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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Burden Lifted

A huge financial burden has been lifted. This past week another attorney, Darrell Cochran, has decided to team up with our current lawyer, Talis Abolins, they are offering their services pro-bono. Our family has an existing balance that we need to pay off and will be responsible for expenses related to the case but the main burden has been lifted. Due to this latest development, I deleted my donate button. I am just trusting if someone would like to help in a practical financial way they still will.

You may be able to imagine what a relief this is for our family. As I have stated in other posts, I have always believed this is bigger than just what happened to our family. When the initial crime was discovered there were a few individuals that would specifically pray that "Everything be brought to the light." or "That nothing be left hidden in the darkness." that "No stone be left unturned." Little did I know, at the time, what living out the reality of those prayers would look like for our family. But I am still willing...and I am so grateful that we have lawyers that are willing to fight for us and for the protection of children!

*As of June 2012 we still have an outstanding legal balance with our attorney that we are slowly paying off. Our attorney is working on the appeal process pro-bono. His fees are waved but we still have costs that have to do with our case such as filing fees, copies, couriers, etc. It really adds up.

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