If someone asks him, ‘What are these wounds on your body?’ he will answer, ‘The wounds I was given at the house of my friends.’ Zech 13 v 6

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Imagine my surprise to find out that Jairus is pulling out of the law suit against me. Why now? If you play chicken and your opponent doesn't blink you need to be prepared to own up. I guess Jairus doesn't want the court to know what he's been up to. There are individuals within the Rojas circle of supporters that can answer the question to that but their lips are sealed. Don't get me wrong,I am glad that Jairus backed down. But I believe his decision to do so was purely out of a need to protect his self. I am sure it will be spun by Jairus and family. Their reason is sure to be a very spiritual one.

Patrick on the other hand is still in this. Within the next two weeks we will see if he is prepared to own up. The judge postponed her ruling on the motion to dismiss the case until she can be presented proof as to the status of the psycho sexual evaluation. Is it a sealed document or not sealed? Patrick claims it is a sealed document but didn't have documented proof one way or the other. I believe the document was NOT court ordered to be sealed.

The judge stated if the document in questions is NOT sealed Patrick will need to choose to waive his 5th amendment right and provide meaningful responses to the discovery questions he has had for over five months. If Patrick continues to stand behind the 5th amendment the judge will dismiss the case.

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freddyeddy said...

Sounds like mostly good news. Hang in there Schneiders....
Love you,
Fred, Renee & Family