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Friday, February 10, 2012

Going Forward (Starting At The Beginning)

The appeal process is going forward. I saw it coming. Unfortunately, appealing the decision to dismiss his case is very characteristic to Patrick's behavior, thus far. But I was hopeful that the appeals court would dismiss his request to review the ruling all together....We are now waiting for Patrick to submit his briefing, at this point he is representing himself.

 I have been considering re-posting our story because there is still a wanted felon on the run, there are additional victims, of his, that have not seen justice for the crimes they endured, and a level two sex offender living freely in Port Orchard, Washington that is trying to get me to stop telling my story. To refresh your memory, I will be re-posting OUR STORY from the beginning. This is a great time to post a link to my blog and raise awareness!

 The following is from my initial post that started this blog. At the time I wrote this I had no idea I would have so much to say, that I would eventually receive tips and actually locate Eddie Rojas and family or that the actual sex offender of my child would have the audacity to sue me for telling OUR STORY.

 *I made a few minor changes to the original post: "How Can You Help?:

 We need your help in locating someone who is in hiding along with innocent minor children. There is an arrest warrant in the name of Francis Edward Rojas, AKA (Eddie Rojas) for "witness tampering." The warrant is out of Kitsap County court in Washington State, it is a nation wide warrant. Just prior to going into hiding, Eddie, was the pastor at "Peninsula Household of Faith Community Church" in Port Orchard, WA which is affiliated with the "Household of Faith Community Church's."

 In January 2007 we discovered that his adult son (whom lived under Eddie's roof) was a pedophile. I will attempt to outline the events that lead to Eddie taking his wife and 10 children into hiding, why there is a warrant for his arrest, and why you should help locate him. Our family has used all available legal channels and had hired a private detective to try and locate this man and haven't successfully found Eddie. I have reservations about using the internet but the pro's out weigh the con's....I need to know that I did not leave any reasonable possibility unexplored.

 This will be an emotional blog with a subject matter that is heinous but I can't shake the feeling that we may succeed in finding a wanted man with a felony warrant and bring healing to so many others. I have a large family and as time allows I will be posting more information, pictures, possible "hot" spots where Eddie may be in hiding along with more of our story.

 Check back to see how our REAL life story unfolds....


K. said...

I used to attend the Gresham Household of Faith Community church where Gregg Harris preaches (from 2001-2008).

I never knew the Rojas, but their name came up through various online email loops and such. I have one friend on Facebook from that group of churches that is still friends with Patrick, and it seems his facebook page was just updated on June 22, 2012. If you need the link to his page it's here: https://www.facebook.com/underhismercy

I once blogged about all my troubles and disagreements with their scripture twisting with Gresham hofcc, and was "asked" (through my husband, of course) to take down my blog. This was after I had been gone away from the church for nearly 3 months.

Anonymous said...

Dear mother, i understand you and i want so much to encourage you,mabe you email me and we talk what i would so much for your soul totally healing, and am sure part of process is that the justice to be done. Don't think that such people can be touched by the Holy Spirit : if they reached that state, is clear that only secular authority can handle them.The Lord has nothing for them as they hide, excuse, and cover sin.I am living in the same town with the person you are looking for.Be strong and let the evil doers suffer, not you! And sing new songs and bless your child, she will be completely restored, Jesus lives! Hallelujah!