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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Plea Bargains

Problem: Criminals are able to plea bargain down their charges.

Even more are able to keep their true crimes under wraps until it's too late to hold them accountable (like in our case.) Massive sexual predators are grossly mismanaged in the legal system. In our case, Patrick didn't divulge the extent of his criminal actions until he was covered, legally speaking, with a plea agreement. He was able to freely describe in detail what he had done and the deviant acts he had been involved in without fear of further prosecution as it pertained to our specific case. This is just not right.

Common reasons for plea bargains vary: It may be a lack of evidence that will stand up against a slick lawyer or trying to avoid the victim testifying in front of the abuser. The biggest reason for a plea agreement seems to be money - or really a lack thereof. The government saves so much time and money if a plea agreement is reached.

There are two reasons I have a huge problem with this especially as it pertains to sex offenders; first,  justice is not served, which re-victimizes the survivor of abuse on a different level. Interpretation of the plea agreement by the victim: I, the child, have just been physically violated and psychologically confused and experienced a soul-changing crime, by no fault of my own. But the state needs to belittle the crime committed against me, so they can save money. The second reason I have a problem with plea agreements for child sexual abuse is that, as a society, we truly won't know the potential dangers of the predators if we plea down. 

Level 1 abusers are supposedly not likely to re-offend. Where do they come up with this? Would you like to take that chance with your child?

The offender in our case, Patrick D. Rojas, is considered a LEVEL 2 Sex Offender (which indicates some expectation of re-offending.) I believe it's just a matter of time and opportunity before Patrick re-offends. I believe this blog lessens his opportunity to have access to children, some. 

There is no way to definitely say that a sexual predator will not re-offend. 

Why do we as a society give them time and time again to do more harm? 

I believe there are more survivors of sexual abuse than there are abusers. We need to join together and demand changes in our laws and in the way these deviants are managed! 


Anonymous said...

Did It finally end?

Danielle said...

The lawsuit was decided in our favor BUT Patrick decided to take the case to the Appeals Court. Currently waiting for him to file a motion that has been extended till June.

Anonymous said...

counter sue him for mental anguish and emotional damages

Danielle said...

May, 26 Anon,

It's not as simple as it sounds...the lawsuit would take money, Patrick would need to have money to sue for, and our child would need to be involved.

My real goals are being accomplished: bringing awareness to childhood sexual abuse, finding a wanted felon, and warning my community about a level 2 sex offender.

The emotional tole, the financial strain and legal battle I can endure knowing what's at stake.