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Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Messed Up

Why is our legal system so messed up?

Even when everyone knows a person is dangerous and guilty, a criminal can get by with little or no consequences because of a technicality. Crazy making.

There is so much a victim needs to endure in order for the legal system to even consider prosecuting. The victim has virtually no say on whether or not a case goes to a plea agreement. And I cannot relate to the slick lawyers that financially prosper from putting sexual deviants and harmful people back in society.

The only way to help the prosecutors is to contact our representatives. Contact yours today and let them know how you feel about this issue. Here's a link to your Washington state representatives by district:

If you live in another state, it's easy to find them there as well with a quick Google search.

It seems so hard to make changes. There is a clear difference in parties. The majority of one side strongly believes in rehabilitation and treatment for sexual predators and the other side just wants prison time. I want prison time with hardcore monitoring once the time has been served.

I often wonder why someone who embezzles money serves prison time, yet someone who alters another human life gets probation. Someone who harms an animal serves prison time, yet someone who harms the life of a child serves days in a county jail. It is so messed up.

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Anonymous said...

Ouch...painful, but true. Why is my dog...Lilly or Lucy...worth more than a child? They aren't.