If someone asks him, ‘What are these wounds on your body?’ he will answer, ‘The wounds I was given at the house of my friends.’ Zech 13 v 6

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Benjamin Rojas

“I am sorry to think that you do not get a man's most effective criticism until you provoke him. Severe truth is expressed with some bitterness.”~Henry David Thoreau

When I heard that Benjamin P. Rojas (DOB 9/02/86) was working for TeenPact in their National Offices (Richmond, VA) as the registration manager all I could do was shake my head. I remember thinking how ironic.

TeenPact is an organization that teaches young adults about government and their christian responsibility in voting and making a difference for the future. To be fair to Benjamin, I have been told by a third party that Benjamin purposefully did not want to know what was happening with Patrick, this particular conversation took place prior to finding out all the information in the sexual psycho evaluation. During the criminal investigation against Patrick and his court proceedings Benjamin lived in his families home. During all the years Patrick was sexually molesting "relatives" Benjamin lived in the family home. Remember Patrick was confronted on two different occasions about sexual abuse by his father and disciplined. Where was Benjamin? This family has always lived in tight quarters. I do not buy what Benjamin is selling! After Patrick was first sentenced, Benjamin was a named chaperon for Patrick. Benjamin lived with Patrick for a time just prior to accepting a job with TeenPact. Benjamin has intentionally and purposefully supported his brother while stating that he (Benjamin) didn't know what Patrick had done or what his father (Eddie Rojas) was planning to do or where he is in hiding.

Now come on....where was Benjamin when The Rojas's were packing up most of their belongings to go into hiding? What was Benjamin thinking when his parents and siblings were moving from house to house to avoid CPS and the sheriffs that were coming to the family home and leaving messages on the family answering machine? At this time Benjamin was 20yrs old. He did not need to blindly follow his father. He could have asked questions of the prosecutor and sheriff department to decide if it was appropriate to help his family go into hiding. I think Benjamin can say he doesn't know where his father is because he "technically" probably doesn't know. But I am convinced Benjamin most certainly has a good idea where they are in hiding! I do know that he communicates with his father and family. I have been told that Benjamin has met with his father and some of the family during the time the family has been in hiding.

Do you see the irony in Benjamin having a paid staff position with the TeenPact organization?


Anonymous said...

I wonder if TeenPact endorses people running from the law? Hmmmm

Anonymous said...

Can an email address be cross-referenced to an actual address? You'd think for a felony warrant, it should.

Danielle said...

Unfortunately, the police do not have the resources to do this kind of detective work...and I am not sure about the privacy laws...that is why the Rojas's have the advantage...overwhelmed police department. This is why I started the blog...if we can give the police the location of the Rojas's then the police will act. If there are any computer techs out there that can find them through their e-mail.....

Anonymous said...

From what you have said about the Rojases, they probably have very secure email addresses or are using false addresses to hide there whereabouts. Anyone can obtain an email address that cannot be traced without high-tech FBI level technology. I don't think that is the easiest or best avenue to trace them.

Danielle said...

The older Rojas men know a lot about computers so I figured they had set their e-mail up someway that wouldn't be easily traced.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for the hurt and harm that Patrick Rojas has caused you. BUT, in no way should you go after the rest of the Rojas family. Benjamin did NOT do these horrible things to your daughther or your family. I understand being hurt and trying to find the rest of the Rojas family. Benjamin's life should not be destroyed or ruined based off what his brother did. Trying to persecute Benjamin for his brothers wrong actions is sad.
It seems like he is trying to live a life of his own. Wether he knows were his family is or not, it's beyond what we can figure out.God knows far more than any of us. Hopefully one day all the dark secrets will come to light. I am praying for you and your family.

Danielle said...

I do not believe I am "going after Benjamin" or the rest of the family for what Patrick has done. Benjamin is accountable for his own actions and non-actions. I believe my post simply shares what I would consider valuable information. I hope for the sake of Benjamin he has been able to break away from Eddie's control BUT I think it is more likely that Benjamin has valuable information. It does matter if Benjamin knows the whereabouts of a known felon and is keeping quiet. Mean while working for an organization such as Teenpact.

Anonymous said...

Why do you feel like blaming other family members is going to vindicate you? God wants YOU to forgive. He's concerned with your heart. Not you seeking vengeance. Move on, Danielle. Let your family move on. Let your daughter move on. Everyone else has.

Pay some attention to your husband instead of this anger blog. I bet he'd appreciate it.

Rebecca said...

Everyone else has moved on? Well, yes...those whom nothing happened to and who have no compassion for the victims. It's easy to move on for those people.

I've been told to "move on" after being held prisoner all night and raped repeatedly by two men I had trusted. How I wish it was that easy. But you see, I have this pesky thing called PTSD that just won't let me. If I could move on from the nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety, over active startle reflex, intrusive memories -- I won't bore you with the rest -- I would GLADLY move on. In fact, I am working extremely hard at recovery in order to do just that.

What I wish is that the people who claimed to love me back then had not "moved on" as quickly as they did. Maybe if I had had a Danielle in my life, I would have found healing much sooner. Maybe two serial rapists would have been brought to justice.

Anonymous reminds me of a recent sad situation. A grown daughter finally got the courage to disclose, in a letter to her parents, that her older brother had sexually abused her for years. The next morning, after receiving the letter, her mother called and joyfully declared, "I've read your letter and I want you to know that I've put it behind me! I hope you will too."

Thank God, Danielle, that you are not like that.