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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jairus Rojas

In previous posts I have referenced that Jairus Rojas also knew that his brother was a sex predator. I had a phone conversation with Jairus, in January 2008, I used this opportunity to confirm that Jairus had knowledge of Patrick's pedophilia behavior in reference to his victim's prior to our child being victimized. Jairus Rojas has been an adult the entire time we have known him. Jairus knew Patrick was tutoring one of our children and that Patrick was spending time with our family regularly. Jairus also knew Patrick was staying overnight at our home. Jairus never warned us.

In my opinion, Jairus Rojas, is as much to blame for the sexual abuse of my child as is his parents, Eddie and Kathy Rojas and his brother,the sex offender, Patrick David Rojas!
Jairus never came forward during the investigation to talk to the sheriff''s detective. Jairus stayed silent along with his father, mother, and the elders of the church. Jairus and Eddie loaned Patrick the $10,000.00 to retain his slick Seattle attorney.

In January of 2oo8, just after Christmas and the New Years our family received a Christmas card in the mail from Benjamin and Jairus Rojas. It was unbelievable! I was speechless! Inside the card there was a personal message, "May God's peace fill your hearts in this coming year and may He pour out His blessings upon you. Love in Christ, Jairus and Benjamin." I was so enraged at how insensitive they were to have sent us a Christmas card. Both Jairus and Benjamin were supporting their brother, Patrick, and had not even taken the time to read his evaluation or know really what Patrick was capable of or even what he had done to our child.

This was when I called Jairus and confronted him about some of the things I have already mentioned in this and other posts. In the same phone conversation even as Jairus was trying to tell me that he and Patrick had no secrets and that it was the will of God for Jairus to stand along side his brother, I made the discovery he didn't have any idea of really who he was supporting. He hadn't even read Patrick's evaluation. Jairus didn't even have knowledge of the incest with a consenting adult "named relative" that Patrick was involved with (this was happening under Jairus's own nose in his own home). I also learned in that conversation that
Jairus was in full support of his father's decision to go into hiding with the rest of the family. Jairus was conned into believing that Eddie had no choice and that if he didn't run that the minor girls would be taken away by the State. I can assure you unless the State found that Eddie was sexually abusing his own children that all the State wanted to do was ask questions about their relationship with Patrick.

All Jairus could say was that Patrick was repentant and Jairus knew he was to love his brother. Again, what planet are these people from? Patrick had been successfully lying to him and living a double life for 7 years. Patrick is a conman.
But Jairus foolishly believes Patrick is somehow different now. What does he base his logic on?

I often wonder what else the Rojas family
is hiding? Their actions seem full of guilt! Why is Eddie REALLY in hiding?

Evil takes hold when good men do not speak out!

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Anonymous said...

You can't blame him for wanting to support his brother even though he knows he was wrong. Blood is thick.
As a mom, you too, would support your child if they committed a crime, because you love them no matter what. That's not to say the offense wasn't wrong. Or that there shouldn't be retribution but love is the only thing that helps to restore a fallen soul.
I knew the family only slightly, through a few visits to the church.
I'm so sorry this has happened to your daughter. Something similar happened to mine when she was 5. So I understand your anger. But there's only so much you can do. You reported it and now let the authorities handle it. It's not good for your daughter to dwell on it. We moved away from the area my daughter was molested by a 12 year old boy. I thought it was "minimal" so I didn't report it to the police but I had told the parents and he was not allowed near our family again. Years later a detective found me and told me the boy had molested a cousin. I was mad at myself for not reporting it the police. He was much younger then and could of been helped earlier on.
So you did right to report the incident. He'll always have a record now.
Please don't let this affect your relationship with God and remember all of us have skeletons in the closet.
God Bless your family and offer you healing.

Danielle said...

I strongly disagree with the comment the last person made! I absolutely most definitely would NEVER support my brother for harming a child in any way. If more people stood up for what is right/wrong, maybe so many people would get away with it. I pray that his disgusting brother doesn't have any children, only for their sake! God forbid he have to learn the truth about his brother's issues at the detriment to one of his own kids.

And to think they're sueing you for this is unreal! If at all possible, DO NOT GIVE IN - DO NOT STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING - DO NOT AGREE TO THEIR TERMS. This is freedom of speech at its finest!

The bastard, and his family along with anyone else protecting him should all rot in hell!

elly higginbottom said...

@Anonymous - though you'll never see my response, maybe others who might agree with your viewpoint will & change their minds. Your comment is awful on so many levels!
First of all, I'm sorry something similar happened to your daughter. BUT - that does NOT give you the right to judge how this person is dealing with the horrific thing that has happened to their child. I've suffered some of the worst tragedies one can imagine in life - but, I've learned that that does NOT mean the way I felt/feel/deal with it is in any way the same as others in "similar" situations. We are tied to our "skin", our "beings" and you can NEVER know what another human's experience is 100%. So, while it's just as terrible that you have a child who was victimized - that doesn't give you the right to attempt to give advice to another parent. Period.
Second of all, YES we CAN blame him for supporting his brother - doing so is just one more way that molestation of children continues far-too-often unabated in this country & in this world. I love my siblings as much as I love my self - BUT, if they killed someone unduly (i.e., not self defense), or raped, or molested - I would NEVER consider enabling them to continue to be so heinously criminal. There are certain lines that some soulless humans cross that run DEEPER than "blood". And to suggest otherwise is to show you are morally bankrupt.
Third of all, "skeletons in the closet", huh? What a cavalier slap in the face to a parent whose child was molested! That statement alone indicates yet another way molestation is enabled & allowed to continue on such an insane level as it does. It is NOT a "skeleton in the closet", it should NOT be one AT ALL. That implies that victims should be ashamed, hide what happened - as if they should feel guilt and it was in some way their fault. It doesn't matter if you don't think that - by saying it's a "skeleton in the closet" you're saying it's something expected to be hidden from everyone but close family. Shame on you.
And fourth of all, I find it repulsive that you leave a comment such as yours - defending a pedophile's brother who had knowledge of his sibling's pedophilia and giving condescending "advice" - and end your comment with "god bless your family..." as if your comment was meant to be full of love & spirituality! NO. Your comment was dark - whether you would admit that or not, it was. It was wrong and disgusting and you tried to temper that with a "god bless". Again - shame on you.