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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How Can You Help?

We need your help in locating someone who is in hiding along with innocent minor children. There is an arrest warrant in the name of Francis Edward (Eddie) Rojas for "witness tampering" the warrant is out of the Kitsap district court...in Washington State...it is a nation wide warrant. Just prior to going into hiding, Eddie, was the pastor of "Peninsula Household of Faith Community Church" in Port Orchard, WA which is affiliated with "Household of Faith Community Church."

In January 2007 we discovered that his adult son (whom lived under Eddie's roof) was a pedophile. I will attempt to outline the events that lead to Eddie taking his wife and 10 children into hiding, why there is a warrant for his arrest, and why you should want to help locate him. Our family has used all available legal channels and had hired a private detective to try and locate this man and haven't successfully found Eddie. I have reservations about using the internet but the pro's out weigh the con's....I need to know that I did not leave any reasonable possibility unexplored.

This will be an emotional blog with a subject matter that is heinous but I can't shake the feeling that we may succeed in finding a wanted man with a felony warrant and bring healing to so many others. I have a large family and as time allows I will be posting more information, pictures, possible "hot" spots where Eddie may be in hiding along with more of our story.


Anonymous said...

Danielle, My heart goes out to you and your precious family! I have followed your story over the last few years and have shared it with others in hopes of saving others from the same thing. My heart was so heavy today that I read the entire story to my kids. (Ages 13, 14, and 16). They were so appalled by the treatment you got from that church, the hypocrisy of the Rohas family, the miscarriage of justice, the extreme pain to your daughter and to you all, and to Patrick's gall in suing YOU guys for telling the truth!! Our hearts went out to you, and we wished we had been able to comfort you all in this horrible time of your lives! I am personally so grateful that you maintained your faith, and that you had the guts to share! We were impressed with the project you all inspired at the sexual abuse center. Oh how hard it must be to trust and to feel safe in friendships again. May God grant healing, restoration and JUSTICE!!

Danielle said...


Thank you for the note and your heartfelt compassion for me and my family. I appreciate your prayers!

Anonymous said...

What is their child number 8 name?

Danielle said...

# 8 child is Esther.