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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Prevention....a cause to support!!

One night I was up horribly late watching late night mindless TV and this ad came on...Chills went down my spine...I was devastated and excited at the same time. Devastated because I knew intimately just how true the commercial was. "Uncle Al" is one of the links (on the side) of the blog and the commercial I saw on TV. I was excited because for the first time since our nightmare began I felt like someone was out there fighting the same fight.

I immediately jumped out of bed and looked their site up on the internet. Wow, not only was Darkness to Light out there they seemed to be right on and making a positive difference, awareness, I believe is the best prevention! There are a lot of ads to choose from but the two I have links to touched me the most. "Faces" is so heartbreaking and I believe every adult needs to view it. From our experience, far more people belittle the impact of childhood sexual abuse than understand the negative impacts. I have been so desperately thankful for the handful of people that really seemed to realize the impact on our family and the victim. The impacts are life long! I have said from the beginning of all of this, that this type of crime is "soul altering" a person is never who they were before.

I am an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse (my babysitter's husband) I never told. It is from personal experience both as a victim, then even worse, as the mother of a victim that I make such a bold statement. I urge any adult to take the time to watch at least the two ads I have links to...not for shock value, rather for a reality check.

I plan on starting from the beginning in the next post. Discussing how we discovered the abuse.

I want to thank the people that are encouraging me to take on this blog. I want to also thank those who have forwarded the link to this blog to their contacts in hopes of locating Eddie Rojas.


kiwie94 said...

I am having a hard time finding the two links that you talk about in your March blog. I am extremely interested in them. I am also a survivor of childhood molestation/incest & the mother of a child who was molested. My child's attacker was never brought to justice & I never told because I believed that my parents would not believe me. Because I never told my brother went on to create more victims before his death 2 years ago. I only know of one other so far but in my heart I know that there are more, & that there suffering is my fault because I refused to tell.

Danielle said...

If you are talking about Darkness 2 Light, here it is: http://www.d2l.org/site/c.4dICIJOkGcISE/b.6035035/k.8258/Prevent_Child_Sexual_Abuse.htm

other wise which post specifically are you referring to?