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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We All Lose

People who lose: You lose every time a sexual crime is minimized.
I lose ever time a sexual crime is covered up.
Our children lose every time a sexual predator is allowed back on the streets with little-to-no monitoring.

Yes, the predator is labeled, but you are only personally notified if the person is considered a level-three sex offender. A predator can live almost anywhere they want. You have no recourse if a sexual predator is going to be moving in next to you and your family. Your only choice is to move or stay and have your children be prisoners in your own home. Depending on the sentencing conditions and the particular therapist (if they actually go to one), a sexual predator really is free to roam our streets. There is no fast or easy way for the average person to identify a convicted sexual predator. That is a huge problem as I see it.

Take an example from our case, within months of pleading guilty in court, Patrick was allowed to go virtually anywhere as long as he had a chaperon. Guess what? Patrick was seen at the local library in Gig Harbor without a chaperon. This was reported, but Patrick's therapist had given him permission to go to the library to check his e-mail accounts, so the prosecutors hands were tied. Any number of inappropriate connections could have been made at the library--a place where many children are dropped off. At this particular library, the bathrooms are completely off in a corner down a hallway, very much out anyone's eye shot.

Who makes these rules?
Who is really being protected?

There is so much concern about the rights of the abuser. The abuser should forfeit some basic rights once they have been convicted of a sexual crime against a child. They shouldn't be able to go places where children are likely to be. That would be a natural consequence, as I view it. If the predator was really earnest about not re-offending, their willingness to avoid children would be proof. But it seems most abusers try as hard as they can to slide right back into society, in order to re-establish themselves as normal people. They are not normal. They are dangerous and should be treated as such.

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