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Monday, June 29, 2009


Maddening is the only word I can think of to adequately describe how it feels to know that supporters of Patrick have purposefully chosen not to read his sexual-psycho evaluation. Originally when we got word of the evaluation, we kept it pretty hush hush. People knew Patrick was court-ordered to undergo the evaluation. When word got out that the evaluation was completed, some families pushed for the elders to get a copy from Patrick and read it. The families wanted to be sure that there was no past history of sexual crimes. At first, the elders were adamant that they would not read his evaluation. Jim Cameron had made a statement that he wouldn't want everyone to know about his secret thoughts. Finally, after more pressure, the elders agreed to request that Patrick allow them to read the evaluation, but not until after the sentencing took place. In hindsight, that makes sense to me now, in a sick sort of way. Remember that Jim Cameron and Dave Barrueto already knew Patrick had done much more than kiss our child. They didn't need to read the evaluation to find that information out.

The evaluation is not full of Patrick's secret thoughts. It is full of Patrick's crimes and how he went about them and his thought process. It is not fantasy. It is full of actions that Patrick did to innocent minor children, to unaware mothers and daughters, and with animals. The evaluation is full of direct quotes from Patrick detailing his actions and crimes.

After the sentencing, it was possible to fill out a request form to attain a copy of Patrick's sexual-psycho evaluation. I know of few families that filled out the form and did receive a copy. Patrick himself has access to a copy. But many families were not interested in the evaluation. It didn't matter to them what was in it. "They are just called to love Patrick." I cannot even pretend to understand this kind of thinking. How can these individuals help Patrick, when they don't even know what they are dealing with? How do they know what behavior to watch for, if they deny there is even a problem?


Anonymous said...

What form did you fill out to get a copy of the evaluation? I would love to have a copy of the person that sexually molested my two daughters. I wonder if it makes a difference that he was/is a minor? Thank you for any advice you can give me. Shannon

Danielle said...

Shannon, I assume Pierce Co. would be the same as Kitsap. You need to get a Records Release form and specifically request the sexual psycho evaluation done on the offender. You will need your case number. The forms asks for the reason you are requesting the information...you might state something along the lines of..."your right as the victims mother to know exactly what was done to your children." "That you as the parent want to know if your children are still in danger (from obsession)" I do know that juvenile cases are harder to get information from. Originally I was denied a copy (but I was allowed to read the evaluation in the prosecutors office.) I filed (I think) three or four requests. I did one in the sheriff department and that was denied. I faxed one to the prosecutor on our case and then finally received a partial copy. I re-submitted with a more specific request verifying I wanted any addendum and eventually ended up with a full copy of the evaluation. It was a very emotional and frustrating experience for me but perseverance paid off. My e-mail is on my profile if you would like to correspond privately. I know your pain...I am sorry for your pain...I am thankful that you didn't hide the abuse...at some point I too would like to volunteer at the center...I am just not there yet.