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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Self Employed

If you are hiring someone to come into your home to do work for you, I would strongly urge you to ask for the individuals full name and do a quick search on the sex offender registry.

You may be surprised who you might be letting into your home. Being self employed is a way for sex offenders to fly under the radar and puts the responsibility on you to know who you are hiring. Before letting someone into your home for a remodel job, google them. Don't assume anything. After you do this a few times it won't be so awkward.

I would recommend that businesses do this as well. As a for-instance, if you are hiring someone to help your office with some IT work, run the specific name of the individual scheduled to help you on the job. Be proactive!

You could also check to see if the person has pending cases in your area.

For pending cases in Piece County, Washington click this link.


Anonymous said...

I have some questions for you.

This doesn't sound like you are trying to raise awareness. This sounds like you are looking for financial revenge. How deep would you like them buried before you are satisfied?

Are you aware that the world is full of tragedy? Your blog reads as though you were 'shocked' by tragedy. Did you really think that you would escape it?

Has your husband ever had any secrets, regrets, or shameful fantasies that he wouldn't mind being published for all the world to see?

Is one of the reasons you feel compelled to write this blog because you feel responsible for your child's suffering and you are trying to 'make up' for it?

I know that your family was hurt and still hurts, and I know what it feels like - I too was a victim of sexual abuse and molestation by someone that our family trusted - but you will never make up for what happened by doing all that you can to ruin the rojas'.

Anonymous said...


Danielle said...

Here are some answers for you:

*Financial revenge?? How do you come up with that...we will gain nothing (financially speaking) from this blog or lawsuit. The statute of limitation has been up for my husband or myself to sue the sex offender. This blog has actually cost us money (lawyer fees.)

*Tragedy is all around. I know I do not have a corner on the market in this area but that doesn't take away any of the heartache our family has gone through. This blog is a way to hopefully end the power and trail of lies of a specific serial pedophile, if not atleast warn others...amount other things.

*Hidden crimes are not even in the same catagory as "shameful fantasies."

*Although logically I know I am in no part responsible for what my child endured at the hands of a pedophile BUT as a parent I do wish I would have known somehow and wish I could have prevented it...I despertly wished others that knew would of protected my child and our family...

*I am very sorry to know that you too are a victim of sexual abuse...I know all too well that nothing can un-do what was done to my child and family BUT I believe that awareness could prevent this from happening to another child/family. There are natural consequences that go along with committing crimes...I believe my blog is one type of natural conseguence.