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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Toronto, Ontario

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July 29, 2010 12:57 AM

Anonymous said...

Wait a second, he kissed your child(which I do agree is very horrible) and you call it sexual abuse? A man kisses a child and you called him a pedophile? Is that all he did? From how you have raged in other posts I thought it would had been something way more horrible than kisses.
First of all,if you REALLY believed in what your are posting,you would sign your name to your comment. It shows on my site tracker that this comment was made from Toronto,Ontario. You know who I am. I am not hiding. Why are you?

Secondly,this is exactly why I have this blog...to expose this kind of thinking.

Patrick is without a doubt a pedophile! He should forever avoid contact with minor children!

Finally, I would like to make clear that yes, an adult man of 22yrs old who creeps into an adolescents bedroom at night(when the child is sleeping) multiple times, to do ANYTHING at all, "just a kiss" or more is a PEDOPHILE! And in our case Patrick did more! This is where my rage comes in. My child was asleep, in their own bed, in the safety of their own home and was violated.

Since the reader obviously missed some key parts of the blog I will refresh your memory. In Patrick's evaluation, which is primarily in his own words, he talks in great detail about the sexual abuse he committed against six little girls. Their ages ranging from 11yrs old down to a 1.5yr old. He also talks about sexual acts with a dog, voyeurism, and incest with a consenting adult sister.Patrick is most certainly a sexual predator!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe the way people think..I hope that person doesn't have children..The comment they sent was disturbing!!!!

Danielle said...

We ran into this type of thinking from far too many individuals. It was heart-breaking! ONLY "a kiss." WTF? Think of the context of when, where, and who was involved! Even if Patrick had just kissed our child, with the context added, and the age difference the state of Washington still would consider him a pedophile!
It's hard for me to decide if people are just ignorant or if they really think like this person who made the anonymous comment. It freaks me out to think it would be the ladder.

Sharron said...

Even if it had been only a kiss it was a violation against her. She did not have the opportunity to say it was ok. He just went in and kissed her. Patrick did other things also and has admitted to doing it to others. People need to know about this and understand that he will do it again. He is not getting any mental help, which he needs. The people in the church are forgiving him and letting him go on. But honestly, is he being forgiven or are they just doing what they have been taught in this church. Can a person, in his own conscience, say everything is ok and go on. If they have a small girl, are they watching her around him. I hope so because he will do it again and again until he gets some help. Yes, we are trying to get the word out on Patrick that he is living in the area he is and that people need to be concerned.

freddyeddy said...

Maybe we should break someone's neck, you kno0w, just break their neck!?

Anonymous said...

You are entirely wrong. Your raging on about Patrick, you hateful words, are all a result of the hurt in your heart. But you need to get over this, how long has it been? 4 years? And you still continue to tear the Rojas family to pieces, you are in constant slander of them, in fact your whole blog seems dedicated to destroying these Godly people! Why? What does your daughter think of all this? Why don't you forgive and forget?
We humans do not have the right to judge others. You say that Patrick's asking God to forgive him is not repentance, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THE MATTER WITH YOU? Who are you to say that God hasn't forgiven Patrick?!!! Who are you? You are a sinner, just like me, just like Patrick, just like everyone else. It is not your place to punish Patrick, do you not remember the "heaping burning coals on their heads" verses? Why not forgive him, and go on, his future is between him and God. You have already caused him the loss of his job and many of his friends. What more do you want to do to him? Are you not satisfied? Have you not destroyed him enough? When will you allow Gods healing power to come into your life? The government isn't going to satisfy you, the destruction of Patrick won't satisfy you, only God can. Let the joy of the Lord back into your life again! Do not dwell on the bad things that have happened to your family, ask God to heal your pains. Go on with life, forget the Rojases, do not seek to revenge them! Can you find one verse of God's breathed words that justifies your revenge? NO. It is not for us to seek revenge, God is the judge.

May God open your eyes, so that you may see the truth and repent.
May he bless your family, and give you joy and peace.

brianslady said...

What do you say to the other 5 victims??
Forgiving is wonderful! we are commanded to forgive. I don't see anywhere where we are to turn our brains off and act like nothing happened. You are also right that we are not to judge a man's heart. but saying we are not to judge someone's actions is plain ignorant! We all do that every day on different levels.

Yeah, i came from a family that "forgave" and it turned out that low and behold the pedophile did not stop. He didn't go to jail, but did have a trial. Out of 4 kids 2 (at least) were victimized. Out of 7 grandkids, 4 were directly victimized and 1 indirectly. At least 2 of them were after the trial those are only the ones we know of. he was supposedly repentant. I know for a fact (because I judged his actions) that he was maybe sorry for what he did, sorry he got caught, but he was not changed. Nobody wanted to be the mean one and press more charges I guess. I don't understand the thinking. Maybe you do.

Do you think maybe there is room in your thinking for Danielle to be in the right? that maybe what she is doing IS the loving thing? What is her daughter feeling? I don't know, but if my mom and dad had stood up for me the way Danielle and Eric are I would have felt like I was on top of the world that my parents cared so much.
Have you heard of 'tough love"? there is no "hush, hush, you might make Patrick and his family feel bad" Losing jobs and friends?
You reap what you sow.