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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Re-Posting: Please Explain

Knowing that Eddie Rojas needs to be supported by outside parties I often wonder who would give finances to aid and abed a wanted felon. I am not talking about someone who is homeschooling in a state that is against homeschoolers and trying to take his children. Nor am I talking about someone who is being persecuted for spreading the gospel or passing out bibles. But I am talking about a man who abused his authority as a spiritual leader.

Eddie Rojas knew his son, Patrick Rojas, was a sexual predator. Eddie had "caught" him twice at age 15-17 years old sexually abusing (from the evaluation, I assume his own sisters.)Yet Eddie lead others to believe his son, Patrick, was trust worthy and in particular around adolescents. Eddie allowed mentoring relationships between Patrick and children. Mind you, at this time Patrick was an adult but still completely under his fathers roof and control. Patrick was not able to do or go anywhere without Eddie's permission. Eddie knew that Patrick was very much involved with our family and interacting with our children. Eddie, my spiritual authority at the time not only encouraged our family but our church congregation to trust Patrick.

Then when the light invaded the darkness of what was happening within the walls of the Rojas family home, Eddie ran. I know that Eddie and Kathy claim to be martyrs. It is just not true. I have explained in previous posts that the state was not interested in breaking up the Rojas family. But they were very much interested in exposing just how dangerous Patrick was and holding him legally accountable and the state would have suggested some kind of support be given to the girls in the family that were his victims.

I know that when you meet Eddie he appears to be so humble and such a God fearing man. It could be easy to fall prey to his manipulation of the truth. His involvement in the crimes and betrayal committed against our child and family should not be supported by anyone, least of all, brothers and sisters in Christ. Withdrawal your support and force Eddie to return to the states to face his actions.

Otherwise, can you please explain to me why you would continue in financially supporting such a man. If you are currently supporting Eddie financially, I am REALLY asking. Help me understand your thought process.


Grace said...

The people who defend pedophiles are generaly pedos themselves or are co-dependent losers. You can't fix a pedo. They are like a rabbid animal; and any child bit by the pedo risks infection.

I'm very sorry you have had this trauma in your life. Do not give up hope. I would suggest a self-defense class or martial arts class. There is nothing as empowering, as knowing how to protect yourself. You and yours are in my prayers. peoriagrace

Anonymous said...

This is the first I am hearing about your story. I heard through facebook from a friend via the site "Wish I didn't know". In turn, I'm linking your blog in hopes more donations will be coming your way. I know that the pedophile community is very well funded and organized. You have a long battle on your hands. I'm so sorry.

Anonymous said...

i have heard of another case similar to this one. The father was discovered some 20 years later to have been molesting not only the son (the one who was first caught by someone), but the other siblings as well. The father refused to help saying that the court would break up the family. Seems like the father figure was scared they would be found out about.