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Monday, September 14, 2009

What Can I Say...

What can I really say? I went to court today with Eric and our child. Patrick actually showed up again. He is still opposing the no-contact order. Again, Patrick did not have his attorney. We actually have to do this all over again in one week!

I really want to rant and rave on my blog tonight. Can my readers handle my realness? I hate Patrick! His evaluation speaks of narcissistic/sociopath tendencies which are so outwardly being displayed in all of this!

Oh how I wish I could have video taped aspects of today for all the individuals that actually believe Patrick is humble, repentant, and that he is sorrowful for what he has put our family through. When our lawyer approached Patrick to verify that Patrick was indeed contesting the order and to discuss the audacity of such an action. I watched the exchange, which was two pews behind me, Patrick got red faced and stated he had an attorney. Our attorney told Patrick that he had actually called the attorney Patrick named on our last court date on Thursday of this past week and the assistant stated at that time they were not taking Patrick's case. Patrick was indignant that he did have an attorney that just couldn't be at the court today.

Our attorney arranged for our case to be heard early on. We were the third case to be called. Patrick and our attorney did some back and forth with the judge while myself and child stood there. This resulted in our case being recessed so Patrick could call his attorney and nail down a date he could attend court within the next two weeks (per the statute) Patrick stepped into the hall and made his call. Patrick's attorney will be available on the 21st so our case is held over yet again! My child will have to miss part of their home school co-op classes once again. My child will have to face their abuser once again.

Our attorney stated to us this is a slam dunk case and in all his years he has never made such a bold statement. Our attorney can not think of one reason why Patrick would contest this order. I know that my opinion is considered bias but Patrick is clearly just trying to mess with our family. Patrick likes the thrill that this brings. Patrick likes the control he thinks he has over this matter. I know people think it and I hate to say it but Patrick probably wanted to get a look at our child. I hate Patrick! It's real. It's raw. It's appropriate!

The only good that came from the matter today, per our attorneys request, the judge ordered Patrick to pay a $250.00 fine to the YWCA organization for the inconvenience Patrick is causing our lawyer.


freddyeddy said...

I know this will show who posted the commment. I know a few people know who that is.
God knows it all anyway, and his opinion is the only one that matters.

I had one instance that I was very close to publicly beating the crap out of the abuser of our child. It was on a Sunday morning just when the tunes were kicking off...right in the auditorium. In retrospect, I'm very grateful that I restrained myself. My normal, healthy and very human emotions however, have returned to that moment in my mind and wished I could do it over and just destroy this person.

Patrick is a very sick person. From a civil law perspective, the best option for him would be life in prison. If he reoffends, I would shift my opinion to a quicker more expedient death penalty.

In the long run...God will do right. It is painful to admit it, but I cannot say I know for sure what that is. I do identify with and completely understand your hatred for Patrick. I am sorry that your child is being subjected to this. It is very good that you are giving people a look at this process. I do also strongly believe it will continue to get better with time.

In the world, you will have trouble, but take heart....

Anonymous said...

Continued prayers for you and your family. May God bless your efforts. As the adult child of a survivor of child sexual abuse ... I can understand and respect your anger toward and hatred of the abuser. You are human. May God give you His Strength and His Rest as you continue the fight.

a sister in Christ