If someone asks him, ‘What are these wounds on your body?’ he will answer, ‘The wounds I was given at the house of my friends.’ Zech 13 v 6

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Punishment doesn't cure the sickness

Someone that follows my blog made this statement, "Punishment doesn't cure the sickness."

From what I have learned it is my belief that someone that is diagnosed as a pedophile or has a history of victimizing children will always and forever be a danger to children. Now it is possible for someone that is honest about their unnatural dangerous behavior to stop victimizing children but and I emphasis the but that person must take all precautions to avoid the temptation to act upon their deviant desires. The most obvious precautions is to avoid contact with children.

Because Eddie Rojas was our pastor at the time Patrick sexually abused my child and the way our church handled the entire situation, God and religion is referenced regularly on this blog. It is frustrating to me that the people that support Patrick and support that Eddie is in hiding seem to be more concerned about me forgiving Patrick and ending this blog than they are about avoiding future victims and helping the girls he has already victimized. Some want to disregard the truth of what I am writing because they feel I am in sin because they interpret what I am doing as revenge and see me as angry and bitter. I am not without sin but I do not sexually molest little children and Patrick does. I am not a danger to your children and Patrick is. I am not a wanted felon and Eddie Rojas is.

I agree punishment won't cure Patrick. Just the same, repentance won't cure Patrick. I do not believe there is a "cure" for Patrick only precautions will help Patrick. Awareness of what Patrick is capable of doing is the most powerful precaution. If you know his mode of operation you can avoid victimization. If Patrick isn't living in your community you can use my story and learn from it. Look for the red flags and listen to your gut. No relationship is worth a child being sexually molested. No community is irreplaceable. God is a big God, He isn't in only one particular church congregation.


Anonymous said...

Hi Danielle, I believe it's possible for Patrick to truly repent. However, even if that were to happen. You would never allow pastorally someone that has any history of child abuse to be involved in anyway with children. If the abuser is genuine in his repentance he also will recognize and accept this, that contact with children is an absolute no-go. Regards, Anon.

Brother Pete said...

If God is so big, like you say, don't you think HE could cure Patrick?

Don't you know what the gospel is?

You profess Christ as Lord of your life; do you not understand the meaning of grace?

Do you not understand the power of Christ?

If there is anything bigger than God, then there is no hope.

Danielle said...

Brother Pete,

Of course God could "heal" Patrick. But has He? That is the big mystery.

What I caution is not to ASSUME that God has healed Patrick.

Unless of course you were willing to "test" out Patrick and his healing on your little girls.

Eddie believed God had healed Patrick after his first victimized little girl....then came victim number 2,3,4,5,6.

Do you not see that some are wolves in sheep clothing?

As I have stated all I can do is tell our story. You have to decide what to do with the information.