If someone asks him, ‘What are these wounds on your body?’ he will answer, ‘The wounds I was given at the house of my friends.’ Zech 13 v 6

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Think of the girls.

Remember to focus on the girls, the victims. People sometimes focus on the wrong part of the story and forget about what is actually happening to the girls (taken away from their friends and community and into hiding and the abuse they endured that has not been dealt with by anyone outside the family.) By Eddie protecting his son from further prosecution by hiding the girls he is not only communicating, "Nothing really big happened to you to the girls." He is ALSO putting others in harms way by allowing Patrick to live freely in society. Patrick is not properly labeled (he should be a level 3 sex offender) and he is not being monitored.

Think about that for a minute. How selfish is it to allow others to be victims of Patrick because Eddie wouldn't allow his daughters to be questioned by a very qualified, very nurturing person who is trained specifically to minimize the trauma of a child going through this process. The interview is recorded and in no way what so ever can the interviewer "lead" you into an answer. If by some mistake a child is lead into an answer that specific answer would not be accepted by the courts. The state wants kids to be innocent. There is not an agenda to get the Rojas girls into the interview room and turn them against their family. The agenda is/was simply to verify that in fact they are the victims of Patrick and hold Patrick accountable for those actions and properly label and monitor Patrick in-order to keep other innocent children safe. The state would have also made suggestions of ways the parents could get assistance in helping their girls recover from all that they had been through.

Let's not forget...If Patrick would have named his victims in the first place the state was prepared to plea bargain all the additional charges. There would have been NO need to interview the Rojas sisters. It's worth mentioning again, there must be more darkness to this story that we are not aware of. I believe the darkness extends beyond Patrick. It just doesn't make logical sense for Eddie to flee the country with his family. To live in hiding. Unless Eddie his self has something to hide. Too many unanswered questions. Think of the girls.


Anonymous said...

I just want to start off by saying I'm sorry. Sorry for not being strong enough at the time to be there for you and your family more. I read your blog and am amazed at your strength and energy. I can only hope that put in the same situation I would be like you. I'm proud to know you.I too find it difficult to trust people because of what happened to your family...and I'm as far away and separated from it as a person can possibly get. My family has still been unable to find a "church home" because of all of this. I find strength in your blog. I've been brought to tears with empathy. I'm so happy that the Rojas family has been found, I can only pray that justice is served for the sake of your family and the innocent Rojas daughters. I have read all of your blog, and all comments and am just amazed over and over at what some people allow themselves to believe. I am not only concerned for the Rojas daughters, but for the children of both Jim and Dave. What are they allowing to happen to their own kids??? What are they teacing their children by their behaviors? We are happy to hear that you've been able to move out of the area. And it sounds like your family is doing well and building a new life. Your desire to detatch yourself from the other people in the situation makes complete sence to me. We've done the same thing. I don't think that makes you bitter, I think it makes you healthy. Those who cling to what they've known because it's easier then standing up for themselves or innocent others are unhealthy. Your strength is astounding. Your children should be proud. I understand if you don't ever want to have contact with me again, but I just wanted you to know what your blog and your strength has meant to me. God Bless, Sheena McClure

Anonymous said...


I appreciate your encouragement and your empathy.

If I remember correctly your family was one of the first (other than the Dew family) to seriously question Eddie. I also believe you were the first family after us to actually leave the church because of the way the leaders were handling (not handling) what was happening. Your family and your sister also supported us practically speaking. I do not have any negative feelings towards you or your family. I think we lost touch simply because I shut down and you were a very busy overwhelmed young mom. Then you moved. We moved. It just happened.

You bring up a very important point about Jim and Dave. I haven't really talked about the fact that they are raising children and have the attitudes towards childhood sexual abuse that they do and what that implies at least to me. I hoped by the facts that I shared individuals would put 2 and 2 together. I was afraid that if I put too much light on Jim and Dave the focus of finding Eddie Rojas would get convoluted.

I agree that it is mind boggling what people choose to believe or ignore or belittle because if they acknowledged the truth it would mean they would have to possibly go outside their comfort zone.

I am sad to know that your family is still unable to find a church home that you have peace with BUT I get it completely!! I also know that not attending church has nothing to do with your relationship with God. I think we are going to try a church on Easter Sunday....the last time we attended a church was Easter Sunday 2009.

My e-mail is on the profile link. It would be fine with me if you e-mailed and we kept in touch. I don't know how to contact you other than to respond to your comment.