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Monday, May 23, 2011


I got a laugh from the person who is accusing me of being a vigilante. I am being compared to a cyber bully or terrorist. The only thing I can agree with in this post is that laws need to be changed! That is one of the reasons I started my blog. I wanted to raise awareness. Has a convicted level two sex offender been exposed in the process? Yes. Has a wanted felon been located because of my blog? Yes! Are communities being sufficiently warned because of my vulnerability on sed blog? Yes!

The author of the post is assuming I am guilty of something. There is a conviction on record of Patrick David Rojas. A felony warrant has been issued for Francis Edward Rojas AKA Eddie. There are documents and individual testimonies that are waiting to be revealed in open court. It just takes time and money to get there. I believe Patrick and Jairus are hoping that we will do whatever it will take to make this lawsuit go away because they are aware of our lack of financial ability to personally fight a lawsuit such as the one we are facing. What they probably didn't anticipate was my willingness to go all the way as long as I could find a way. There is too much at stake. I have never been one to take the easy road if it wasn't the 'right road for me to take.

I think the author of that blog has confused my passion to bring awareness to childhood sexual abuse via blogging about my families experience with vigilantism. Someone has to stand up and say enough is enough, even if it costs them personally!


Ms Sparky said...

Great job taking a stand. I tried to leave several comments on his post and he wouldn't approve them. There was nothing wrong with them other than I disagreed with him Evidently that's all it takes. He only published comments that agree with his point of view. He's a vigilante as well. You are going after the pervs and he is going after you. How is that different?

Danielle said...

I even post comments from individuals that don't support what I am trying to do on this blog...(unless of course the comment is creepy or just plain crazy.) Heck, I even have a link to this person's post.

Danielle said...

Once Fallen, I tried to ask on your blog.... if everything on this blog is TRUE and a matter of public record, then what is illegal? Having lived this alongside the Schneider family, I can tell you that the truth is loud and clear even when SO many have tried to silence it.
By EDEW on Scroll Down on 5/24/11

(I moved this to the post that it applied to~Danielle)

Michelle said...

So are people who tell their life story in biographys vigilantes if there are some bad things done to them by real people and they write about those things?
What is the law that is supposedly being broken by this blog?
Vigilantianism isn't necessarily a bad thing anyways. But like anything can be taken to extreme. I have never seen anything on this blog that would be extreme (i.e. calling for physical harm etc.). I see a mother who is fighting to see Her children and other children in the community protected, including Patrick's own sisters who he abused.

michelle said...

LOL!!!! I just read a little bit of Once Fallen's blog.....about all I could stomach. When you start calling people idiots who ask fair questions, well, you start to show your intelligence level. Sorry, I can't take you seriously, especially when you can't handle any other opinion but your own!!
Keep your chin up Danielle!

Anonymous said...

I had to make the comment on that other blog..I think he has been in the KOOL AID.....

Voice of Reason said...

It may be hard to hear the truth spoken but it's what you need to hear. The sycophants that give you unthinking support and tell you what your itching ears want to hear are doing you no good. Your blog is a self-indulgent luxury which neither you nor your family can afford. It does your nothing to help your daughter but rather compounds and deepens the scars she suffers. It's time for you to grow up and put your family's interests ahead of your own selfish vendettas.

summer said...

Danille, I don't know if you have been following my blog, but I'm wondering if one of the comments if not from Rojas. Of course you are not advocating vigilante justice. What you are asking for is justice for your daughter and the possible other victims too afraid to come forward. Please ask your friends and follower to comment my blog.


I'd like Patrick to know our community will NOT be silent about his crimes and the more voices we speak with the more the government will have to listen to us. This justice system must be reformed.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what nerve and what a hypocrite! I think you have a lot more people in this country that agree with you than are against you. At least your story is out there, and now maybe our country will wake up to its shitty laws concerning these pedophiles. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I even post comments from individuals that don't support what I am trying to do on this blog...(unless of course the comment is creepy or just plain crazy.) Heck, I even have a link to this person's post.

Obviously that's not true.

You certainly didn't post mine, which was neither creepy or crazy.

To quote Brad Pitt, of all people : Sometimes it's the people that KICK your ass, instead of kissing your ass, that you should listen to.

Get yourself some help. YOU are using this to get attention and sympathy for yourself, prolonging and amplifying your daughter's pain for your own pleasure.

Stop It!

fluffy said...

I have thought that the worst crimes are crimes against children and harsh punishment is the only way to handle them. His punishment was a joke. You are no vigilante, you are just vigilant in the care of children. Where I live a 18 year old boy raped and killed a five yr.old girl and threw her in the dumpster. He was out in 4 years. What fear and death did he feel? It is an outrage that the courts would allow this criminal to file such a fraudulent suit against your rights. Good luck

Anonymous said...

I hope to God you go broke and have to sell your house and go on Section 8, Vigi scum.