result of your email I am no longer going to email her, that is, in the future if I was going to. Please don't have anger against me, Maybe I am chicken, But I am waiting until both of us heal a bit and can see one another with love. Please, will you consider my request.
Thank you in advance, (I removed her name)

I received the above e-mail (6/22/09) from the mother in response to the letter I wrote her (Unbelievable post). I have considered her request and although I understand what she is asking me to do, I just can't honor her request. I am sure as the mother of a registered sex offender, I wouldn't want people to know about my son. I can see from the two families I know of that they just want to leave it behind them and move on.

I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and a mother of a survivor. I can in no way be a part of hiding the name of a criminally-convicted registered sex offender,
juvenile or not. The fact that her son is a juvenile and that they want to keep his identity secret makes the scenario even more similar to ours. Remember, Patrick was caught at age 15 and then again at 17. His parents kept it secret because they felt it was behind them. Our child was a later victim--one that could have been avoided.

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