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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I am still having a hard time processing that Patrick D. Rojas, level 2 sex offender, with at least six victims ranging from 1.5yrs old - 11yrs old, is threatening to sue me, my family, one of his victims families. And he is threatening to sue me for telling the truth!

An excerpt from the letter I received from the attorney representing Patrick:

"Some of what you have written about Patrick is not factual; it is supposition. Much of what you have written is private information that is embarrassing and humiliating in nature. Such disclosures can expose you to liability based upon Washington State law."

It's a mad, mad world!


Gina said...

1. Get a lawyer (I know, you're working on it). The area's press association may be able to make some recommendations. I know you're approaching this as an advocate, not as a journalist, but some of the concepts involved are the same. If they won't make a recommendation, start talking to professors at the nearest school of journalism for the same.

2. Make Patrick's lawyer specify (if he hasn't already) what particular statutes he is referring to (preferably ahead of filing suit) so that you can address the specifics rather than a vague accusation.

freddyeddy said...

He probably has no leg to stand on. People will frequently use lawyers to write and sign letters strictly for the impact. It feels very intimidating. Lawyers cost $ typically.

Do you have any friends who are attorneys? My best guess is that it is bluff, bluster and intimidation. That may be small comfort when you feel threatened.

What about darkness to light? Any resources, counsel or help there? I am hoping you will fing a source of advice and counsel that will stand with you. You might consider calling the WA State AG's office and give them a snap shot of what is going on?

This guy, and his lawyer are sick. End of story.