If someone asks him, ‘What are these wounds on your body?’ he will answer, ‘The wounds I was given at the house of my friends.’ Zech 13 v 6

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's Official

Crack of dawn...no joke, I was served with documents from Patrick's lawyer by the sheriff department. From what I can tell I have 20 days to respond in writing.

It's official.

The lawyer made mention that he thought it was interesting that I only included one paragraph from the original letter I received from him in my last post.

What I didn't mention from his original letter, included the fact that the lawyer is suggesting we go to mediation with Patrick to clear up this matter, or that I simply remove the blog (specifically, all the embarrassing and humiliating parts about Patrick and his family) or the lawyer would suggest a lawsuit.

The lawyer also wanted to be clear by reiterating;

"This letter is not meant to minimize the terrible journey that your family and daughter have had to travel and will continue to travel as a result of Patrick's actions. I do not want in any way to minimize the effect that Patrick has had on your family. I believe that God's grace can heal all wounds no matter how deep they are.

I have a deep belief that Jesus Christ suffered the effects of all sin, sorrows, grief,and tragedy in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the Cross so that he would know how to succor us in our time of need. He will be with you and your family as you travel the path of healing. I know personally that Jesus Christ can take our burdens from us and completely heal any harm that we have suffered whether it be physical, emotional, mental,spiritual, or otherwise."

Now that you have this additional information do you like Patrick or his lawyer, Michael J. Davis (in Tacoma, WA) any better?


Anonymous said...

Posting the entire letter just confirmed the insidious nature of Patrick's deception. From DAY ONE it has been a sick game of blameshifting and a TOTAL lack of taking responsibility for his actions. He has paid for an accomplice in this new lawyer. The lawyer's reference to Christian truths, applied as they are in this situation, amplifies what is broken in the church. There are not words to describe the disgust... Make sure that the specific areas of the "broken laws" are enumerated. Fred is right in his earlier comments! And mediation....I'll go along!!! Erin

Anonymous said...

I fail to see how this blog could be considered slanderous or hurtful to the perpetrator of these crimes. There is nothing wrong with standing up for the truth. There is nothing wrong with seeking justice. The fact that there ARE (not just that there could be) other victims out there demands the attention that this blog provides. Yes, God can bring healing, but He is also truth! How shameful to attempt to bury Patrick's actions and silence his victims.

Anonymous said...

It's about time someone held you accountable!

freddyeddy said...

POS. Any questions?

Maybe too harsh. How about this. As much as I could use the money, even if I was an attorney, I wouldn't touch this case. That's just me though.

Patrick has consistently denied, obfuscated and otherwise failed every opportunity to improve his popularity in this whole situation.

Apparently, with the ongoing absence of his Father and family, he acquired those tendencies "honestly".

If he wants to change the way people view him, he will have to man up, cooperate with investigators and seek to help his many victims in whatever way he can.

The lawyer and him, like all of us, will have a chance to present their case to the Ultimate Arbiter of human history.

Danielle said...

Anonymous from June 17th. What am I being held accountable for in your view? I have tried very hard to post facts and anything that was speculation I believe I have made that clear. I pose questions based on actions and information. I care about preventing innocent victims in the future and believe information is power. I do not regret in anyway anything that I have posted.

Anonymous said...

That is just precious.
Deb Llewellyn

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying that I agree with the lawyer, but how hard is it to take off some of the so called "slanderous" parts. or at least have some sort of proof listed on here. To me if you have a link of some sort or any sort of proof of what your saying then why would he (the lawyer) complain about what you are doing at all? I totally support you guys and wish the best for you and your family. I was sexually molested by my step brother, so I sort of understand the pain your family is going through. My little sister was also molested at a young age. I honestly think that Mr. Davis is trying his hardest to be fair to you guys while trying (not as hard as he could) to make justice happen. The letter Mr. Davis wrote to you was a very from what I could tell a very heartfelt letter. Theres not much he can do, but if I were you I would be glad that it is Mr. Davis and not some guy who is totally against you. I dont know or understand much about this, I'm only 19, but is doing this helping your daughter at all? I know that when all of our family issues with my step brother were going on, my mom and I were both kinda out to get my brother. I still hate him, and will never forget, but honestly once we stopped doing what you are doing my little sister and my life got easier. I was able to kind of come to terms with it all. I dont think that you are being slanderous, but I do think that you are very hurt, you want justice, but this isnt going to help. Like I said I totally support you guys and wish the best, but I think if you let go just a tad it will be easier on you. But what do I know...
God bless.