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Friday, January 4, 2013

This Part Is Done

Patrick withdrew his appeal. It is over. Done.

The blog will stay as is! 

This part of my story is done. I have been able to outline what our family went through at the hands of a pedophile and corrupt church leaders. I have been able to show how keeping secret sexual abuse allows the abuser to continue sexually abusing other innocent people. I have tried to show that it is not appropriate to handle such a serious issue with prayer alone and you should reach beyond the church leaders for help and guidance. I believe I was able to warn families in the Gig Harbor/Tacoma area about a sexual predator in their midst, Patrick D. Rojas. 

Eddie Rojas is still on the run with a felony warrant. There are still victims of Patrick that have NOT seen any justice. There are many individuals that were part of our our story that are still healing from all the betrayal and devastation. I will only post if there is pertinent information such as additional crimes committed by Patrick, if Eddie is arrested, or other relevant local stories that catch my eye. By no means am I done in my pursuit to bring awareness to the epidemic of childhood sexual abuse. Most likely the venue will change. Time will tell. 

Thank you for all the prayers and encouragement over the years! And please pass on the link to my blog if you believe Our Story can help someone or if you know someone that is likely to run in the same circle as the Rojas family. I will keep tabs on the blog and can be reached at daniellelynnschneider@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

Sometimes, the family goes to mid-Missouri for Christmas. I hope they catch Eddie, AND Kathy, for retarding their children! Patrick needs to be in a nuthouse along with his other siblings. Shame on those parents for depriving them of any sort of normalcy.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Praise the Lord!

In the Kitchen With Don said...

I just stumbled across your story today on another site and was so happy to hear that his lawsuit was dismissed. I can't believe that he would have had a leg to stand on, even if it had gone further. Now my constant hope and thought will be that he is caught and will have to answer for his crimes. I am a survivor of clerical sexual abuse and my abuser has never had to answer to the law. He was removed from ministry, but is still passing himself off as a "man of god." Hopefully, since he is now very old and infirm, he is longer abusing boys or girls. I hope you daughter is doing well and has dealt well with her abuse. I send both her and you lots of good thoughts and well wishes. Be strong and keep up your fight.

Anonymous said...

are you still looking for this family?

Danielle said...

Jan. 22 Anon,

The nation wide warrant for Eddie Rojas (Francis Rojas) will NEVER expire. The state of Washington is still interested in locating Eddie. You can contact the Kitsap County detective directly or e-mail me information to pass on.

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading your entire blog and I am so sorry for all the pain your family has endured. You are fighting the good fight by bringing this crime against your family into the light and spreading the word about this twisted and enabling group.

One thing that has confused me throughout your story is the seeming surprise that something like this occurred in and was abetted by a religious organization.

In your own words,
"Can you see how the Christian community and values are a playground for a pedophile?"

Hello...Catholic Church.

The controlling and misogynistic aspects of many organized religions (most as far as I can see) are specifically designed to let men do whatever they wish with no repercussions.

I believe that as women and mothers we all need to start insisting on our rightful half of the pie. I find it hard to imagine that this sort of collusion among the elders of your church would have happened had half of the elders been female.

I was glad to read that the lawsuit was dismissed and I hope your family continues to grow in health and happiness.