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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More about Frances and Family

 I try not to post information unless I have heard the same information from more than one source. With that said, since the lawsuit was dropped by Patrick I have been contacted several times by individuals wanting to pass on information about different Rojas family members, which I haven't posted. Lots of questions now that Eddie is back in the US.

Kathy and some of the children have citizenship. I believe this was possible through a grandparent. I have heard from a couple of people living in the same area, that the family has been living off believers in the community. They have missionary status. Eddie has been unable to get a job because he does not have citizenship. I heard that the family has raised many red flags in their community which lead to internet searches and finally to my blog.

Although the community has been confused and uneasy about the Rojas family, "They just can't turn the family out into the cold with all the little kids they have." I heard this from a couple of individuals. I think Eddie left behind Kathy and eight of their children in Sardinia, Italy. I can only speculate as to why Eddie didn't bring his family back with him. Most if not all of their immediate and extended family live in the states. 

Patrick is still living in the Gig Harbor area. And I hear, Patrick Rojas, is engaged to be married February 2014. 

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