If someone asks him, ‘What are these wounds on your body?’ he will answer, ‘The wounds I was given at the house of my friends.’ Zech 13 v 6

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


The past two weeks have been emotional for me. Someone reached out to me from "the other side." A staunch supporter of Patrick and the belief that he is healed and repentant. I am still unsure as to why this individual felt compelled to contact me ...although lots was said, not one word of regret for her support of Patrick. I understand that the individual felt "lead" by the Lord to contact me but I think they missed the point of His prodding.

This individual happens to be at the end of her life and I fully expected some of the Rojas family members that have been in hiding to poke their heads up to say goodbye but was a little surprised to get a phone call informing me that Sarah Rojas was seen downtown Gig Harbor, yesterday, sitting on a bench sipping on a drink with another girl from our former church. So brazen. The warrant is only for Eddie Rojas so any other Rojas can come and go as they please. It's just hard for me to comprehend the lack of shame that these people feel. They really own their crazy reality and belief system.

I was also told that as of a couple of months ago Patrick Rojas was featured on the drums at Foothills Household of Faith. There was a family visiting this particular church that is aware of my blog and the dangers Patrick poses to children. Apparently the men in the church (at least the men in leadership) are aware of Patrick's sexual deviant history and level 2 status but the WOMEN DO NOT KNOW! Why? How does this help anyone? How does this protect anyone? Pretending that Patrick is not a potential threat to children and placing him on the worship team....really? God does not call us to be stupid or manipulated!

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Anonymous said...

Sad, so very sad, the lack of awareness of the the depth and consequence of sin! Praying for you.