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Friday, July 2, 2010

Jairus's Culpability

Now that I am being sued by not only Patrick but his brother Jairus I figured I should share in more detail about Jairus's culpability in the abuse of my child.

To refresh your memory Jairus is the second oldest of the Rojas children. During the entire time we knew the Rojas family Jairus was an adult. Jairus himself admitted to me in a phone conversation that he knew of Patrick's previous pedophilia behavior.Jairus obviously never reported his brothers crimes to the police.

Jairus did nothing to warn my husband or myself of Patrick's potential danger to our children. Not a hint. Nothing! Jairus was very aware of how much time Patrick was spending with our family. Sometimes Jairus would even be with Patrick at our home. As a for instance Jairus and Patrick came over to my home on Jairus's 25th Birthday to do a project to "bless and serve me." Patrick purposed the idea and Jairus agreed to do the work. Other times the two of them might come over for one reason or the other and might end up eating lunch or dinner with us. Jairus was part of building the trust between ourselves and Patrick.

I squirm to this day knowing that all that time Jairus knew what Patrick was capable of but supported the facade that Patrick was to be trusted by our family. How could Jairus do that? Jairus never once pulled Eric aside to warn him. Never once suggested in front of us that Patrick shouldn't be so involved with our family. Not one word of warning!

Then when we reported Patrick, Jairus stood by his brothers side and continued to be silent. Jairus never helped the authorities in their investigation into the crimes committed against our child. Jairus still supports his brother to this day as evident in the joint lawsuit against Eric and I. The two live together. They have worked side by side. Jairus gave Patrick a portion of the 10,000 dollars needed to retain the lawyer Patrick used to defend himself against the charges in the case involving our child. For a time Jairus was an official chaperon for Patrick. I never understood that one. I highly doubt Jairus would have turned Patrick in for a parole violation based on his attitude and past behaviors. As I understand it now Jairus supports the facade that Patrick is a changed man and should be trusted.

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