If someone asks him, ‘What are these wounds on your body?’ he will answer, ‘The wounds I was given at the house of my friends.’ Zech 13 v 6

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Temporary Stopping Place

Have any contacts in the UK? You may want to send them the link to this blog. Why? I just want to make sure people know who and what they are supporting financially. After that, it's on them.

It seems Eddie has settled in the UK. Still has no work visa so others are supporting the family of twelve. I believe this is a temporary stopping place.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the ring is closing on them to me, John C UK

Danielle said...

John C ~ I appreciate the heads up. And that you are willing to sign your name!Could you be more specific? Is their financial support drying up? Do you know of plans of them leaving? Have you heard of any plans that they are heading to Canada? Any information is helpful.

Anonymous said...

What??? Are you hoping that they will run out of money or something? If I could find a way to get it to them I would give every penny I own to support them, for they are not criminals, nor are they animals, so why do you hunt them? How would you like it if for some sin of YOUR son's your family was forced to run, forced to not tell even your closest friends where you were, forced to hide for years? Why do you hate the Rojases so? Where is the forgiveness of Christ in you? Cannot you let go, cannot you love rather than hate? Don't you know that hating other people isn't ok?
How would you like it if someone made a blog to warn the whole world about you because you have lied several times in you life? Are the sins of the Rojas family so much greater than your own? Are they worse people than you? Are they more dangerous to be around than you? WHY? WHY HATE? WHY NOT LOVE, WHY NOT FORGIVE, WHY??

- Somebody who loves you and forgives you of your hate.

Danielle said...

Annon~ Have you not read my blog? Do you REALLY believe Eddie and Kathy did NOTHING wrong? They ALLOWED their son to sexually abuse his own siblings not to mention my child. They are continuing to cycle of abuse by their attitude and actions. If you really want to support them financially and be a part of their sickness you could probably do that by contacting Patrick or Jairus or better yet their lawyer. This blog is serving it's purpose by exposing the mindset of individuals like yourself. Do not confuse "bringing awareness" to something dangerous and harmful as a sin. This is not about my path to forgiveness. Yes, I too am a sinner and I too have consequences for me sins. This blog is a consequence of their sins. If Eddie and Kathy would have been forthright from the time we discovered the crimes against our child...they wouldn't need to be on the run, I wouldn't have anything negative to post about them with one exception (wishing they would have stopped Patrick the first time they discovered his pedophilia behavior 7 years prior.) Here on earth you can not compare me and my sins to what Patrick, Jairus, Eddie, Kathy, and don't forget about the elders, have done.

sherie said...

just caught up on your blog. I am continueing to pray for you and your family. wow. words cannot describe my utter amazement at what Anonymous posted. You are my hero!

Anonymous said...

I think it is terrible that "anonymous" is equating the behavior of a pedophile with telling a lie. This young man and his family are bringing disintegration and death through their actions...why in the world would you choose to support that? They are not following God and are certainly not trying to do so. As long as they run their guilt is made even more evident each day.

Michelle Lewis said...

Actually Anonymous,I believe Eddie IS a criminal. He has fled country after country because he has a felony warrant for his arrest. Maybe you should talk to the judge who issued it if you think he/she is wrong.
"A felony warrant is a type of arrest warrant, issued by a court, that authorizes the apprehension and arrest of an individual suspected of committing a felony crime" (copied from wisegeek.com)
I am sure Danielle would not like it if her son did some heinous sin (which is what this was) but nobody forced the Rojas family to flee. They chose to do that. They have chosen a course of action that will affect their whole family for years to come.

David said...

To Annonymous,

There is a difference between hate and justice.