If someone asks him, ‘What are these wounds on your body?’ he will answer, ‘The wounds I was given at the house of my friends.’ Zech 13 v 6

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Open Letter From The Grandmother

My mother (Grandma) believes that Eddie Rojas himself reads my blog and has asked me to post a letter to him from her.


First to clear the air: unless you have been a victim or like me, have had a daughter and granddaughter sexually molested, you can not know the depth and breadth of the emotions I have experienced.

For the first six months after the 911 call was made by the Schneiders' to report Patrick, I was angry. That anger slowly built into a deep-seated, burning hatred. Hatred toward Eddie, Kathy, Jairus and Patrick Rojas. Hatred also towards Jim and Claudia Cameron and Dave and Becky Barrueto. Some of them had early knowledge that could have saved our family from this horrific experience. All withheld information which inhibited the counseling process for the Schneiders. All withheld information preventing the proper prosecution of Patrick Rojas for his crimes against our granddaughter. Because of their leadership role, the Cameron's and Barrueto's were able to get members of our church to assist them in hiding the Rojas girls from C.P.S. This prevented Patrick's other victims from getting professional Christian based counseling outside the influence of his family. This also has prevented Patrick from being prosecuted for numerous instances of sexual molestation committed against five additional victims.

The last few weeks I've felt my hatred lifting but feel it can only be purged by addressing Eddie directly.

Judy McBee

To: Eddie Rojas,

How dare you use our three granddaughters as bait to test your son; that's exactly what you did.

One small act on your part (stopping Patrick from spending those nights at the Schneider's home) would have prevented the violations of our granddaughter. You knew Patrick had previously sexually molested at least two of his sisters. Months before your sons assaults of our granddaughter, Eric spoke to you about Patrick's regular e-mails to her. He told you it made him uncomfortable for your son to be e-mailing his eleven year old daughter. You knew Patrick was a pedophile and that he "had his eyes" on our granddaughter but you did nothing to intervene. You set our family up! PURE EVIL are the best words to describe YOU!

You, Kathy, Jairus and Patrick are equally and morally responsible for the harm done our family. Let's not forget that your actions also broke up our church congregation.

It is said, "bad kids can come from good families." After reading the copy of Patrick's psycho sexual evaluation my husband requested and received from the prosecutor's office, I know yours is not a "good family."

What kind of parents allow a known pedophile to continue to reside in their home where there are six minor girls? What kind of parents could allow that pedophile to babysit? What kind of father administers corporal punishment to his adult children? How many other monsters have you created?

The elders stated that you fled because C.P.S. would remove your minor children from your home and place them in abusive foster homes? Bull! Some say you fled to prevent Patrick, "a lovely, godly young man" from incarceration in prison. Bull, again! Kathy is still lying to people about the reason her family fled. Kathy states that their family is being persecuted for their religious beliefs. Bull! Bull! Bull! Your motives were much more selfish. I believe you left to prevent exposure of what else really goes on inside your household. Eddie, have you or any of your other sons sexually molested your daughters or your friends children?

Your family has left a trail of deceit and devastation.

With Contempt,
Judy McBee

P.S. My hope is that someone close to you will finally wake up one day and say to themselves "enough is enough," then they pick up a phone and call 911.


Anna said...

sounds to me like you are spot on! they must be hiding something else. we can only guess, but they are horrible thoughts to have!

i don't know you guys personally, but pray for justice to be served soon and peace to be restored to your family.

Anonymous said...

You speak with an obvious, enormous amount of hate. Why? I understand how devastated you must be, if it were my granddaughter I would be saddened beyond words. But God has called you to be like Him, in Christ, there is no room for hate among the brethren. You swear at them, you say "bull, bull, bull" but who is the bull? The one who humbly repents? Or the one who refuses to forgive, and harbors evil contempt and hatred in their heart? We humans are not called to judge each other, you say that "Eddie" is "PURE EVIL", but read your bible, do you think that Jesus would approve of his servant(you) calling a man who He has redeemed and called as His own son "PURE EVIL"? Is it right for us to call a man chosen by God, loved by God, cherished by God "PURE EVIL"? You have called a holy man EVIL, you have taken God's child, and labeled him as EVIL, you have called Christ's holiness, which shines in Eddie, "PURE EVIL". Why, oh why? My heart holds no hate towards you, for Jesus loves you, and how could I hate you, whom Jesus loves? I know that your hurt is to deep for words, but please, do not hate the Rojases, think of it this way Jesus loves them, and how can you hate they that Jesus loves? Patrick has repented, he is forgiven, Jesus has forgiven him. His sins are washed away, he is whiter than snow. Patrick is a new creation in Christ, the old is no more, the patrick that hurt your child no longer exists. Pray that that patrick will never return, pray for Patrick to stay pure, and holy. YOu cry out to the government for Justice, but who is the greatest Judge of all? Jesus is, so stop trying to revenge the Rojas family, God will judge them. Ecc. the last verse " For God will bring every deed into judgement, including every hidden thing". Remember that verse, do not worry, God will bring justice, do not look for it in the government, we all see how often they fail.

May you be strengthened in Christ, for the furthering of his Glorious kingdom. MAy you understand that God is in control.

Jesus loves you- and them.