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Friday, June 12, 2009

My Opinion (part 1 of 4)

#1-Is a sexual predator an evil person?
#2-Can they be cured?
#3-How can a pedophile be a safe part of our community?
#4- Should sexual predators be able to hide their identities?

I am not a doctor (although I play one on TV), so my answers to these questions are opinions only. My opinions may not be based out of years of study, but I do have real life experience and I have listened to the professionals and done some research. As with everything, you can always find someone with a differing opinion. If you don't like mine, you can feel free to click the exit button on your computer. I am not looking for a debate.

#1-Yes, I believe a sexual predator is an evil person. This is usually a person that is more concerned about fulfilling their twisted desires than the consequences of their desire. Their sickness (as some like to call it) or their sin (as other call it) alters the lives of their victims forever.

Most sexual predators are psychopaths, meaning they don't have consciences like the rest of the functioning world. They don't have a moral sense and they rarely learn from past mistakes. This lack of conscience is what normal people cannot relate to. We assume they have shame or guilt for their actions, but they do not. These people know how to fake the proper emotions, but when they are honest in therapy, they usually admit to lack of emotions for their victims. It is common for them to be sociopaths or have a narcissistic disorder in addition to their sexual deviant behavior.

I firmly believe that a sexual predator is unlike the rest of the population. I believe, with extremely rare exceptions, they are evil. Can they be cured? I'll answer that one tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Ouch, again. Are they evil? Yep. Do they care about their victims? Almost certainly, no. If they had a conscience they wouldn't do what they do...damage their victims on a soul level. I have no sympathy and wish they could "get it". Too bad they won't.