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Thursday, March 26, 2009

What Eddie Knew ?

Yes, Eddie, Kathy, and Jairus knew of Patrick's pedophile behavior and they kept it as a dark dirty little secret. It is to this day still hard for me to believe that they knew yet still allowed and encouraged Patrick's interactions with our family.

As a condition of Patrick's plea agreement he had to take a court ordered sexual psychological evaluation. We would not know until mid June 2007 the results of the evaluation. (Remember we reported the crime in January 2007.)

I remember the day clearly, the phone rang and it was the prosecutor, Kelly Montgomery, along with Eric on a three way call. She started by saying she had a feeling that Patrick was bad but had no idea just how bad he was. She stated that the 40+page evaluation she had in front of her was one of the worst to cross her desk in a long while.

She hated to have to tell us but needed to let us know that our child had been victimized to an even greater extent than we had previously known. She read us the detailed description word for word of what Patrick had done to our child. She read direct quotes from Patrick taken during his evaluation. Part of his evaluation required him to take a polygraph examination. The prosecutor went on to explain to us that our child was one of 6 admitted victims. Also revealed to us, Patrick had taken part in bestiality, online pornography, and incest with a consenting adult sister. If that wasn't horrifically shocking enough she added that Patrick's parents, Eddie and Kathy Rojas, were aware of his pedophile behavior which started at age 15.

The evaluation revealed that Patrick at(15yrs of age) was "caught" he was disciplined by his father, he repented and all was forgiven. Then again at age 17 the evaluation revealed Patrick was caught another time. This time Patrick shared that both his parents talked with him and that he repented and all was forgiven. Life as normal to the outside world.

As part of the evaluation, Patrick had to reveal all of his minor victims and outline the crimes. What I am willing to say about the other victims is as follows: his victims ages range from 18months old -11yrs old. Patrick was victimizing someone or grooming non stop from ages 15-22, (when we reported him) that out of the five additional victims four of them would qualify him for 4 charges of child molestation in the first degree and the fifth would be a lesser charge.

The parents knew! The thought that Eddie and Kathy knew and kept it a secret and allowed Patrick to stay the night at our home took my breath away! (Patrick's idea was to take one of our children hunting and since they had to get up so early Patrick suggested he stay the night at our home.) We were in the home!

To add to the insult Eric and I were told to keep the sex/psycho evaluation information quiet. That because this was an ongoing investigation we shouldn't talk about it. It was two more months before Patrick's sentencing and the same two more months before all the information would become more public. We didn't know at the end of the two months we would be dealt the final blow.(at least we hope it is the final blow)

The Sunday before Patrick was sentenced Eddie Rojas stepped down from his role as Pastor of the church. That week Eddie attended Patrick's sentencing. Eddie told others that he was taking his family camping to get away from everything and that's the last Eddie or the minor children have been seen. (remember from an earlier post, Eddie knew CPS wanted to interview the minor girls)

Two days after Patrick's sentencing the elders called a "heads of household" meeting. During this meeting the elders, ( still currently in leadership at Peninsula Household of Faith Community Church, in Port Orchard, WA.) ,would admit to having met privately with Patrick and Eddie two days following the discovery that our child had been sexually abused. After being pressed, by some in attendance, the elders would reveal that during the private meeting Patrick admitted in detail all of what he did to our child.


My next post will be dedicated to the significance of the elders having this information and what if anything the elders did with the information.


Anonymous said...

so deeply sorry to hear of your tragedy, i have know the family personally when they were pastor in our small church, i was very close to kathy, i have had my own personall experience witht them which was distasteful for me but nothing compared to what you are going through, as a someone who was terribly abused myself as a child i completely understand alot of what you are going through, my heart especially goes to your daughter,i hope for a complete healing for her,

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey, just wanted to say that I feel really sorry for you. I have been a friend of the Rojas family ever since I was born, when I read this I could not believe that patrick had done this. I still love the Rojas family from the bottom of my heart. I will be praying for your comfort, and that Jesus will open your eyes to forgive Patrick. Remember- pray for Patrick, in God's word it says to pray for your enemys, if you consider him your enemy, pray for him. If you consider him a fellow sinner, pray for him. He needs your prayers, he really does. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, you are a sinner and so is he. The hurt is deep, I know, I know. But who did God come for, the "good" people? No, Jesus came for the broken, the beggars, the prostitutes, the tax colectors. Do not judge patrick for his sins, we are not the judge CHRIST is the holy judge. He will bring justice. Patrick is already forgiven, he repented, and Jesus has washed him whiter than snow, he is a new creation. The old is gone and the new is here. Remember that, remember that Jesus forgave Patrick, so like Jesus, you must also forgive him. It is very far that patrick has fallen, very evil the things he has done, but he is forgiven, God is saving him.

May God continue to bless you, to pour out his blessings upon you. May he open your hearts to the true righteosness of the rojas family. They are whiter than snow by God's washing them.

-A humble servant of Him who loves you.

Anonymous said...

Please don't presume to be God. Patrick Rojas did not repent. He just confessed to something he was caught doing. Repentance requires a change of behavior. He has not changed his behavior. He just keeps doing more harm to more children. This is not repentance. Helping someone to repeatedly rape children is not repentance. The Rojas parents, Eddie and Kathy have not repented. True repentance would require they return to Kitsap County and face the charges filed. True repentance would require they return to Kitsap County and allow their daughters to be interviewed to determine which ones were molested by Patrick. He admitted molesting them, he just didn't identify which ones he did molest. So please, don't presume to be God and forgive someone who refuses to repent. Repentance requires much more than saying "sorry", read your Bible -- Christ tells us all we have to change our life course. Sorry doesn't get anyone into heaven, only repentance -- changing one's direction in life with Christ -- does.