If someone asks him, ‘What are these wounds on your body?’ he will answer, ‘The wounds I was given at the house of my friends.’ Zech 13 v 6

Friday, May 20, 2011

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To really grasp the entire story, all the layers, and individuals that are involved you really need to start at the beginning. Scroll down or check out the recap post, the link is on the right hand side of the page. Our story is not simple nor is it straight forward.


Bethany said...

Okay I just finished reading your blog. Been praying for you the whole time. Thank you so much for doing this.

I have to say I am absolutely appalled at some of your commenters. It is SHAMEFUl!

Forgiveness is one thing. Forgiveness... yes, we are called to forgive. But that does not mean we allow someone to continue in their sin!

A sin is a sin to God. Yes, that's true. NOT ALL SINS HAVE THE SAME CONSEQUENCES. If my husband lies to me and tells me I look great when I know I'm pregnant, frumpy and tired, the consequences of that sin are MUCH MUCH different than someone who abuses and molests the trust of children. IMO, one of the most heinous crimes you could commit.

Years ago I was in a debate online about abortion and I just about had a heart attack at one comment - a girl said "If I get pregnant because the condom broke, why should I have to be PUNISHED by having to remain pregnant?" I didn't know what to say to that... she could not comprehend that pregnancy was not a punishment, it was a natural consequence of her action.

Actions have consequences. And sometimes, when a crime is committed, those consequences extend much farther than the actual "time" that is done.

All of you out there who are defending Patrick... you don't seem to understand that this blog being here isn't some kind of punishment that he doesn't deserve, it is the NATURAL consequence of actions that he has taken. This stuff isn't just MADE UP. And if this blog prevents ONE child... just ONE child from being molested, how can you justify your ridiculous little cultish mantra "You need to forgive." As if you even really know what that means... what you REALLY are trying to tell her is "You need to shut up about this so I can go about my life pretending everything is peachy."

I learned a long time ago that if someone's actions require silence and darkness in order to avoid consequences, those are the very actions that MUST be brought out into the light.

Want to avoid being embarassed and humiliated? Easy - don't do anything that would cause you to be embarassed and humiliated! Don't want to be in risk of losing your job and being ostracized because of something you did and people found out? The solution is to NOT DO THOSE THINGS. I can tell you the solution is NOT to try and prevent people from talking about your actions.

Look, if someone molested my child, I might at some point be able to find it in my heart to forgive him. But if he continued to try and put himself in a position to molest other children, I'd fight it TOOTH AND NAIL. Forgiveness or not.

Sorry for the book. I'm pretty mad right now, quite frankly. And Danielle... coming from a sister in Christ who also doesn't drink the Christianese kool-aid (and actually I think I might live nearby too) it IS okay to swear sometimes. I'd rather be honest about my feelings and express them well, as opposed to stuffing them deep down inside and pretending I don't feel them.

Anonymous said...

IMO, this Rojas punk received far too lenient a sentence for what he did. He should have to register as a sex offender for life. At least that would warn his neighbors of his presence. It's pretty much a forgone conclusion he'll reoffend. It's just a matter of when, where and with whom.

Once Fallen said...

It is not a matter of defending Rojas as the fact what you are doing is illegal, Danielle Schneider. Vigilantism is still illegal no matter how you think you are justified. Not everyone is going to kiss up to you like Bethany or that anonymous commenter. If you are unhappy with the justice system, push for legal reform. Taking the law into your own hands makes you a criminal.

Anonymous said...

Once Fallen may be right that what you are doing is not legal, however I agree with Bethany. This blog is a DIRECT result of what PATRICK did. To punish YOU for what HE did to begin with is beyond ridiculous.

EDEW said...

Once Fallen, I tried to ask on your blog.... if everything on this blog is TRUE and a matter of public record, then what is illegal? Having lived this alongside the Schneider family, I can tell you that the truth is loud and clear even when SO many have tried to silence it.

Colleen said...

Bethany, two thumbs way up.

Free speech is not illegal. What "Once Fallen" wants to do is silence people who want criminals to be held accountable for their actions. Rojas is a convicted criminal. Yet there has been no criminal prosecution of Danielle's constitutionally protected right to free speech on this blog. A civil case is not the equivalent of a criminal conviction. So "Once Fallen" can cram his fake concern over "vigilantism".

Suing the victim of a crime is classic harassment technique. The victim of harassment and abuse is Danielle. If she wasn't of modest means, she'd be able to file an abusive process for malicious litigation and put Rojas, who is clearly just out for a quick SLAPP and a settlement, in his sleazy place.

"Once Fallen's" silly claim that Danielle is a vigilante while OF is just out there performing a solemn public service with his blog: wow, thanks for the laughs Captain Obvious Irony.

Taking the law into your own hands makes you a criminal. Which Danielle is not. She is exercising her First Amendment Rights. And OF the Fascist is trying to take them from her. And it's clear OF doesn't believe in the First Amendment, since he quickly removes any attempt from his blog by anyone to who wishes to post the slightest disagreement.

Keep reveling in the delusion that you're doing good, OF. Obviously, you desperately need something to justify your image of yourself as a good person. Which you're not.

Your only concern is that criminals pay no consequences for their actions. Public shaming and shunning are among those consequences. And it's well-deserved in this case.