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Monday, March 29, 2010

Be Aware

I have unfolded our story over many posts. I realize if someone is just discovering this blog it would take hours to completely read it. There are many layers and many players involved in this part of our story. The story is real. The players are real. The injustice is real. The facade is real. The epidemic of childhood sexual abuse is real (even in the christian community.)

Things you should be aware of or know:

--> Patrick David Rojas is a level 2 sex offender. He is off probation and not monitored by anyone. Last I knew he had a sub-contractors license. Patrick lives in Port Orchard, Washington. Patrick lives with his older brother Jairus Rojas. As far as I know Jairus Rojas also has a contractors license along with a photography license. I noticed on Jairus's photography web page a number of pictures of children. Now if you would allow me to speculate somewhat, since Patrick and Jairus live together I bet Patrick has access to these photos. Does Patrick go on photo shoots with Jairus? Do the individuals that hire Jairus to take photos of their children know that Jairus has supported his convicted sex offender brother practically speaking and even to the extent of keeping his past molestations a secret? On his information page he refers to "we" but only lists him self as owner operator. I sense danger here! Someone hiring Jairus would believe they were in safe hands. Jairus professes his desire to glorify God in his photography on his web page. He looks good on paper. The clients would have no idea that danger was lurking in the background waiting for just the right scenario. Just the right child to victimize. Just the right family to groom.

--> I have been notified of the location of Eddie Rojas and he is in Israel. The community that Eddie is living in is starting to become aware of the true nature of the reasons that brought them to Israel. Legally nothing will be done to Eddie until he is state side.

--> Childhood sexual abuse of any kind should never be kept a secret! When a victim speaks out they are most likely saving someone else from being abused in the future. An adolescent child is NEVER-EVER responsible in any way for the abuse.

--> A person should always ask questions before supporting someone being accused of a crime. Call the police department and speak to the detective in charge of the case. Call the prosecutor in charge of the case. When appropriate (if you have a relationship with this person) ask the victim (victim's parents) about the crime. Don't make assumptions. Be very cautious and inquisitive before writing any kind of letter of reference for someone accused of a sexual crime. Individuals accused of these types of crimes are usually very secretive and very good at appearing to be someone other than who they truly are.

-->I know we can't go back in time and change what happened in my family. But I also know that if we kept our story a secret it would only help the offender. I have hope that sharing my story will touch someone else that may have been a victim or a mother of a victim. Our story might actually prevent someone from falling into the lure of Patrick's facade. My persistence might also uncover a greater evil in the Rojas family and help the children that are trapped in that family. Things are not always as they seem, that I know first hand!

-->We have real names and real faces to put to our story. Our story is not fiction. But remember there are thousands-literally thousands of pedophiles and sex offenders out there. Be aware! Be wise! Listen to that still small voice!

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