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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lawsuit Documents

Here is a link to the public court documents relating to our case.

Pierce County Superior Court Civil Case 10-2-10386-0

It has only been mentioned in a few articles, out of the many that I have seen posted about our story, that we have filed a counter claim. Eric and I only had three years from the time that we discovered a crime had been committed (which was Jan.2007) to file a civil lawsuit. This is an important fact to know. This means we have no legal recourse to recover any damages for the crimes committed against our family.However, we have filed a lawsuit on behalf of our minor child. The actual victim has a longer time frame to file a lawsuit when they are a minor child. If we are awarded any monetary funds it will be put in a secured trust (monitored by someone other than us) that our child will be able to access when they become an adult.

What that means is that we will not be able to include in our counterclaim lawsuit any counseling expenses, childcare fees, loss of work, loss of community, emotional distress that we (the parents or any other child in our family other than the actual victim of the sexual abuse) endured due to Patrick's and some of his family members crimes. We name Eddie, Kathy, Jairus and Patrick Rojas in our current lawsuit. Click on the link above to order the court documents if you're interested in all the legal-ease.

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