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Sunday, August 26, 2012


I chose to read the charging documents for the case against Christopher Dupea. I haven't been able to get the information out of my mind.

I am not naive, I understand there is a due process and I do believe in innocent until proven guilty. With that said, I do not believe a person is innocent simply because they say they are or because they "seem like such a good person." Remember, I have lived this, from the other side. Also, from my experience, I believe shutting out individuals that ask valid questions or encourage the seeking of truth (even if that truth is one you don't want) is a red flag. 

In this situation the community that wants to desperately support the Dupea family and uplift the parents are admirable. From my own experience I am just fearful that the church community will blindly support whatever they are told without fact checking. My desire is for all involved to download the available court documents and read them. Know what you are supporting. Attend the court dates, if at all possible. It's amazing what is revealed in the courtroom. 

This stuff is real! Child porn is real! Childhood sexual abuse is an epidemic! It does actually happen. In YOUR community! I do not want to know the details of what Chris is being charged with! " It is reprehensible and disgusting. It is NORMAL to NOT want to know but what is the alternative in a civil society?" a quote from a dear friend. We could ignore childhood sexual abuse and hope it doesn't touch our child and just goes away....I am here to tell you that ignoring it gives the predators power to continue. AND THAT IT CAN TOUCH YOUR FAMILY! Is that really what you want? Would that be worth not knowing the sortied details?

I am willing to expose myself to the ugly details involved in cases that effect my community in hopes of exposing it and shinning the light on it so that my children can continue to be children, untouched by a sexual predator. Isn't that our job as parents? Be informed! Be aware! Know what you are supporting!

If you are asked to write a letter of leniency on behalf, of Chris my only request is that prior to agreeing to do so that you read all court documents that are public record from the convenience of your own home. If you have questions the detective in charge of the case is usually willing to speak with concerned citizens.

Pierce County Court Records Link - Be sure to click criminal records


Anne said...

When I first heard about Chris, I was shocked for sure, but my next thought was about your blog and how amazing it is that in this community people have read your story and in a way are much better informed on what this means and the gravity of these actions.
I have read the documents and advise other people to do the same. It is stuff you don't want to know, but at the same time have to know to be well informed.
At the same time I think it's important to not turn your back on this family. You can know truth, protect your family but still show love. As a family, they may not let you near, this all depends on their reaction to all of this. But saying we love them doesn't equal saying that you are in agreement.
But please: read the documents and be well informed.

Sherie said...

I wanted to echo Danielle's exhortation to read the public documents and make an informed, prayerful decision BEFORE writing a letter of support. I recently received a tearful apology from someone who wrote a letter of support for the man who sexually exploited my daughter 6 years ago. Turns out her daughter has been harmed by the same man and she deeply regrets not getting more information before she wrote that letter. Please read the public documents ~ it does not show love to blindly or emotionally support an individual in a situation as grave as this. I have spoken of ripples from actions like these before. Sin is never private, it always hurts other people, and believe me, the ripples NEVER stop. God can heal, yes. But the victims of this kind of abuse find their lives forever changed. Please be informed. The family you protect could be your own.

Danielle said...


Thank you for the encouragement! I agree that turning ones back on the family would be wrong but from my experience, I would add a few qualifiers.

It matters to me if the parents chose to be informed. Sadly, Rick and Stephanie chose to unfriend me on fb after I posted a link to the story about Chris. I hope they don't shut out anyone who seeks to know details or asks reasonable questions about what Chris is being accused of. It would also really concern me if the family plays the martyr card.

As in our story, I pray that no stone be left un-turned and that the light shine brightly on the specific details and makes clear any wrong doing.

My heart hurts for the little ones that are being taken advantage of and being sexually abused.

Remember the VICTIMS! Help the VICTIMS! Comfort the VICTIMS! Support the VICTIMS! Protect the VICTIMS!

Anonymous said...

very nice post Thank you!

Anonymous said...

The charges have been added to. You should check them out.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who is still willing to protect and defend a child rapist... I really hope that someone will think of the fact that C Dupea is now accused of RAPE!