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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beauty From Ashes

Special Assault Investigations and Victim's Services - S.A.I.V.S.

From our experience, one thing I wanted to do someday was return to the Special Assault building and give it a face lift. I expressed this desire to a few of my friends early on. One of my friends took this to heart and asked if I minded if she took on the task. Would I mind? I would be delighted! At that time I wasn't in a place myself to take in on. To this day I haven't been able to return to the building to see it in person.

Now you can see for yourself that my description of this place as being  cold and unfriendly is true.

S.A.I.V.S. building before the remodel

Waiting room for children & parents

Waiting room for children & parents 
Conference room

Conference room for attorneys & advocates
Adult waiting room
Kitchen area 

The interview room. Where a specialist interviews and video tapes the child victim when they talk about their experience.

Remodeled S.A.I.V.S. Building

New adult waiting area

New wait area outside offices

New wait area for children & parents
New conference room for meetings
New reception/wait area
New kitchen area stocked with supplies
New Child Interview Room
New Child Interview Room

New Child Interview Room After the Remodel

I cried when I saw the stark difference from the room my child had to enter to this welcoming room. 

Main financial supporters of this project

*My next post will explain why this project was taken on, by whom, along with more of my thoughts.
*Thank you for supplying me with pictures, Michele from Michele Interiors and Bekah.

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Beautiful! What a lovely thing to do!