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Sunday, March 11, 2012

John Callahan's Case / No Contact Order

John Callahan is free. Washington State Residents know this face! He is listed as Homeless.

Convicted Snohomish County sex offender gains March 5 release (News Video)

This ruling is absurd! If the man had been locked up on McNeil Island for the past 25 years, when did he have an opportunity to violently sexual abuse a child? Of course he hasn't committed another crime. This makes me crazy! This is a man who has multiple victims who were violently abused. How is Callahn, a man that is considered one of the worst of the worst offenders, able to re-enter our community as a homeless man?

http://everett.komonews.com/feed/rss.xml (News Video)

Our laws need to be revamped. Context needs to be considered. A sexual predator isn't the same as someone who is an embezzler, or is charged with forgery, shop lifting, auto theft, identity theft, computer hacking. I could go on and on with examples of crimes that are committed were a person can be rehabilitated. Why are we letting a person who has shown a history of sexual deviant behavior when left to himself be registered as homeless. This is so scary to me. I can't believe I am the only one who feels this way. I have been told that this man is actually contesting the No Contact Orders that his victims have been rushing to file....my friend called immediately when she heard this because of the similarity to our situation.

Again, Sometimes it's appropriate to swear.....

*August 2009

Today was the day I went to court to request a permanent "no contact order" on behalf of the victimized child in my family. I arrived at the court house and was waiting in the hallway with my dear friend, Deb. Debbie was the first to notice that Patrick had arrived. He was dressed in a suit and tie. We didn't notice his attorney. Frankly, I was surprised to see Patrick. WHY would Patrick need to be in attendance if he wasn't going to contest the No Contact Order?

All the petitioners and defendants were ushered into a court room together. No one other than the petitioner, defendants,and counsel were allowed in the room. Our petition was literally the last one to be called, three hours later. We stepped up, swore in, and Patrick started by stating he had hired an attorney (the same slick Seattle lawyer that defended him from the beginning) and that his lawyer wasn't able to attend because of a conflict and requested a two week temporary extension so Patrick's lawyer could get acquainted with this petition. Patrick also mentioned that his lawyer might not be able to make the next court date as well.

I asked the judge if I should assume this meant Patrick was contesting the petition. The judge stated that I could assume what I wanted but that he supposed this to be true. Patrick stayed silent. I also stated that I had been advised that if Patrick hired an attorney, I was entitled to have a court appointed attorney on behalf of my child. The pro tem judge had to verify what I was asking because the judge hadn't had that request before. While the information was being verified I stood in silence with Patrick about 4 feet away. I couldn't help it.....the tears started to stream down my face. I just kept thinking WHY?.....WHY would Patrick contest our request? It is completely reasonable for us to request a no contact order until our child is an adult.

There are only two reason that I can think of for Patrick to contest this no contact order; to have the ability to contact our child or simply to mess with our family. This order wouldn't put any additional restrictions on Patrick outside of what would apply to our family that he is not already restricted from because of his level 2 sex offender status. The no contact order would give our child a sense of peace and safety. Our child has expressed anxiety that Patrick would try to contact the child.

Are Patrick's actions what you would expect from someone that is remorseful and repentant? Again, I warn you to listen to what Patrick does not what Patrick says!

Why can't I just have this one piece of legal paper that states Patrick can not contact my child? This would give my child a sense of security. Why can't Patrick at the very least give us that without contesting it?

The true division of humanity is between those who live in light and those who live in darkness. Our aim must be to diminish the number of the latter and increase the number of the former. That is why we demand education and knowledge~Victor Hugo
....second attempt at securing the No Contact Order

What can I really say? I went to court today with Eric and our child. Patrick actually showed up again. He is still opposing the no-contact order. Again, Patrick did not have his attorney. We actually have to do this all over again in one week!

I really want to rant and rave on my blog tonight. Can my readers handle my realness? I hate Patrick! His evaluation speaks of narcissistic/sociopath tendencies which are so outwardly being displayed in all of this!

Oh how I wish I could have video taped aspects of today for all the individuals that actually believe Patrick is humble, repentant, and that he is sorrowful for what he has put our family through. When our lawyer approached Patrick to verify that Patrick was indeed contesting the order and to discuss the audacity of such an action. I watched the exchange, which was two pews behind me, Patrick got red faced and stated he had an attorney. Our attorney told Patrick that he had actually called the attorney Patrick named on our last court date on Thursday of this past week and the assistant stated at that time they were not taking Patrick's case. Patrick was indignant that he did have an attorney that just couldn't be at the court today.

Our attorney arranged for our case to be heard early on. We were the third case to be called. Patrick and our attorney did some back and forth with the judge while myself and child stood there. This resulted in our case being recessed so Patrick could call his attorney and nail down a date he could attend court within the next two weeks (per the statute) Patrick stepped into the hall and made his call. Patrick's attorney will be available on the 21st so our case is held over yet again! My child will have to miss part of their home school co-op classes once again. My child will have to face their abuser once again. Even knowing that the child still wants to pursue the No Contact order.

Our attorney stated to us this is a slam dunk case and in all his years he has never made such a bold statement. Our attorney can not think of one reason why Patrick would contest this order. I know that my opinion is considered bias but Patrick is clearly just trying to mess with our family. Patrick likes the thrill that this brings. Patrick likes the control he thinks he has over this matter. I know people think it and I hate to say it but Patrick probably wanted to get a look at our child. I hate Patrick! It's real. It's raw. It's appropriate!

The only good that came from the matter today, per our attorneys request, the judge ordered Patrick to pay a $250.00 fine to the YWCA organization for the inconvenience Patrick is causing our lawyer.

......Finally Success, third court appearance

We arrived at the courthouse to be greeted by our attorney. Our attorney started apologizing to us because we had pulled our child out of home school co-op and that we had made the trip down. Our attorney stated he heard from Patrick's attorney today and that Patrick was no longer going to contest the no-contact order. At 11:50am today our attorney received a faxed copy of the no-contact order with Patrick's signature. Remember Patrick's attorney is in Seattle. We were due in court at 1pm. This may seem like I am splitting hairs here. That I should just take it and run but before anyone gets too excited over Patrick doing a turn about on the no-contact order and thinking he had a "Jesus" moment or something I want you to think about it....

Patrick dragged this on as long as he possibly could. It is highly likely that when face to face with his attorney, Patrick was advised he was wasting his money and had no merit to contest the no-contact order we were requesting. That Patrick could spin this to his benefit by signing the order and backing off. Patrick's attorney conveyed to ours how devastated Patrick was for what he had done to our child for the devastating betrayal against our family. Listen to what Patrick does not what he says. If the statement from Patrick's attorney is sincere then why did Patrick ever contest the no-contact order? I am not sure but the red faced angry Patrick from last week that was stating very firmly before the judge, "that he (Patrick) had the right to counsel," and to request a recess to call his lawyer so he could nail a date...to today, where he expresses remorse and wants to sign the no-contact order. Confusing but we will take it. Patrick's attorney also conveyed Patrick's willingness to pay restitution....As of 2012 we haven't seen a dime.

I am thankful my child didn't have to face Patrick again. I am thankful that my child didn't have to go before the judge again and make any statements. I am thankful that I have a no-contact order in place. But all that is within me knows this was a strategic move made by Patrick because he finally faced the fact he was fighting a losing battle! I will take the win! But I caution my readers not to read too much into all of this. I know that there are people out there pulling for Patrick. I want Patrick to be miraculously healed as well for the safety of young children. I just don't want to be naive! I don't want my readers to be naive as well.

Patrick didn't really give us anything today. He conceded to what we knew we were already getting.

When Patrick names his 5 additional victims and accepts the consequences for those crimes, then and only then will I consider that a heart and mind change may have taken place within Patrick.

*From "WTF," "What Can I Say," and "Not Without Manipulation," Posts.


Dana M. said...

I am so freaking proud of you for gutting it out through Patrick's narcissistic, defiant behavior. He is truly sick and demonized. God bless your family in this battle!

Danielle said...

Dana, I appreciate the encouragement!