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Monday, June 15, 2009

My Opinion (part 4 of 4)

#1-Is a sexual predator an evil person? Yes! (post 1 of 4)
#2-Can they be cured? No! (post 2 of 4)
#3-How can a pedophile be a safe part of our community?
(post 3 of 4)
#4- Should sexual predators be able to hide their identities?

Should a sexual predator be able to hide their identity?

Simple answer: no.

Our system has made progress in identifying predators, but the system is greatly flawed. In our case, Patrick was only charged with a gross-misdemeanor when in fact his actions should have earned him felony charges. Fortunately, we have an officially recorded psycho-sexual evaluation, which resulted in Patrick being labeled a level-two sex offender. Otherwise, he would have only been labeled a level one and not even his picture or information would have been on the sex offender registry.

All the authorities in the legal system that were familiar with our case considered Patrick a level three (the worst-of-the-worst) offender, but because of the guidelines and restrictions, Patrick could only be labeled as a level two. If I had my way, there would be a system in place that literally marked sexual predators with a visible sign. I do not have real hope that something like this will ever happen, but it should. The system has so many loop holes and clauses to protect the abuser, that it is disheartening.

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