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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

People Wake Up

Day in and day out we hear more and more stories about sex offenders and pedophiles. The story of the day is about the 5yr old little girl that vanished while scottering outside unsupervised.

Wait it gets worse the mother of the 5yr old was "friends" with known sex offenders that were not suppose to be around children. You can look this up and get more information and details but what I want to highlight on my blog is this: the mother states on a radio interview that this particular sex offender was only around her daughter 15% of the time and the other 85% of the time the mother was with the sex offender without her daughter. Now I have no idea if this particular individual has anything to do with the disappearance of the little girl but what I am sure of is that this man was grooming this mother during 85% of the time he was with her to gain trust to be able to be trusted to be around the daughter the other 15% of the time.

Why do people want to risk sexual abuse of a child? Shame on you if you put a "relationship" above the safety of your child.

My heart grieves for that little 5yr old girl!


freddyeddy said...

There's plenty of shame to go around. This lady was ignorant. I skimmed the story enough to know. She was simply uninformed about the nature of 99.9% of these people. They virtually never change. I don't know the mechanics of it-the psychology or whatever you want to call it. They virtually never change.

There is a difference between being judgmental and being educated. There's one type of sex offender that you might think of giving a small amount of consideration to. (If you have kids, probably better to let someone else take on the job). It's the one who walks up to you and when greeting you confesses "I'm soandso, I have a history of criminal sexual behavior with children. Please do not ever let me be alone with your kids or any others for that matter. I'm sure this is weird for you, but I have found it to be the best approach to keep me out of trouble. If you decide never to talk to me again, I would understand". I'm still waiting to meet this person, but I'm not holding my breath.

Danielle said...

I will have to disagree about the mother of this(now dead little girl, she was found)being ignorant. She had for knowledge that certain men she was around with her 5yr old daughter were sexual predators. IF, she didn't know that information then I could give you ignorant. She simple chose these unhealthy and dangerous relationships over the saftey of her daughter!

Now I agree with you on the ladder. There would be evidence of redemption in someone who was a sex offender acknowledging his crimes and doing everything possible to avoid contact with children. (freddyeddy's example is perfect) I, too, have never met this individual. A pedophile and sex offender usually continues to downplay and deny his crimes even after being caught and convicted!