If someone asks him, ‘What are these wounds on your body?’ he will answer, ‘The wounds I was given at the house of my friends.’ Zech 13 v 6

Friday, September 30, 2011

Breath Away

The sexual psycho evaluation is NOT A SEALED DOCUMENT! Which I have stated all along! But now it's officially on record.

What an emotional rollercoaster today was in the courtroom.

At one point the judge stated the lawsuit was dismissed and left the room and the lawyers were to draw up the motion for the judge to sign. Next thing I know, the judge was called back in "on the record" and some more dialog went on between lawyers....as it stands, by Wednesday October 5th, 2011, Michael Davis has to indicate if his client, Patrick Rojas,(who wasn't at the hearing today) will waive his 5th ammendment right and complete the interagatories or not. If he still asserts his 5th ammendment, on Friday October 7th the motion to dismiss the lawsuit will be granted! Will he or won't he? That is the question of the hour.

We were a breath away...

....and it still may not be over with that.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Natural Consequence

I think my blog is a natural consequence of the crimes committed against my family. When I say "crimes" committed against my family, I am referring to the numerous acts of abuse that occured. This was not a one act, one time thing. I also consider the grooming process, the trespassing and the appearance of being a God fearing brother-in-Christ, all the while hiding a history of past sexual abuse victims and lies, to be crimes, although there are no formal charges for these additional actions. But be assured I can prove all that I have stated through eye witnesses and documentation.

Knowledge of a sex offender is the only way to stop the sex offender. I hope more innocent victims of sexual abuse gain the courage and stregth to tell their stories and shine a spotlight on their abusers!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Set The Record Straight

It is still unreal to me that individuals feel that they can support both Patrick and me. At the courthouse I figured I would see Patrick (although neither of us were required to attend) but I didn't anticipate seeing anyone else inparticular. I ended up having to interface with someone I know to be an avid supporter of Patrick and his family. She actually asked if she could give me a hug. Uh, NO! REALLY? Interpret that however you want...bitter, angry, un-Godly...I would say, I was just keeping it real!

I did take away one interesting thing, which was, that I have put out there that I do not want to interact or talk with individuals that support Patrick. Although that is mostly true it is not exactly true. To set the record straight on this...if you are a supporter of Patrick but would like to clarify information or ask me specific questions, I would welcome that. I don't want to become your friend or be ministered to by you. I am not interested in your dogma but I am willing to answer any questions regarding the ongoing lawsuit or answer any specific question regarding statements I have made on this blog. I want people to have information and be informed. I have nothing to hide!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Imagine my surprise to find out that Jairus is pulling out of the law suit against me. Why now? If you play chicken and your opponent doesn't blink you need to be prepared to own up. I guess Jairus doesn't want the court to know what he's been up to. There are individuals within the Rojas circle of supporters that can answer the question to that but their lips are sealed. Don't get me wrong,I am glad that Jairus backed down. But I believe his decision to do so was purely out of a need to protect his self. I am sure it will be spun by Jairus and family. Their reason is sure to be a very spiritual one.

Patrick on the other hand is still in this. Within the next two weeks we will see if he is prepared to own up. The judge postponed her ruling on the motion to dismiss the case until she can be presented proof as to the status of the psycho sexual evaluation. Is it a sealed document or not sealed? Patrick claims it is a sealed document but didn't have documented proof one way or the other. I believe the document was NOT court ordered to be sealed.

The judge stated if the document in questions is NOT sealed Patrick will need to choose to waive his 5th amendment right and provide meaningful responses to the discovery questions he has had for over five months. If Patrick continues to stand behind the 5th amendment the judge will dismiss the case.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Christian Heritage Community

Why would Patrick and his brother need to attend a Christian Heritage picnic? Neither of them have children of their own. Neither Patrick or his brother home-school young children (thank God!) Why are these two men attending these family picnics and gatherings? I know that the leader of this group is well aware of the conviction and charges made against Patrick and has welcomed him with open arms.

What I am really concerned about is if the average family in this community has been made aware of who and what Patrick is? Are the innocent children in this community being protected and how? If you are a member of this community and recently attended the picnic did you know Patrick was in your midst fellowshipping with all ages?

Monday, September 5, 2011


I haven't verified that Renee' Rojas stayed in the states after Benjamin's wedding but I find it interesting that my blog has recently been getting linked to Google searches of "Renee' Rojas, midwife." Thought this was post worthy. Very curious. I am so glad that individuals are doing searches before letting just anyone into their lives.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Important Legal Update

Today, my attorney filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed against me. There is a hearing scheduled for September 16, 2011. To understand the motion and reasons for it you can click on the link below and order copies of the documents of interest. There is a chance the court will order the lawsuit be dropped with prejudice which means that Jairus and Patrick would not be allowed to file another lawsuit against us for the existing blog content.


09/01/2011 DECLARATION OF TALIS M. ABOLINS - Public 11

09/02/2011 MOTION TO DISMISS - Public 31

David Rojas Decided To Surface

David Rojas has joined his brothers Patrick and Jairus in Port Orchard, Washington. David is one of the children that was in hiding with Eddie and Kathy Rojas. I have heard conflicting reasons as to why David has decided to surface at this time, I won't speak for him. David has been seen in attendance at a local church with Patrick Rojas.

If you are local, I would suggest you print out the Up-To-Date Recap and a picture of Patrick Rojas, level 2 sex offender, and make your church leaders aware of who this man is. Or simply request that your church leaders Google Patrick Rojas.

I have been told that Eddie and Kathy along with most of their other children are in Italy.

AWARENESS is the best prevention!