If someone asks him, ‘What are these wounds on your body?’ he will answer, ‘The wounds I was given at the house of my friends.’ Zech 13 v 6

Monday, June 13, 2011

Baptized Into It

I am just a mom. Sometimes I am great at it and sometimes, not so much. I am just like most of you who have happened upon my blog. When I originally started this blog I had hoped that somehow, someway this blog would reach the right individuals and possibly compel them to turn in a wanted felon, Eddie Rojas. That from there the domino effect would hopefully be that some other victims of childhood sexual abuse would receive the help they need. I also hoped that others that played key roles in our story would face some legal consequences for their criminal actions.

As my story has unfolded globally due to the lawsuit and the media attention many individuals have felt comfortable sharing with me their personal stories of sexual abuse. My heart breaks a little each time that I hear of another person or family that has lived with the consequences of sexual abuse while simultaneously I am strengthened to continue to be the one that is vulnerable in the public arena.

I think this case will set a precedent. Should I be able to tell "Our Story" even if it exposes someone else's criminal actions? When the system isn't set up to protect the innocent, should "we the people" be able to warn the community when there is documented proof of potential danger? Should someone who is a known serial pedophile be able to fly under the radar? When there is a community of people that are harboring a wanted criminal shouldn't I be able to expose them as well? This case hopefully has you thinking.

A dear friend said to me recently, "You didn't choose this, you were baptized into it." She's right, our family didn't sign up to be the ones that would test Patrick's "deliverance from pedophilia." (Which he failed miserably.) Just like I don't want to choose for you. I want you to have the facts, know his mode of operation, the mindset of his supporters, then you have a choice. An educated choice.

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Anonymous said...

I am grateful and thankful to know this news! While I do not know you personally, I almost feel that I do. Someone who is very close to you and to the situation is also very close to me. (Initials EMD). This person has shared prayer concerns with me for several years. May the truth be revealed. May individuals be held accountable. And may God be glorified in ALL things, always, and everywhere - especially in your child's and family's healing!