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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Questions Considered Gossip

From my view, our church was in crisis. The pastor's adult son had victimized our child and the police were involved, shouldn't people be asking questions?

Instead questions were considered "gossip" and the congregation bought that hook, line, and sinker.

One of the events that really bothered me was when the leadership decided to have a "Valentines Dinner" for the married couples.(about 1 month into everything) Of course, we were invited.....WHAT??....What planet were these people from? I just could not act as if nothing happened. My child was being interviewed by a sexual assault specialist, we were being interviewed by the sheriff investigating the case, we were being contacted by Patrick's lawyer, we were finding out more and more information about pedophiles and how they operate, we were being told that Patrick was refusing to cooperate with the state, and we were realizing that our leaders were in fact minimizing the sexual abuse of a child--our child.

Somehow during this I had the presence of mind to realize the best thing we could do for our child was acknowledge that a crime did in fact occur. That was the start of my conviction to really live this out. We were not going to pretend that everything was as if it was before the victimization of our child. We were going to deal with this now...in hopes of saving our child from a life time of "stuffing their emotions" and hopefully minimize the long term damage and hold that sexual molestation can have on an individual.

*From "Pretending Status Quo"


Anonymous said...

The bargain was proposed that if you stop the blog, Patrick will drop the appeal. He does not want any money from you, just wants the blog stopped. I know you will say this was offered once before but try it again. Oh and by the way, he is representing himself, no way would the state give him legal counsel. Not when he is suing someone.

Danielle said...

Must be a friend of Patricks's (Annon,)

Just to be clear the lawsuit did include suing us for money along with wanting the blog shut down. I believe the money part was used to intimidate (because he knows we have none!) but that didn't work... because I have a conviction.

(Friend of Patrick's) have you read my blog? Do you know me? I "get" that Patrick along with Eddie and family would like my blog to go away... have you considered why that is? Do you "get" why it's vital that my blog stays intact?

But I will acknowledge that Patrick recently did offer to drop the appeal (to the appellate court) if I shut down the blog...(NOT, just stop blogging.) Again,if you have read my blog and know anything about childhood sexual abuse and/or pedophiles...I think you would understand why I did not accept that offer.

Aunt said...

Anonymous, your comment is unbelievable to me. It is never okay to sue your brother or sister......I don't care what the reason is. If Danielle is putting up lies, then I could understand why Patrick would want her to stop. A judge already examined all of this and determined she was "allowed" to tell her story through her blog. Patrick, I hope you are reading this. Leave Danielle and her family alone. Leave the state of Washington and start a new life. Release this whole family from this absurd situation. You are making decisions that I am ashamed of, for you, and your family. Danielle, don't stop. The truth is what sets us free and you are bringing a lot of darkness to the light. God is light and His light is the exposer. Patrick, God exposes so we can be HEALED, not deny. We all have areas we wish were not exposed but our God is faithful to His people. Be blessed in the truth!

Anonymous said...

Dear Danielle,
It's funny how you've repeated the same things over and over like you're struggling to keep this fire alive.. Maybe you should start adding metaphors and onamonapias to spice it up!

Danielle said...

Dear Anonymous -

I AM repeating the story. I've tried to be clear about that. Unfortunately, I don't think it's funny. And I am working to keep this fire alive. Is it a struggle like you suggest? Yes, sometimes it's a struggle. Sometimes it's a battle. Sometimes, frankly, I'd rather do a million other things. But despite all that I think it's worth it. Or to put it more clearly, I think it's necessary. Vital, even. Why? Because there are still victims that need rescuing. There are still sexual crimes that need preventing.

I thank God I'm not alone in this struggle. The fire is still burning. Thanks for helping me make that point.

Michelle Lewis said...

Wow, latest anonymous.....I really hope you are a child because that is the only way I can excuse your statement. I hope you never have to go through what Danielle as a mother has had to go through. There is nothing funny about what she is doing or saying!

Why doesn't anyone against what Danielle is saying have the moxy to put there names down? Maybe then they would have to be responsible for their position?

Anonymous said...


I for one am one VERY grateful mother to have first heard this story on KTTH 770, then read your blog. Patrick and Jairus have shown up at two separate events that we've attended and this knowledge allows us to either leave or keep an eagle eye on our children.

For what it's worth, at both of these events, ALL of the parents that I spoke with were absolutely in your corner, and keeping vigilant with their own children. Several approached me to tell me to be careful, but I'd already recognized them and knew the story.

Thank you so much.

Danielle said...

March 2 Annon,

Thank you very much for your comment. I am so grateful that this blog is doing what it was intended to do...WARN OTHERS, BRING AWARENESS, KEEP CHILDREN SAFE! It brings happy tears to my eyes to know that families are recognizing the Rojas's and warning other families and as you stated, "...this knowledge allows us to either leave or keep an eagle eye on our children."

Your welcome,